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How To Tap Into Inspiration On a Daily Basis

A computer screen says, "Do More." A mug on the desk reads, "You can win, if you want." This article covers ways for tapping into inspiration on a daily basis.

Tapping Into Inspiration On a Daily Basis

Isn’t it great to feel inspired? To have that feeling of excitement and motivation. Where ideas keep flowing into your mind, and you could scarcely stop yourself from taking action even if you wanted to?

Inspiration is intimately connected to creativity and enthusiasm.

Sometimes to some of the greatest innovations and works of art throughout world history. It’s also a major factor in personal wellbeing.

Especially in the sense of meaning and drive that we all want to experience as often as possible.

Of course, inspiration is also famously a bit fickle. It often seems to evaporate for no apparent reason. Sometimes when we could most use it, and sometimes for prolonged periods of time.

All the same, finding ways of tapping into inspiration more often on a daily basis can potentially add a lot of extra drive, excitement, and fun to everyday life.

So here are some suggestions that might help you to tap into inspiration more easily and more often.

Have a Clear Set of Goals and Preferences That You Are Working Towards

Having no real goals or preferences in life or no real sense of the direction, then there’s a good chance that you will find inspiration significantly harder to come by.

You may not even know what to do with it if and when it does strike.

Having goals and preferences helps to direct your energies and your life as a whole. This seems in some way to open up certain avenues for inspiration to flow through.

If you’re working on a particular business, for example, you may get struck by a bolt of inspiration. Maybe about a way of marketing that you hadn’t considered before.

Or, if you’re spending a significant amount of time working on your skills as a painter, then inspiration is more likely to make a sudden appearance.

It may just tell you what your next painting should be about.

By and large, it’s pretty easy to go through day-to-day life without much of a sense of direction. Just “going through the motions” day by day.

But this is an insidious pattern to fall into.

Whether in the form of deciding that you want to find some good private plates for sale for your car, or that you want to run a marathon.

Maybe you want to run a successful business or be a painter. Having goals and preferences can do a lot of good.

It can bring about a good deal more inspiration, too.

Get Away to Interesting and Exciting Locales

Travel can bring many amazing benefits. From the simple opportunity for a bit of relaxation to expanding your horizons.

You can do this by discovering new cultures and meeting new people. You can even open yourself up to a more adventurous and inspired way of looking at things as a whole.

Many people explicitly find that getting away from home for a while can help to dissolve feelings of limitation and self-doubt.

It can open up the door for deep and meaningful flashes of inspiration to come in.

When getting away to exciting and fascinating locales that you really enjoy, in particular, this is even more likely to be the case.

When walking through romantic old town streets or hiking up a majestic mountainside, you may find yourself feeling inspired to pursue your dreams in ways you never had before.

Do Things Every Day That Fire Up Your Sense of Energy

Or do things that put you into a “peak state.” For most of us, the number one thing that often seems to limit and block inspiration is our own sense of doubt, limitation, and fear.

If you’re being “realistic” and are constantly concerned about what’s likely to go wrong or for reasons why something “won’t work,” you’ll naturally be blocking inspiration at every turn.

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In order to truly be inspired, you need to be able to put yourself in a more open and optimistic frame of mind.

Where your own internal critic isn’t constantly on the lookout for ways to undermine whatever big ideas or flashes of emotionally powerful motivation that comes your way.

Even just jumping around the living room while listening to energetic music — can help to put you in the kind of state of mind where inspiration is welcome.

Do you have any tips to tap into inspiration?



A computer screen says, "Do More." A mug on the desk reads, "You can win, if you want." This article covers ways for tapping into inspiration on a daily basis.

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