How To Get That Hygge Feel in Your Home

The danish have a special word for cozy. Hygge. This article covers how to get that hygge feel in your home.

How To Get That Hygge Feel in Your Home

The Danish have a word that describes the feeling of getting warm and comfortable, usually in preparation for winter. They call this feeling ‘Hygge,’ and you could be using it within your own home.

With modern-day fuel and energy prices what they are, we all want ways to create a feeling of comfort for less. Often, this means forking out on drastic furnace or air-con costs.

The Danes, who have been suffering cold winters since the dawn of humankind, have perfected this comfortable feeling.

Sure, the heat and the roaring fire are part of it, but you can create a comfortable, Hygge-inspired room without Remortgaging your house. Here is how to do it.

Steps Towards Making Your Home Hygge Friendly

Want a sumptuous space to cocoon yourself in until spring arrives? You are not alone. Here are steps you can take towards making your home a hygge-friendly environment.

Build up the Basement

According to the experts at Mode Contracting & Basement Renovations, the basement is a missed space. Reports say fewer than a quarter of new homes built recently in the USA don’t have a basement at all.

Changes in building regulations coupled with advances in our understanding of foundation damage caused by water and flooding have led to new build homes developing minus the basement.

If you still have one in your home, you could use it to create a dream Hygge space… after you have waterproofed, of course.

The basement is a calming place to pass time. Decorate it with things you love, use rich blankets and throws, and even add a comfortable settee down there.

All you need after this is some heat, and a few candles, and you have the ideal space to read, snuggle, or simply just exist in peace.

Focus on your Hyggekrog

This is a lot of Danish words for one article, but a hyggekrog should be the focus of any good hygge-infused space.

The hyggekrog is the comfortable sitting space that you find in warm, fur-lined rooms. The sitting or lying down area is particularly important.

The more throws, blankets, and softness it has, the better your space will be.

Baked Bread and Coffee

Hygge isn’t just a space – it is a feeling of winter comfort. What better way is there to inspire a feeling than with a scent?

Hygge is about comfort food that fills your belly and keeps you warm in the snow. Baked bread fills your home with that scent.

Other smells like coffee, baking, and roasting foods, can all create that atmosphere without you even having to put a lick of paint on the walls.

Candles Galore

There is one thing no hygge space can go without and that is the candle. In fact, you should add as many candles as you comfortably can to make your space super-cozy. Scented candles are fine too, but choose a warm, inviting candle. Try a warm apple spice or cinnamon and berry.

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Hygge is Within Reach

And remember, even if you can’t design your space, there’s always the ginger spice of the latte to add to your feeling of hygge comfort.

Do you know more ways to get that hygge feel in your home?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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The danish have a special word for cozy. Hygge. This article covers how to get that hygge feel in your home.

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