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10 Not-So-Dirty Laundry Secrets + WIN a 1-Year Supply of Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent! #AHFreshPerspective

10 Not-So-Dirty Laundry Secrets + WIN a 1-Year Supply of Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent! #AHFreshPerspective

Not-So-Dirty Laundry Secrets!

There are few things in life that I really dislike and one of them is doing laundry. The endless battle to make laundry easy never ceases since a growing family makes for a lot of dirty clothes. Apart from being mundane, it can get expensive too.

No matter how hard I have looked high and low or wished upon a star for, I cannot seem to find that elusive laundry fairy.

Luckily, I have helpers who make the load a little less. Mimi sorts her own laundry and helps to load her clothes into the machine. By doing that, she feels accomplished and it’s two fewer things that I have to do. The only task I have left for Mimi’s laundry is to add the Arm & Hammer pak and we’re good to go. Once I do that, she sure loves to press the start button.

Thankfully, since Gabby is now a teenager (crazy, I know) she does her own laundry. Darasak and I do ours together. Sometimes, when dirty loads get out of hand, we do all of our loads together.

While having clean laundry is a necessity, it can be very time-consuming. You have to use elbow grease to spot-treat stains which leaves less time for you to do the things you love. Alas, I accepted Arm & Hammer’s Triple Chamber Challenge and have made laundry easy again the last few months. Read on, for 10 useful and not-so-dirty secrets to make laundry easy!

10 Not-So-Dirty Laundry Secrets + WIN a 1-Year Supply of Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent! #AHFreshPerspective

Save Money!

The girls love to explore the world and exploring is almost always a dirty business. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are prepared for dirty clothes. You can save money by using NEW Arm & Hammer™ Plus OxiClean™ 3-IN-1 Power Paks. By simply switching to these, I’m automatically saving a bit of money. At just $0.19 per load versus $0.35 per load for other leading brands, is already a win. 

You can save money by using NEW Arm & Hammer™ Plus OxiClean™ 3-IN-1 Power Paks. By simply switching to these, I’m automatically saving a bit of money. At just $0.19 per load versus $0.35 per load for other leading brands, is already a win. 


Plus, these paks are the only detergent boosted with the stain-fighting power of OxiClean™ and the freshness of Arm & Hammer™ Baking Soda. You all know how much I love OxiClean and if it has the power of all 3– I was definitely willing to give them a go.

I especially love the fact that the formula smells clean and it isn’t overbearing. My youngest is sensitive to scents and this has worked great for our family.

We have spaghetti and meatball night every week. You can bet that every week a meatball or piece of spaghetti hits a shirt or a pair of pants. Stains galore! But, with the power of OxiClean, I don’t fret as much.

Let's Get Started!

  1. Need something in a hurry? Throw a fluffy dry towel in the dryer with wet clothes to speed up the process.
  2. Reduce time spent doing laundry by ensuring that you are using a product that will leave your clothes clean and crisp the first time. Arm and Hammer Liquid Laundry detergent removes dirt, odours and leaves clothes feeling refreshed.
  3. Solve the lost sock mystery by putting dirty socks in a mesh bag before they go in the wash. This will keep pairs together and ensure no socks go MIA!
  4. Add a tennis ball or aluminium foil to your dryer when you run out of dryer sheets. This helps eliminate static and keeps your clothes fluffy.
  5. Tired of spills, sticky messes and hauling heavy bottles? Try using a unit dose laundry detergent such as Arm & Hammer plus OxiClean Power Paks to help save you time and eliminate mess. Simply toss in a convenient unit does pak and watch it dissolve quickly and start working within seconds, leaving your clothes clean and fresh.
  6. Get the kids to help with folding. Have them fold while watching TV or listening to music to make it more entertaining while taking one more thing off your plate!
  7. Keep a clipboard and pen near the washing machine to jot down tips and reminders. For instance, remind your family about a nasty stain that needs to be pre-treated before washing or call out delicates that should be hung to dry. 
  8. Save money on your energy bill by washing your clothes in cold water when possible and using a cold water specific detergent, such as Arm & Hammer Cold Water Liquid Laundry Detergent. Cold water is not only energy efficient, it can also be gentler on your clothes helping them last longer by reducing fading and shrinkage.
  9. Tired of sorting dirty clothes? Use dedicated baskets, one for whites, one for colours and one for darks. Simply place your clothes in the correct baskets as you go, instead of having to pick through the basket when you do a load.
  10. Speed up washing and drying time by selecting the correct settings for each load. Choose a lower water setting when possible and avoid a second rinse cycle. Get the tips, here.

10 Not-So-Dirty Laundry Secrets + WIN a 1-Year Supply of Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent! #AHFreshPerspective

Take the Challenge!

