Honda Power Equipment: Getting Familiar with Honda’s Lawnmowers, Trimmers, Tillers and Generators. #CampHonda

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Honda Power Equipment.

Being a home owner brings about a variety of responsibilities. Not only because you want your home to look great but because you have responsibility as a citizen too. Having a beautiful, lush and rich lawn is definitely a source of pride for many homeowners and at Camp Honda, we learned about Honda‘s wide array of lawnmowers, trimmers, tillers and when the snow rolls in–snowblowers.

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*pic of tiller*

Lawnmowers & Trimmers.

The HRR216VYC lawnmower features the Honda Smart Drive™ control with variable speed transmission. A big selling point for me is the electric start. Operating it is super simple, you just place your hands on the handlebar and press lightly on the Smart Drive™ lever.

What I love is that you can go as fast or as slow as you want and let me tell you, this baby goes fast. It’s self-propelled so you exude literally NO effort to move this machine.  It has two blades, which is something I’ve never seen and it has a really cool mulch and bagging option. You can decide how much you want to mulch and how much you want to bag. 

The HHT25SL trimmer works beautifully. It is pretty lightweight. When I had it on my shoulder it felt well-supported and I felt like I was in control. This trimmer is powered by Honda’s GX25 and has a mini 4-stroke engine. What I found was amazing was the spiral-like cable that minimizes noise. When you turn it upside down, you can trim flower beds in seconds. 

The FG110K1C mini-tiller is small but, definitely mighty. You can cultivate the soil and is perfect for smaller gardens. So starting in early spring, all the way to fall–you can have a gorgeous garden. It’s super simple to use and portable. George showed us how to use it and the end result was perfect.

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It’s Almost That Time.

Yes folks, it’s almost time for the cold winter and the tons of snow it brings with it. The Honda engines are powered by 4-stroke engines and are reliable, quiet and extremely efficient. The HSSS724ACTD is perfect for suburban size driveways for medium to heavy snow fall.

The dual-stage snow blower has a 12 VDC electric start and is powered by a GX200, 4-stroke, overhead valve Honda engine.  It clears a 24 in path and throws snow up to 49.2 feet. The chute is pretty wicked since you can manually maneuver it where you need it to go. Whether right next to you or far away from you.

While I would purchase a smaller snowblower, this one was incredibly easy to operate. Even for someone who isn’t as savvy to power equipment like me. With a bit of instruction, I was able to operate the snowblower on my own and I am definitely confident in using it. We are in the market for one and we will be heading to Honda to pick ours up.

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Peace of Mind.

When it comes to thinking about family safety in the home, generators often come into mind. It’s something that you want to have but, really don’t want to have to use. But, if you do need it, it’s there. Emergencies are not the only reason why you may want to look into getting  a generator. In fact, you can use them to keep your cottage and other gear running when you need it. 

Honda has a great line-up, 4-series and 15 different models. They are compact, portable, reliable and when the power goes out, they have the ability to power large appliances and down to the most sensitive electronic equipment. They are powered by 4-stroke Honda engines that don’t’ mix oil and gas. By doing so, you’ll find yourself needing less fill-ups. 

See It In Action!

Check out our 2016 Honda Pilot Touring test drive and our weekend highlights in this video. We had a blast and you can see the Honda products up front and center.

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Ready, Set, Go!

We had a great time with George from Team Honda and we feel like we have plenty of information to last us a lifetime. We learned so much and Dara already has a long wish list now! For more information, head over to Honda Power Equipment and see what would work best for your home or business.

Check out our other adventures at Camp Honda where we rode Side by Side’s and ATV’s, dirt bikes at Junior Red Riders and went fishing on a Honda pontoon boat.

Have you ever tried Honda Power Equipment?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. They have lots of great products to help around the yard, I am sure my hubby would of enjoyed checking them out!

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