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Create a Cozy Home for the Winter

A beautiful and cozy home, a tray with a coffee mug and other creature comforts sits on the coffee table. The mug reads, "but, coffee first."

Create a Cozy Home for the Winter

Do you find yourself reaching for the throw more and more during an evening on the sofa? Are your slippers always on your feet?

Yes, the weather is getting colder and with the dark evenings making an appearance.

Winter is well on its way.

With 3 in every 100 adults suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the winter months can often be viewed with dread.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, the Danish have gotten cozy down to an art, in the form of, Hygge.

What is Hygge

Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ is a Danish concept that cannot be translated directly into one single word. One that encompasses the feelings of contentment and coziness through enjoying the simpler things in life.

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading a book whilst wrapped up in a cosy blanket, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, a cup of hot chocolate on the side table, you’ve experienced hygge.

Perhaps without even realising it.

There are many ways in which to experience ‘Hygge’, many through simple activities that can be done at home.

The Senses

During the summer months, our senses are stimulated by the bright, long days, and the colours from nature. The smells too from freshly cut flowers and the delicious taste of home-grown fruit.

Although this changes by the time winter arrives, there are plenty of things we can do in the home to keep our senses happy.

In turn, our positivity:


Enhance the ambient lighting in your home. This is to create a good medium between being too dark and too bright.


Now is the time to reach into the wardrobe and get out the winter throws. Try draping one across the foot of the bed.

Not only will this create a cozy feel to the bedroom. It will serve a practical sense too, an easy to reach extra layer on those extra cold nights.

The living room is a great place to add a throw alongside some festive cushions and a fluffy rug.


Enjoy the culinary treats that the colder months bring. From parkin, toffee apples and chili con carne during bonfire night to the delights that Christmas brings.

Winter is often seen as a season of culinary excellence and a little indulgent. So why not treat your taste buds this year?


Candles are a great way to treat your senses this winter. Choose candles that infuse winter fragrances such as cinnamon, zesty orange, or spiced apple.

Combine these candles with a cozy night in and a cup of hot chocolate, for ultimate Hygge.


Birds are no longer chirping at the break of dawn. The rest of nature appears to have gone into hibernation and natural sounds might be a little harder to find.

Fear not, having a playlist softly playing in the background or even the radio can create a cozy indoor feeling.

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Creating a cozy home is a good step towards beating the winter blues.

What are your go to items when creating a cozy home for winter?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A banner reads, "Creating a Cozy Home for the Winter," A beautiful and cozy home, a tray with a coffee mug and other creature comforts sits on the coffee table. The mug reads, "but, coffee first."

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