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Luxe Box October Edition: Review & #Giveaway!

Luxe Box October Edition!

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed something strictly for the mamas!

So, here it is in all its vanity glory!

I was very happy and more than willing to review a Luxe Box and when they offered to send me one to try, I couldn’t wait to receive it.

Well, it came in a very sleek and simplistic box, with the Loose Button logo adorning the top. I love the very minimalistic modern look of the new box, if you’ve seen the box prior to this one, you can see the substantial difference.

It’s exciting. 

Especially in color (the old one was a gold/beige) and shape–the old one had a more rectangle shape while the new one is more squared. Either way, I am liking this box so much more than the previous one. The inside is lined with a Loose Button pattern and the products inside are nestled and wrapped neatly.

I have to say when you are pampering yourself and looking to try new products, I can’t help but feel a tad bit special when Luxe Box actually took the time to personalize my box. I opened it and inside was a card that had my name and the name of this blog, Whispered Inspirations.

Aside from that, the card that lists all the products also came personalized and even before I opened the wrapping, it said it was made for Nancy.

Yeah, can’t help but gush.

The Luxe Box is FAB-U-LOUS and I love the plethora of different items that they sent me. There was a radiance cream, eye serum, hair elixir, plumping lip lotion and nail polish!

It gave you a product to try for everything! Overall my experience with Luxe Box was great, if you are a beauty product/makeup enthusiast, this is an outlet for you to try NEW products before you invest in the full-size retail.

So, what makes it different than free samples?

They are deluxe-size, similar to travel size products. They will last more than just 1-2 uses and Luxe Box actually helps you build out your beauty profile and tries to sift through products that will suit you by ethnicity, skin-tone, skin type and age. It’s catered to you so you know that you will get products that you are more apt to try.

Check out my video chops below and I will show you all the products that came in my October Luxe Box! Products from Lise Watier, L’Oreal, China Glaze and Kerastase!

To sign-up, you have 3 options. Either to sign up for a monthly subscription which is $12/month. For 3 months which is $36 or a yearly subscription that is $120. This option gives you 2 free months!

Sign up here if you are interested in getting your own personalized tres fabulous Luxe Boxes delivered to your door! If you don’t like surprises, take a peek at upcoming and most requested products for future Luxe Boxes and guess which ones you may get!

What do you think about this box?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I would love to see a Benefit product just because I've never tried one. I really have to sign up for the one year subscription though, but I'm just about to move, so I have to wait!!


    Honestly? I'd love anything they can give me, but I'd like to see a lot more of the Sephora brands (maybe?) I'd love to try Kat Von D makeup….and of course OPI nailpolishes….and Vasanti or Momo Cosmetics….and Smashbox (like everyone else)…and…..

    See. This was a hard question Nancy!! >:(

    Love you!

  3. I really have to sign up for the one year subscription though, but I’m just about to move, so I have to wait!! what does everyone else want??

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