If you want to spend less time scrubbing and more time doing things you enjoy, take the Arm and Hammer Challenge. Visit your local Loblaws store to try the NEW Arm & Hammer™ Plus OxiClean™ 3-IN-1 Unit Dose Paks and see if you can change your outlook on laundry forever.

Simply because laundry shouldn’t steal so much of your time. Using products that work right the first time, helps you in the long-run!

Ready to WIN?

To celebrate new perspective, one lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a 1-year supply of Arm and Hammer laundry detergent. That can definitely go a long way!

This contest opens on May 2 and ends on May 17. This contest is only open to Canada, excluding QC. Giveaway to be shipped in two parts. The first portion upon receipt of winner’s address, second portion approximately 4 – 6 months later.


It Can Be Easy!

While there may be no laundry fairy to help me fold and put away the laundry, I’d like to imagine a little magic is behind the fresh and clean clothes after using these paks.

If you decide to take the challenge, share your experience using #AHFreshPerspective. Don’t forget to like Arm and Hammer Canada for product news and updates.

How do you make laundry easier?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. When we redid our house, we put the laundry area on the second floor, where most of the laundry is generated. We dropped the floor a couple of inches and lined it with rubber in case of flood. It saves a lot of hauling.

  2. I haven’t tried these yet but love other laundry packs I’ve tried. They are so convenient! For me, I find laundry easier when you do each family memebers laundry seperate. It makes putting it away quicker and no trying to figure out who’s socks are whose.

  3. I use a spot of dish soap on hard to get out stains ! I let it soak it and then wash as normal

  4. I try to do up the laundry as soon as I have enough for a full load, that way I stay on top of it and it doesn’t become an all day task.

  5. Ohh I tried these and love them! My clothes come out smelling so fresh…no smell of teen boy left on anything!

  6. One of my laundry hacks that makes doing laundry easier is using laundry pods, I use them and I love them..best invention ever..no more scooping, measuring or mess..or waste!

  7. I have no laundry hacks..yesterday I spent so much time with the laundry I actually ended up being 5 min late for work (ITs in the basement and I was looking for a clean work shirt and then..yep)

  8. Not really a hack but more of a habit; I always treat fabric stains immediately to help prevent them from setting in.

  9. I am presently using Arm & Armour laundry detergent and is looking forward to trying this one next time.

  10. I have used balled up foil in the dryer before when I ran out of dryer sheets. I have a small laundry basket by machine that I throw kitchen towels in as I need fresh ones. When I’m on my last set I can wash them immediately.

  11. Thanks for the great laundry tips!
    One of my laundry hacks to whiten our white clothes, sheets & towels, is to add Arm & Hammer baking soda to the wash cycle, it really helps to keep them bright.

  12. I love Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, it’s what I already use! I don’t have any hacks, but I’ll be reading the comments for some. I hate doing laundry.

  13. Nothing makes laundry easier for me when it comes to laundry! I have never tried Arm and Hammer detergent but would love too.

  14. A laundry hack I use is to tackle stains as soon as they happen. That way they won’t set in and become permanent. Also, I’ve learned that if a stain hasn’t come out in the washer, don’t put it in the dryer otherwise it will set the stain. Rewash until the stain is out.

  15. I do a load of clothes every other day so that I don’t have to spend a full day doing laundry on the weekend.

  16. To save a few extra dollars, I use cold water to do my laundry (with cold water detergent) and time it so that my laundry gets done during off-peak billing hours.

  17. I like to use vinegar and baking soda on my whites. It is better than bleach. With these new washing machines it is hard to get your clothes clean. I would love to try this arm and hammer laundry soap.

  18. My favourite tip for laundry is make it part of your routine so it doesn’t pile up! And teach your kids to help you so they can start doing their own laundry early on!

  19. I make sure to pretreat stains before washing clothes. Otherwise, they are often hard to get out.

  20. My tip is to have a separate hamper for each person so sorting becomes a million times easier.

  21. I just sort as we go so I never feel like I have an extra task when time comes to do laundry; and I can always just throw a load without thinking about it if I only have a few minutes

  22. This isn’t really a hack but I like to keep a jar or small box by the washer for loose change or miscellaneous items found in pockets. That way, family members know where to look and can easily claim whatever belongs to them.

  23. I am actually using this ARM & HAMMER detergent and I love it. It really helps get out the tough dirt stains!

  24. I have three laundry baskets so I get everyone in the house to put white in one, light colour in another and the dark colour go to the last one so I don’t have to sort when I do my laundry

  25. I love Arm and Hammer laundry detergent and use it often because it’s affordable and cleans well!

  26. Turn any clothes inside out that have any embellishments to save them coming loose like rhinestones and use gentle cycle

  27. no really a laundry hack but I do the laundry as soon as there is a load I do not let it pile up and take it out the dryer right away ands put them away this way they do not wrinkle up, I have used arm and hammer and its great for getting sweaty smells out of socks and underwear

  28. I’ve tried the power packs this month & they are so easy to use plus have awesome stain fighting power! Love them!

  29. I love this detergent! The pocket paks are so easy to use and have everything I need in one. Just toss and go. Great!

