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5 Landscaping Design Ideas That Are Trending This Summer

Woman plants perennial flowers in landscaping. She is using a gardening tool.

Landscaping is no longer decorating the front of your house with shrubs and rocks. Designers are innovative and creative, coming up with landscaping designs that incorporate your outside living space as part of your home.

Homeowners want their landscaping to match their personality and to make the outside of their home somewhere that they want to be.

I’ve actually just broken ground in my backyard to add landscaping and believe me, I did my research!

In 2019, landscaping designers came up with some impressive design ideas that are trending this summer.

Let’s take a look at these fantastic designs to give you some impression for your backyard.

1. Going Low Maintenance

Who wants more stress when it comes to your outdoor landscaping? Considering the busy world that most of us live in, homeowners want a simplified landscape that looks great without a lot of maintenance.

According to the Sevierville TN landscaper, low-maintenance landscaping includes adding perennial plants that come back each year.

Make sure to group them together based on their watering needs.

You should invest in an irrigation system that keeps your plants watered. Also, consider tall, native grasses that add height to the garden beds without more work.

Succulents and xeriscaping are trendy landscaping ideas right now as well. Xeriscaping reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water.

Many of the principles of xeriscaping work for going low maintenance. Like picking plants that have low-watering requirements, using a mulch to retain moisture, and improving the soil for ideal growth.

2. Creating a Place to Relax

Your backyard should be somewhere that you want to relax after a day at work. Hanging out on your patio should feel like a vacation every day.

The right landscaping design can do that for you.

Low-maintenance plants are a must-have for your relaxing backyard.

Add some weatherproof speakers so that you can have your favorite music throughout your garden. You can also have a fire feature with comfortable chairs surrounding it.

That way, you can gather around with your family. S’mores anyone?

Other ideas for a relaxing outdoor space include investing in outdoor furniture that is durable and comfortable. Try different outdoor lighting to make the area accessible during the night.

The right lighting can make your backyard feel like a fairy tale.

Above all, what you find relaxing will differ from someone else. Think about your dream backyard escape. You might want a space that has a large grill, a bar and couches for friends to sprawl during parties.

Someone else might envision large trees with hammocks in the shade and your favorite tunes streaming.

Red bushes and green trees.

3. Using Red Bushes

Everyone has green bushes in their landscaping, but who has red bushes? This year, we’ve seen an explosion of landscapers using red bushes to add a pop of color and surprise to their designs.

Red foliage adds eye-catching interest, but there aren’t too many evergreens, or red shrubs that keep their color all year.

Similarly, homeowners can find shrubs with leaves in different shades of red, such as reddish-purple, copper, burgundy, or bronze.

Here are a few red bushes to add to your landscaping:

  • Red-Tipped Photinia
  • Barberry “Golden Ruby”
  • Barberry “Royal Burgundy”
  • Euonymous “Burning Bush”
  • Weigela “Wine & Roses”

Don’t feel limited with just red bushes. You can find shrubs in all sorts of colour and those that explode with flowers throughout the year. Homeowners don’t have to stick to just the plain green bushes; be creative, use colour, and have fun.

4. Bold Colored Fences

First of all, say goodbye to boring, natural wood fences and say hello to boldly painted fences. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to upgrade your landscaping and add some color is by painting your fence.

A trending landscape design this summer is using a dark, bold color for outdoor structures. The classic “white picket fence” has been replaced with a modern European-inspired green, grey, or blue fences.

Why are people going nuts over bold fence colours?

The colors create a contrast against the lush green gardening and flowers in front of the fence.

For instance, picture it in your mind.

Imagine a sky-blue fence with a bright green shrub in front, surrounded by an array of rainbow-coloured flowers. Drama without the cost!

5. Edible Gardening

Landscaping has finally decided to incorporate edible gardening to the mix, and we couldn’t be happier. We have to reinvent what we consider beautiful.

Flowers aren’t the only plant to use for landscaping. You can use herbs, hanging baskets filled with trailing strawberries, cucumbers climbing up a boldly coloured fence, and more.

Edible gardening incorporates the best of both worlds and shows that you don’t have to pick just one side. In between your flowers, you can add basil, parsley, oregano, and an array of other herbs.

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Along your fence, plant tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and more.

Vertical gardening comes into play with edible landscaping. Use fences, trellis, arches, and shelves of pots to grow your vegetables and herbs. Adding height to your garden is always a good thing!

Give These Ideas a Try

Above all, designing your landscaping should be exciting. It should first start with how you want to use your space. Maybe you want a place for your family to relax on weekends or a backyard oasis.

These five landscaping designs this summer should give you a jumping point for your ideas.

Have you landscaped lately?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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