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Kraft Canada: Keurig Compatible Pods from Nabob, Gevalia and Maxwell House

Close up of a biscotti with a black cup of coffee on two plates.

Keurig Compatible Pods from Kraft Canada

There’s nothing like the perfect cup of joe. In fact, it is hard to start the day without one. Since most mornings it is just me, being able to brew 1-2 cups of coffee to get my day started is super convenient.

Delicious flavours from Nabob, Gevalia, and Maxwell House.

I am super excited that Kraft now has Keurig Compatible Pods and being able to enjoy my favourite Kraft brands one cup at a time totally rocks!

A gift basket with K-cups from Nabob, Gevalia, and Maxwell House.

Coffee Tasting, Anyone?

I was stoked to be able to try out the NEW Gevalia Keurig Compatible Pods that are rich but never bitter.

The Maxwell House Keurig Compatible Pods is a dark roast. My favourite Keurig Compatible Pods from Nabob, a breakfast blend that is a medium to light roast.  

Nothing better than to add a little crunch to the perfect cup with some biscotti, right?

Close up of a black coffee from Kraft Canada.
Cup of coffee, birds eye view.


Most days, I’m a simple type of gal. On hectic days, I like to drink my coffee black with a little bit of Stevia.

I decided to brew a cup of Maxwell House. A nice and dark roast to enjoy on a day that I had to sit in my office and catch up on a lot of work after a few days away.

Close up of Nabob k-cup inside the Keurig machine.


If you ask me what kind of coffee I drink every day, well, it’s a light or medium roast. 

Nabob’s Keurig Compatible pod made an absolutely spectacular cup of heaven. Super easy but, don’t forget to remove the liner and take out the pod before you brew.

Mimi and Nancy smile and pose for the camera.

Life is Busy

So, why not slow down and enjoy it?

My day normally consists of me getting up, making breakfast, lunches, styling Gabby’s hair and sending her off to school.

I come home to enjoy a cup of coffee and have breakfast with Mimi. She’s my little partner in crime every day.


I set her up with activities and start my day of work with coffee in hand.

The Nabob Keurig Compatible Pods made my day start off just right and come lunchtime, I had lunch prepared, make-up done and a lot of work covered.

All while stopping to enjoy my second cup of Nabob, having a tickle fight and taking a selfie with Mimi!


Add a Little Spice

Sometimes,  I want some flavour. I added my favourite Irish Cream and enjoyed my delicious Nabob Medium Roast.

Then, I poured a cup of milk for Mimi. I tried giving Mimi a biscotti but, she didn’t want it. I guess it may be too sophisticated for her taste but, I enjoyed them with my coffee.

It was literally a moment of bliss, of silly laughs with my daughter and a normal yet memorable moment in my life.

I enjoy our little coffee breaks because I savour the moments that we left together at home alone before she starts school.

I’m going to miss her saying every single day, “Just you and me, Mom,” and hugging me with a big smile.

Which Kraft Canada K-Cup flavour would you most like to try?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. It's about time they came up with these LOL! They are a fantastic idea and I definitley need to go stock up on some!

  2. I'm not a coffee drinker, so this is all sort of foreign to me. I don't know how the machines or pods work. But I do know My sister wants one desperately as she drinks coffee and she says they are the coolest thing ever!

  3. I love that Keurig has all sorts of fun coffee flavors for all sorts of coffee enthusiasts!

    1. Yes, these Kraft Keurig Compatible Pods are awesome. You can get your favorite Kraft brands in single serve.

  4. How Exciting!! I absolutely love Gevalia and cant wait to try Nabob. I didnt know that these were Kraft products.
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  5. I am with you… I really enjoy a light roast… I love your post, as I sometimes forget to sit back and enjoy!

  6. Biscoti and a good cup of coffee. Sounds like a fantastic way to take a break during a hectic day.

  7. I haven't seen these yet. We love K-cups, I'd try the Breakfast first.
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