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Lightscoop Deluxe: Helping You to Be Fearless When Using Flash on Your DSLR. Take Pro-Like Shots Now! #tech


Lightscoop Deluxe.
It will blow your mind.

If you’re like me, you take your DSLR everywhere with you, absolutely everywhere. My trusty camera has been with me at 5, 000 ft. above sea level in Costa Rica, on a horse going uphill in the country, on snowy mountain slopes and inside my daughter’s dingy school gymnasium. No matter where I’ve been, I always avoid using the flash. 


Flash is Evil.

Or that’s what “they” say but, it doesn’t have to be! I seriously cringe when I see the portrait of Gabby above, it’s over processed, too much shadow and just not a great picture. I took this picture in my basement in the area where there is no windows or natural light. I used the flash and this was the result. 


Enter Lightscoop.

If I hadn’t snapped both of these portraits myself, I wouldn’t have believed that a tiny attachment to my DSLR could make a world of a difference when using flash. This is the exact same space, the pictures are literally a few seconds apart and the subject did not move.

This warm, nicely balanced picture was taken in a dark corner in my basement. How it works is the Lightscoop uses the flash and instead of directly hitting the subject. It bounces the light to the ceiling and then back down to the subject which results in a warm picture.



Easy to Install.

I installed my Lightscoop without even looking at the instructions, honestly. But, I did double-check if I did it properly. It comes with two clips, one for Canon’s and another for Nikon’s. I slipped my clip onto the mount and then attached the mirror. It is actually easier to just do than to explain but, above is a diagram that illustrates how to mount the mirror.


Get the BEST Out of Your Lightscoop.
How to adjust your camera settings
  1. To get the most from your Lightscoop, be sure to follow these settings:
  2. Metering Method: Spot Meter is a must for Nikons.
  3. Any method works with other brands.
  4. Camera Exposure Mode (not flash exposure): Manual (M).
  5. ISO: 800 or higher. Experiment.
  6. Widest lens aperture – f/2.8, f/3.5 or f/4.0 depending on the lens.
  7. Shutter speed: 1/200 or higher. Experiment.
  8. Flash Exposure Compensation: +1 or +2. Experiment.
  9. Flash “on” (front curtain sync) – not red-eye reduction, slow sync, etc.
  10. Pop-up flash metering mode: TTL.



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Be a Pro.

I love how Lightscoop is helping people everywhere to not be afraid of the flash on their cameras. I know now that I can take beautiful shots in low lighting and use my flash without worrying about the blow out. For $36.95, I think it is a fair price to improve your pictures massively. If you want more information, you can always send @Lightscoop a tweet or like Lightscoop on FB for the latest updates. 

Do you use your flash on your camera?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Nancy, thank you so much for such a great review of the Lightscoop! It definitely makes a huge difference with indoor pictures, and I get so excited each time we receive just positive feedback! Thank you!!!

    1. Thank-you so much Mary. This is an amazing product that I will always use now. I was literally shocked at the results. I ran around showing my husband and my daughter of course. In my dark basement to result in a shot that looks so warm is remarkable. 🙂 Thanks for allowing me to try it!

  2. Yes, I haven't noticed much of a difference when taking pictures indoors. Plus, I haven't taken the time to learn how to use my camera, so I really don't know what I'm doing with it.

  3. I avoid it! I need something that will allow me to bounce on my new Nikon! Would love to try this!

  4. I use my flash all the time. Just bought a new one. It really makes a difference, but only if you have an external one. Would love to try this!

  5. I rarely use the flash, specifically because of the things that you mentioned. I would be so thrilled to win this. Besides all my kids (we have 10 grown children) and all our grand kids ( 22 with another due in August), I have 2 dogs that have to have their picture taken several times a day. LOL My kids complain that I take more photos of the dogs than of them!

  6. I use flash when necessary. I much prefer natural light, but sometimes it is impossible when the lighting level is too low.

  7. I don't use flash because I don't have a lightscoop! I seriously want one those! It is on my "wishlist". but there have been many times i wished I had a lightscoop. Flash directly on the subject is horrible. I want a lightscoop!

  8. We use a camera to take pictures and videos of my daughter when she competes for gymnastics.. We are not allowed to use flash.. so pictures come out horrible.. maybe i will look into this entire setup.

  9. I don't use flash any longer on my camera. I've started shooting in the CA mode instead but I'd really love to play with this.

  10. Ohhh what a great little gadget!!! I'm working hard at perfecting my phone pictures. You should see the setup I do to take "quality" pictures on my phone ahah! I'm working on investing in a good camera.

  11. I love this! I have a terrible time taking pictures. There's always a glare or a shadow that I have to deal with.
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  12. I really like this in the tips. Hopefully in the next few months I can upgrade my camera. I currently use and LSR but lookin' to get a DSLR in the near future.

  13. Wow, you can totally see a difference… I have never really played with lighting and my photography but I really need to. This would really help

  14. What an amazing product! Never use flash – ever!
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  15. I use flash if I need to. It depends on the lighting when I'm taking a picture. I entered your giveaway. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. Oh wow gorgeous, all my pictures are phone or my tiny Samsung camera I dont think even uses any kinds of extra equipment =( and I barely use flash I try to always use natural light plenty

  17. I NEED this in my life! It would help so much with my food photography. I hadn't even heard of this product. Awesome review. I'm definitely entering!

    1. LOL, I am an amateur and enthusiast. So a lot of trial and error but, I always avoid flash. Not anymore!

  18. Wow! This is incredible, I didnt know Lightscoop can do wonders. The photograph with Lightscoop look so neat and clear

  19. I do use a flash but hate doing so as I find the photos aren't natural and appear harsh. Would love to try the Light Scoop!

  20. I don't know how to use my camera well enough to use flash. This looks fabulous. I would love to try it.

  21. Great accessory for professional and amateur photographers. Yes, I have to agree that there are times some products are not flash friendly like makeup. So having this will make it easier to take good quality pictures.

  22. I am not sure about the flash I think my husband uses one on our camera when he needs more light. I am really trying to when for him he is the photographer in our family!

  23. I use flash when I need it but I dont have a nice enough camera right now that it really matters much lol

  24. I use flash depending on where I am taking the pictures and whether the lighting needs the flash or not.

  25. I try to use natural light most of the time. I really dislike what the flash does to any photo. The two photos you posted above really show the difference, thanks for sharing!

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