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Ford is Coloring Your World.

This is the 2013 Ford Fusion.

Ford is Coloring Your World.

As many of you know, I am a car buff.

I may not be driving a sports car every day but, I do drive a Ford and I love it.

Last year, I met the wonderful people of Ford at ShesConnected and I was able to learn what they have been up to in recent years. I even got to try out the Active Parking Assist and was floored by how AWESOME it was. Not to mention, I also go to our local Auto Show every year and check out the domestic cars.

Ford blew it away this year.

A little girl scans a card at the Auto Show at the Ford booth.

Their display was one of the largest and one of the most innovative displays of what Ford has to offer. So apart from being the creators of one of the best muscle cars out there, the Ford Mustang and helping the parking impaired with parking assist, they are truly leaders in the market.

Their display was so interactive, you could walk around and tap your Ford card and get information sent right to your email. All the specs and pictures of Ford’s drool-worthy cars that interested you.


They had live dynos.

Come on now.


Oh yes!


Sorry, I had to share that.

And that may or may not be me screaming in the end.


It was me.

Now, Let Ford Color Your World!

Ford has recently shared that on top of remaking the Ford Fusion and Ford Taurus into sexy, curvaceous rides, well–they are looking out even more for us moms.

Our lives are busy after all, we have endless trips to the grocery store, the bank–soccer practice, dance class.

You name it.

We do all this with our wee ones in the back seat, so aside from all the distractions you can offer during car rides, have you ever thought about the effect light has on a toddler?

Mood lighting in the interior of a car can do wonders. It can lower your blood pressure, it can keep you alert and just make you feel good.

A few facts:
  • The new ice blue interior lighting in the Ford Fusion helps to keep drivers and passengers more alert.
  • The brain does not see colour, but the colour of light that is a form of electromagnetic energy that triggers emotional responses.
  • Colour choice may result in bringing clear-headed, decisive action or deep, slow breathing that help the heart relax by slowing the production of stress hormones.
  •  There are shades of yellow that stimulate parts of the brain, bringing clear-headed, decisive action.
  • Green, on the other hand, affects the nervous system, causing us to breathe slowly and deeply, helping the heart to relax by slowing the production of stress hormones.
  • Red – arguably the most attention-getting of colours – likely will evoke the strongest emotions, be that passion or anger.

According to Ford researchers, a person’s attention span is limited and lighting can play a key role in providing a driver with critical and noncritical driving-related information without diverting attention.  “Lighting in a vehicle is about space and dimension,” said Mahendra Dassanayake, Ford technical leader for Design, but there’s more to it.

“Lighting gives you a sense of orientation,” said Dassanayake. “It’s a unique combination of functionality and comfort. Lights, graphics, and displays are critical to drivers; we need to make sure that information is presented to the customer in an effective way.”

Developing the ice blue colour available in the ambient, or accent, lighting palette was critical, since it is a shade that can help keep drivers and passengers more alert. This makes it easier for a driver to absorb all the other messages coming from inside the vehicle.


I think that it’s very commendable that Ford has decided to go beyond the surface and really think about the people who are driving their cars if certain colors can help the internal Zen of my car and the people in it.

I’m game.

Ford says, “Buying a car is very similar to dating,” said Interior Chief Designer Michael Arbaugh. “You saw the exterior of the new Fusion and were drawn to it. Now when you see the interior, you realize it’s more than just looks – you want to be in a long-term relationship.”

How does it affect your mood chart.

What Do I Think?

I really do believe in the power of colors and lighting and how it can affect your mood. I personally would enjoy the Purple, Blue and Orange lighting. Those are the colors that attract me the most and I can always use a little magic, optimism, and loyalty on a day to day basis. I honestly feel that cool lighting and white noise or a movie playing in the car would do the trick to keep my 2-year-old Mimi relaxed!

So, what do you think about Ford’s new ambient lighting?

Let me know, till then cheers m’deres!

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  1. I have no thoughts on their lighting and for many where I live FORD is a bad name since the closed up shop here late last year. I am more of a CHEVY girl though.

    I am a car girl…. going to have to look for a smaller ride when we relocate here… so I will keep an open mind when looking.

    Great article. My husband used to Dyno Freightliner trucks for a living. He loved it!

    1. Aww, that's unfortunate AnnMarie, the automobile industry has suffered as of late. I'm from Windsor and know all about that. Dyno's are so exciting to watch. My brother used to dyno his car all the time. I loooove the sound.

  2. Orange and blue for me!

    Haha, I guess that's me in a nutshell too 😛

    beautiful car, I did a little colour therapy in a clinic I used to work in.

    1. I definitely think that colors have a huge impact on us. Funny how it attracts you to them almost immediately.

  3. Over the pass few years, I've been the one to lean towards imports/Japanese manufacturers. Ford has definitely open my eyes these pass couple years with their award winning mustang. I can honestly say with pride that I'd pick a mustang over a camaro any day! =] The ford edge sport is remarkably a sexy SUV! Also to mention a few months back, I had an F150 for a rental and man o man! So much room you can fit a foot stool in the back seats and kick back and enjoy the ride!

    Ford is very innovative and is always on key with technology I think a lot of people will consider their vehicles as their first choice after seeing the different colors you can put in your interior! Amazing! Love it! Ford FTW! =] *two thumbs up!

    1. I love seeing another Ford enthusiast. I would definitely pick the Mustang over the Camaro! I love how they've overhauled their cars. They are sleek and sexy.

      Thanks for stopping by Dee.

    1. I love how the Green looks too! 🙂 I would definitely love to see this in action with my rambunctious 2 year-old!

  4. I like Orange but I wonder what my friends would think if I pimped out my car?? I am currently driving a KIA (not happy) and can't wait for it to end so I can get something new. A new pimp Ford might be just what I need for an early midlife crisis!

    Thanks for sharing your experience!!

  5. Wonderful article…wow live Dynos! Loved it…will def keep reading your material. 🙂 I would love purple light and the green light. 🙂

    1. Yeah, they had Dynos everyday a few times a day. The purple is pretty and the green looks pretty cool. Interesting to see all the diff colors you are all choosing!

  6. What an interesting idea. I do agree that colour makes a difference in one's mood. However, when it comes down to purchasing a vehicle, I will pick environmentally friendly options before "extras" such as ambient lighting. (Although if there was a sleepy/quieting colour that can be confined just to my kids' car seats, I would be sold). A plexiglass noise-buffer would do as well 😉

    1. You can have the best of both worlds! The Ford Fusion and Escape are eco-friendly, sexy! The whole package!I agree with the noise buffer!!

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