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Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Check Out This Beautiful Gem in Fremont, Ohio! Stay Inspired, Get Refreshed and Relax with Your Family at the Holiday Inn Express! #travel

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Holiday Inn Express & Suites.
Stay Inspired.

This month we had the pleasure to travel to Ohio and stay at one of the most beautiful hotels that we’ve stayed in. And we have stayed in quite a few to build the comparison.

This Holiday Inn Express & Suites is located in Fremont, Ohio and is located conveniently off the I-80, I-90 and US 20 in Northern Ohio. We had traveled from Sandusky and we literally got off the highway, drove a little and we found this gorgeous gem awaiting us.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Welcome Home.

You drive right up to check-in and register, the front entrance is adorned with beautiful flowers and the driveway is a beautiful black cobblestone. Inside the sliding doors, you will find luggage carts if you need them to take your luggage to your room.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites


As soon as the second set of sliding doors open, you step into this.

Pictured above is the front lobby which is absolutely spectacular. The decor is super modern and because this property was only built in July of last year, it is brand new and so well-maintained. Not to mention it is very clean and you certainly smell that when you walk in and walk throughout the property.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Space Galore.

There is plenty of space to just chill out and relax in the front lobby, they also have a long stack of magazines and it’s a perfect place to wait if there’s a line to check out in the mornings. Not to mention a perfect place to take advantage of their complimentary high speed internet.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites


We were greeted by the nicest attendant who told us where we could find everything, when breakfast was in the morning, where the pool and gym was and everything we needed to know about the Holiday Inn Express. She also informed me that the crib and cot that we had pre-ordered was already waiting for us in the room as well.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites


You will also find a nice breakfast room where the complimentary breakfast is also served, there is plenty of seating and a gorgeous fire place to cuddle in front of. Β There’s tables and breakfast bar tables with bar stools and if you ever stayed at the Holiday Inn, you know that the breakfasts have a reputation of their own.

Nearby, you can find the Business Center. It is unattended and consists of two computers and a printer. All you need when you are on the road and need to do work.


Stay Active.

If you stay active even on vacations, have no fear–you are covered! An elliptical trainer, treadmill and stationary bike are at your disposal. As well, as an all-in-one gym to help keep you toned. There’s towels and ice cold water waiting for you after you’ve sweat out those calories.


Splash It Out!

This was one of many of our favorite amenities at the Holiday Inn Express.

The pool!

The pool was about 4 1/2 feet at it’s deepest and it is absolutely PERFECT for families. Why? Well, because your older kids can swim on their own without you worrying they go too far in the deep end and you are comfortable able to play with the little ones too.

The water was clean and warm. You can see all the natural light coming from the patio windows and it keeps the water nice and warm.In the pool room, there’s a shower and a washroom to use, as well as tables to sit out on in the pool deck.


Take It Outdoors!

If you want to enjoy the sunlight, take it outside the pool and sit in the outdoor patio. It’s serene and quiet and the sun hits this side of the building perfectly. You can get in and out by using your room card so, be sure to bring it with you when you leave the building.


Time to Check-In!

Now that you have seen the Holiday Inn Express & Suites and all of it’s awesomeness even before you check-in, the next step naturally is to check-in and check-out the room. Join me and see how great the Holiday Inn Express & Suites is for families and the sole traveler alike.

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Have you ever stayed at a Holiday Inn Express & Suites, what were your first thoughts?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!


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    1. Thank-you Jenna, this is hotel is conveniently located off the highway. That's what makes it a gem. Close enough for convenience but, not too close for noise.

  1. I love your pictures! They're big, vibrant and make me want to go to the Holiday Inn just so I can see what I'm seeing on screen. I have family in Ohio and we travel there every Summer, this looks like a beautiful place to stay!
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  2. Your photos are brilliant! I want to swim now thanks to the shots of the pool. And your post pics on the interior of the rooms were great also! Thanks for sharing with us.
    My recent post Ryobi: Father’s Day Tools Giveaway

    1. My pleasure, I love sharing what you can experience if you are traveling to Ohio. πŸ™‚

  3. 'Express" always makes me think it's a crappy place to stay. After seeing this, I was definitely wrong. Looks like a lovely place to stay!

    1. LOL, that's awesome to hear. I like seeing real pictures of place from users so, I try to provide that for all my readers and friends! πŸ™‚

  4. Yes we have stayed, and we were very impressed at the one we stayed at too. Breakfast ,pool and free internet were top bonus for us.

  5. Nice looking hotel. The pool looks amazing. Hard to find a hotel with a decent pool without paying an arm and leg now a days.

    1. The gym had all you needed, I've seen less than stellar gyms at "higher-end" hotels but, HIExpress does NOT disappoint.

  6. I have stayed at Holiday Inn Express & Suites and have had some pretty good experiences. This particular one looked really nice!

  7. I do love the amenities that the Express Suites offers. My kids always want a pool.. and I always look for ones that offer breakfast. I seldom am there long enough to use the weight rooms, but it certainly is a nice to have.

    1. LOL, to be honest… Me too but, for those who have more dedication than me… It's perfect.

  8. Gorgeous hotel! From top to bottom to the elegant lights! Love it! Will stay here when I visit Ohio!

  9. i've never stayed at Holiday Inn Express before & I never thought it would look so nice from inside. Thanks for the informative post…if we are ever roadtripping, this is one stop I will definitely consider.

  10. very nice Holiday Inn Express. With a pool wow I haven't been to a Holiday inn for a long time. Definitely will on my next road trip

  11. Good grief after reading and seeing the pics of the interior and room and now to see the lobby to the pool I want to go tonight! πŸ™‚

  12. I love how detailed you are!! The photos are fantastic and very helpful in supporting your views of the property! Thank you!

  13. Wow! Great review! We love holiday inn chain so nice and very reasonable! Amenities are always on point there too! I also agree that breakfast included is something we actively look for!

  14. Not at all what I expected from Holiday Inn! The decor & styling remind me more of a boutique hotel than a large chain motel!

  15. Wow! That hotel looks spic and span clean – what a great thing to see when you enter! Lots of great amenities too; seemed perfect for your family.

  16. I would go there just for the swimming pool. But I also love everything brand new. And brand new buildings always look and feel cleaner to me than the older once even with the same level of care.

  17. I have referred friends to stay at the local Holiday Inn Express. They loved it. Looks dated from the outside, but inside is beautiful. They made full use of everything including the business center and sauna.

  18. I can't remember if I've stayed at a Holiday Inn Express before, but this one looks really nice. I think the chain has made lots of changes in the last few years.

  19. Great review! I've stayed at some Holiday Inns before, but I've never seen one so nice! The decor looks very modern and clean. I'll have to give them another try next time we travel.

  20. Very beautiful hotel! I stayed at a Holiday Inn once before. It was nice but no where near this impressive.

  21. Very beautiful hotel! I stayed at a Holiday Inn once before. It was nice but no where near this impressive.

  22. I LOVE Holiday Inn Express! Whenever our family goes anywhere we always try to find a HIE first!

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