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Never Say Dieting Oath.

It’s a beautiful oath and message. I have to admit, the word diet and the action of dieting has been in my life since I can remember.

Even when I was perfectly healthy at 105 pounds. Then after the birth of my first daughter and losing the weight and getting back to 113 pounds. Even now, at my heaviest.

It’s always taken a hold of my life.

The word diet always makes me feel like I am not good enough, even when I was and am. The last few years, I can say I’ve been in a limbo of sorts. Going from eating super clean to eating and indulging in a lot of foods that I know don’t fuel my body. I failed to remember that there are little eyes of my daughters that are watching.

With their diets, I try to teach them to eat foods that fuel them. I also purchase foods that are natural and organic. But, allow them to be kids as well. To have a balanced life by following healthy habits. I’ve always have been very stringent with their diets but, I don’t deprive them and they have their share of indulgences as well. But, I don’t want them to be anchored and shackled to the word “diet” for the rest of their lives.



I can say that I am definitely in these statistics and it scares me, I take the oath to start leading by example, to teach that a healthy and balanced lifestyle trumps any diet because being healthy isn’t temporary. I know that my husband and I are the ones that will teach them these principles.

Did You Know?

Canadian studies over the past decade have reported dieting rates that range from 14% to 46% among preteen and teen girls – many of whom are already at a healthy weight. And the Canadian Paediatric Society recognizes “parental role modelling of dieting behaviour” as a risk factor for dieting among teens.

That’s why it’s important to recognize that when we choose dieting, we’re not just depriving ourselves, we may also be teaching the next generation to live with emotional and nutritional deprivation as well.


I Take the Oath, Do You?

This is timely because it is high-time I reclaim my life and health. In retrospect, it behooves my overall quality of life and that of my beautiful and amazing daughters. It starts with us and if we don’t give them an adequate example of leading a balanced lifestyle, it may not happen.

So, I decide to end that word in our household.

Has the word ‘diet’ taken over your life, do you plan to take the oath?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Wow. Those statistics are crazy! Sad that it trickles down to our little girls, too. 🙁 I think eating healthy all the time is much better than dieting.

    1. I think we should get rid of the word. It brings with it too much control. 🙂 Rather than having balance.

  2. I absolutely hate the word diet. I prefer focusing on a healthy lifestyle and focusing on eating healthy foods instead of focusing on the scale. This gives a better message to our daughters to not focus on that scale, but to simply make healthy food choices and that it's important to take care of ourselves, but not to obsess over it. I know far too many girls who have ended up with an eat disorder because all they saw were their moms dieting all the time. I don't want that for my daughter.

  3. I will take the oath for my daughters too. Our family is big boned, lol, and my daughters are both at a healthy weight now. I can remember my oldest daughter being so upset because the modeling school/agency she belonged to told her she had to lose an inch in her hips before they could find her any work. The child was barely 17 and thin enough already. We discussed it and she agreed they were wrong. She left there and never looked back. She's a mom of 4 now, and still looks great. I think it's ridiculous to make young girls feel inadequate because of their genetics.

  4. I really struggle with the word diet and always have. As much as I need to cut back on certain foods, the word diet really overwhelms me. I am working on living a healthier lifestyle in general. I hope that young girls will learn to shift away from diet and onto having balance.
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  5. We don't talk about dieting in this sense..we use the word as it's actually meant. My diet is one that is gluten, dairy, and egg free. But in terms of weightloss…I don't ever talk like that, especially in front of my daughter.

    1. Yes, I still use it in that sense but, I do not want her to hear me say, \”I need to go on a diet. \” Hehe. 😛

  6. I actually cannot diet anymore! Every time I say that, it just sets me up for doom! I do it for two days and then binge!! Must stop and find balance!!
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  7. I HATE the connotation behind “diet” but you know, diet doesn’t actually mean to try and lose weight. A diet if your eating plan, period. So I try to use in that proper way, kind of like, “a healthy diet and excercise” etc! 🙂

  8. I don't diet. I'm on a mission to get healthy but we eat everything in moderation. No food is bad – it's our bad choices or our portion control. Thanks for the reminder to be healthy and not continue a cycle of diets and bad images.

  9. I went through a rough period of time when I was a Freshman in high school. I was borderline anorexic, really. I was only eating a few bites of yogurt and a couple of pieces of cheese each day for a few months. I dropped a lot of weight really fast. It was super unhealthy, and I can remember feeling like it was my only option at the time, even though I wasn't big to begin with. I hope I can set a better example for my daughter, and show her that dieting and starving yourself is not a healthy way to lose weight, and that we can be healthy by eating good foods and exercising a few times per week.
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    1. We are their examples, I can relate, never being truly happy with how I look. But, I have come to accept that I am who I am. 🙂

    1. Very true. I think getting rid of the word diet in a negative connotation is the message. Using the word diet for \”losing weight\” or \”losing 10 pounds\” or whatever it may be. It promotes a temporary status. Rather than a lifestyle habit that is permanent.

  10. Diet definitely used to take over my life and I used to try a lot of diets and research even more. I am surprised to realize that I haven't thought about dieting in a long, long time. Focusing on being healthier has really worked for me.

    I think your girls are lucky to have you two as parents.

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