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Spruce Up the Kitchen & Make Labels with HP! Plus FREE Printables! #SpringCleaning


Make Labels with HP.

Transform small spaces on your counter tops and spruce up the room with pops of color. Do you have empty cereal boxes and mason jars taking up room in your cupboards? Well, take a look at what you can transform them into with a little creativity, an HP printer and a laptop.





Make It!

Grab a cereal box and cut the corner out in a rectangular shape. You will now have 3 sides. Cut to shape of the exposed area of the box but cut it a quarter-inch shorter to get the opening for the tea bags. Now tape the shorter piece to the box cut out.  To make the lid, out line the bottom of the box then draw a quarter-inch border around your outline. Cut each corner then fold to make the lid using tape. 

Next, choose a design! I chose a grey chevron, you can download this design for your tea dispenser or choose your own. 

Now all you have to do is print it out, measure and cut accordingly to paste it onto the box. To cover the lid, cut the paper in the same manner you created the lid. Fold in the excess and you’re done the box. Cut out the label and paste it onto the box and you have a fancy tea dispenser!


Label and Display!

My brown sugar was in a Tupperware in the cupboard and I wanted a pretty way to have it accessible on my buffet table. A simple way to do this was to design labels with my HP Stream 11 and print them out on my HP printer. All you need is a mason jar, some twine and a glue gun. 

This is a pretty straightforward upgrade. Pre-measure the twine around the top of the mason jar, cut accordingly. I made a small little bow on the side. Print and cut out the  Tea and Brown Sugar labels to use for your design. Cut out the label and hot glue the label right over the brand name on the glass as a marker.


There Has to Be Another Way!

Well, Lincoln’s treats are under our sink and taking up a lot of space. It’s also not a good thing to keep them under there since they are not always accessible when I need them and when the dog is roaming. I had an old cookie jar hanging around and I thought I’d use it to make a puppy cookie jar!


Sit and Stay.

Get a treat! Well, I used my HP Stream 11 to design these labels. I thought a nice little pop of color would do my counter top some justice and this was a super simple way to reuse a cookie jar that was taking up room in my cupboard. 



Dog Treats.

You can use my  Dog Treat labels, print them and cut them out. Use a hot glue gun to attach the label onto the lid. Once your pup learns the sound of the opening jar, he’ll never forget it! I am happy with how cute it looks on my counter top and it’s so easy to access when I need it!

Spring is here and it’s that time to start cleaning! I love finding new ways to make our home cozier, artistic and more us and I think reusing, decluttering and repurposing items into things that make life easier is the way to go. It was easy to make with my HP Stream 11 and even better with my HP printer, I honestly don’t know how I functioned before it!

For more inspiration and crafts that you can make right at home, take at look at the HP Create blog!

Do you repurpose items in your home?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I repurpose whatever I can around my house. So many of the jars and plastic boxes that products are packaged with can be used for other things. I tried to reuse a jar that had hot peppers in it and that didn't work, no matter what I did the smell was still there!

  2. I love those labels! I need to get a new printer, so once I do, I'll be sure to get some label paper to make some fun labels!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love those labels. They came out so good. You make me want to print some out, too 🙂

  4. How sweet is that custom tea bag holder! I kinda want to make one for myself! All my teas are out of the box because I get them mailed down from Canada to me, hahaha….they don't have my flavour here in the USA! Frig.

  5. I love these labels! I'm going to have to print some of them out. It surely would be easier if we had things labeled around here.

  6. Oh my, all of those look awesome! You did a wonderful job! I actually made over my laundry room awhile back and printed out labels for everything using … you guessed it, my HP printer :-). My handwriting is terrible, and printing the labels out just makes everything so much more cohesive!

  7. I reuse a container that dog biscuits came in. However, I didn't think of decorating it. I love your idea and plan to add a label for dog treats.

  8. Printing out labels is really helpful to organize things at home. We have just created simple designs since what's important is the text.

  9. Oh those labels look really lovely. They look quite decorative really, especially on the jar.

  10. These are awesome ideas indeed for HP printable for containers and what not to spruce up the kitchen. It would be fun to do this to any room. Thanks for sharing.

  11. That DIY tea box is such a cool idea! I usually end up having a bunch of tea bags all strewn about the cupboards so this would be a great way to organize them.

  12. Oh how cute! My cupboards are a disaster, so they could really use something like this to spruce them up. Now … just to find the time … LOL

  13. My kitchen would look so neat and organized with labels like these. Need to get me some label paper for printing.

  14. I love labels, like for real. I can get a tad OCD about them sometimes. I'll have to check these out.

  15. I love creating labels for things and repurposing items (like old coffee canisters and jars). I think the style and color of the dog treat labels are too cute!

  16. I love that functionality of that HP printer. I am going to be labeling a lot of plastic boxes soon so this will come in handy.

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