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Jelly Bean is Here

Jelly Bean is Here!
Jelly Bean is Here.

Hey everybody, just a little update for those who have asked how we are & haven’t seen since before baby or at the hospital.

They say a daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart. This is the exact feeling I have when I see Gabriella now that Michaela has joined our little family. Actually, I’ve always felt that way. Especially at the rate that Gabriella has grown, I know that with each passing day I love her even more deeply. Regardless, I guarantee that it’s going to be the same feeling with Michaela as well. The fact of the matter is, I never knew I could be so in love with two little people. So immensely, so selflessly but in a way very selfishly because I never want them to leave my side.

Well, Michaela finally decided to make her debut. On her own time and when she was good and ready. A week overdue but so very welcomed and anticipated. My labour & delivery was a breeze. Tolerable pain but with so much help & support from Hubby & my family, I was lucky to have suffered little. Though everyone says I have a high tolerance for pain haha! Regardless, it was a very intimate, joyous, relaxed and beautiful experience. We all cried so much at first sight of this little one. She came out all wide-eyed and most importantly…

Whole and healthy.

My thoughts through my tears were, “Oh my God, she is so beautiful.” I got flashbacks of Gabriella immediately. I remember her labour & delivery, in fact, EVERYTHING of her baby years as if it were yesterday. I was just beyond thankful and grateful to God for giving me two of His angels.

Our little Jelly Bean, Michaela Sofía is named after the only Archangel Michael (just like her sister who is named after the angel Gabriel) & Sofía has been in our family for 3 generations & is part of her Spanish heritage. So, we are blessed with two angels.

Our first few days home were beautiful & much different. This time it was just me & Hubby. First time around with Gabriella, my mom helped so much. But, it’s like riding a bike, even after 6 years. You never forget. My family is always around anyhow so I have plenty of help if I need it. I’m so grateful to have support from both families when needed. I know not many people have that luxury.

Well, Michaela is doing spectacularly!

She was a natural nurser & latched properly almost immediately after birth. She’s been holding up that little head of hers & moving side to side during tummy time since she was 3 days old! She follows me with her little almond eyes at the sound of my voice! She pushes off my breast with her little hands when she’s had her fill! I love seeing her milk drunk! She’s gained back her birth weight and is gaining normally. I know these things don’t seem like much to most people, but to me, I’m amazed at the beauty of life!

Anyways, my parents & in-laws visited and are absolutely in love with Michaela just as they are with Gabriella. Happy that yet another grandchild is added to our small family. Now, we are just enjoying our girls. Gabriella is well adjusted & is beyond helpful & so loving towards her little sister! No jealousy at all thank God! Mimi is sleeping well too. Only wakes 2-3 times to nurse so thankfully we get enough rest!

So, we are doing great & appreciate all the beautiful thoughts and kind words and look forward to seeing all of you who have wanted to visit. Til then, be safe!

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