Dirt Biking and Learning to Ride with Junior Red Riders in Muskoka! #CampHonda

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Junior Red Riders.
Start on a Honda, Stay on a Honda.

The girls had the absolute delight to participate in a condensed Junior Red Riders program. Not everyone knows but, Honda first started as a motorcycle company and until this day–Honda still sells more motorcycles than cars globally.

That goes to show you that Honda has a passion for motorcycles and then want to inspire our youth to harness this passion and learn how to ride safely, to use the proper riding equipment and best of all, to have fun. They will get the chance to try off-road riding and hey will learn the safety techniques to do so safely!

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Get Geared Up!

Being in Muskoka was amazing in itself for them and to be able to do some off-roading there. They got geared up in their helmets, riding suits, chest plates, boots and gloves. We met up with two instructors and they helped the girls find the right size of gear, get into it and then they gave them the lowdown. 

Mimi was still a bit too young to go on her own so she rode with one of the instructors and Gabby learned how to operate the bike, brake and how to maneuver around the course. 

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Let Them Ride!

To say that Gabby enjoyed herself is an understatement. She had a shaky start but, eventually she was zipping around the course. She loved to take on the corners and even went over the logs a couple of times. It was amazing to see her confidence grow with every lap. It’s something we want to do again for both of them very soon.

There are programs available throughout Canada and if you’re in Ontario, you can head to Markham for the program. They run the programs in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. 

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All About the Bikes.

The CRF50 bike has a smooth-shifting automatic clutch which helps with no-stall easy take offs. It makes the bike perfect for kids who are just starting to ride. The CRF110 is a step-up and features a 4-speed gearbox with automatic clutch. It also has a dependable air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke 110 cc engine and an excellent choice for a beginner.

As you can see, the girls had an amazing time on the course. It was even more fun for them because it was lightly raining and Gabs told me she absolutely loved the challenge when the lawn was a bit slick. Since the bikes were automatic it made the learning curve easier. 

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Camp Honda.

The girls were immensely grateful for the opportunity to try out the Junior Red Riders program and they look forward to going to Markham and trying out the full program next year. T

hanks to the amazing instructors and Team Honda, we made memories to last a lifetime at Camp Honda. I captured this moment as the girls rode the course, I was inspired by Honda and their snapshots and I thought I’d give it a whirl. It is one of my fave moments captured!

The Junior Red Riders Program is for kids aged 6-12 years old, for more information head over to www.jrr.ca to find the nearest program near you. 

See It In Action!

Check out our 2016 Honda Pilot Touring test drive and our weekend highlights in this video. We had a blast and you can see the Honda products up front and center.

Take a look at our entire stay at Camp Honda. We checked out the power equipment, went fishing on a Honda pontoon boat and took on the trails in ATV’s and SXS’s.

Have your kids ever tried dirt biking?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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