  30. Treat stains right away. Often, putting a bit of detergent right on the stain and giving it a quick scrub can prevent the stain from setting.

  31. I like to presoak my clothes in water so my HE washer fills a little more. I find that my clothes get much cleaner this way.

  32. I haven’t tried the pods yet, but I do like the liquid detergent. It smells really good and does a great job of getting our clothes clean.

  33. It is a hack I just learned and it works great.
    I do a load a day – makes the task so much easier and I don’t have to rush and spend an entire day doing it.

  34. I like using Arm and Hammer and I like that it can be used with warm, hot or cold water, and perfect for all loads, and my clothes come out clean!!

  35. This detergent sounds great, definitely worth giving it a try. Maybe it would work on keeping white work shirts looking good which is a challenge I have.

  36. I have tried Arm & Hammer detergent and I was pleased with the results. My clothes were clean and fresh smelling.

  37. I love using Arm & Hammer unscented detergent because my little guy has some eczema issues and this dertergent is the one that works for him and gets my clothes nice and clean.

    I think my best laundry tip is to turn your clothes inside out to keep their colors the brightest for longer.

    Thanks for the awesome cgiveaway and chance! 🙂

  38. One way to make laundry go easier is to give everyone their own laundry basket. We give our kids their own basket and when it is full or if they run out of clothes, it’s their job to put their clothes in the washer and mom or dad will help them with the detergent.

  39. laundry hack is getting the kids to laundry 🙂 seriously tho, I love arm and hammer’s product line

  40. My tip is to check pockets of clothing for things like pens or tissues that can cause huge issue if they go through the wash!

  41. I make everyone separate their clothes into dark, light etc when they put it into the laundry baskets to help save some time.

  42. For me, I have to make sure that I do laundry every day. Its not really a “hack” but if I don’t do at least one load daily it doesn’t take long to get really backed up.

  43. Sort, sort and sort. This is a hack but now has become a habit that really works for our family so we do not repeat ourselves often.

  44. use the buttons on your machine for the different types of loads your doing, that is why they are there!

  45. I think this arm & hammer detergent is wonderul! I love Arm & Hammer products,they never fails!

  46. I love Arm & Hammer products! I especially love that they have been good on the washing machine too. They smell great and are so good to my white pants that I always seem to stain!

    I love to use reusable dryer disks and balls to save on waste and wash with cold water at the most cost-effective times of the day/week. It’s always good to hang the majority of clothes too!

  47. By taking clothes out of the dryer as soon as they dry, they don’t wrinkle and I save myself lots of time ironing.

  48. My best tip is to keep your whites looking white wash them on their own, double rinse them and every now and then put them out in the sun as it is a natural whitener and can actually take out light stains. I have not used Arm and Hammer but would like to.

  49. I love the convenience of the pods. I’m not 100% sold on which is better from a cost perspective but right now with a little kid, convenience wins!

  50. Love that you are saying that the smell is nice but not overpowering, I like a little scent but not too strong.

  51. We don’t have laundry facilities where we live and travel to get to a laundromat. These would be great as we would only need to take a couple of them with us instead of a bottle of liquid or bag of granules. I like that they are not over bearing on the scent as well. We do have people with sensitivities to strong smells in this household.

  52. I love the tip about putting a towel in the dryer! Really useful to dry the clothes faster & save on electricity.

  53. I found it difficult to put away clean clothes in my crowded drawers and closets, so I did a huge purge of clothes that I don’t wear. It made putting away my clean laundry much, much easier.

  54. I have no laundry tips at all. I honestly feel like my part time job is doing laundry With everyone in the house going through so many clothes seems like that’s all I ever do in my spare time. This would be an amazing giveaway to win and it might make washing clothes not so bad. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway

  55. Love the price point of these pods, hate paying a fortune for laundry soap. Just the price alone makes me want to try it out.

  56. I put the laundry away as soon as it’s done. This keeps the laundry room tidy and we aren’t hunting for things!

  57. I find the laundry pods so much easier to use than the liquids or powders that often get spilled. I like how these have the 3 little chambers in the pod with different things in them to make your clothes clean and bright. I would like to try them.

  58. My hack is to go through pockets as you toss things in the laundry to make sure they don’t have anything like a pen in them

  59. I am using both the power packs and Arm & Hammer liquid detergent for different loads. I like how the power pack have the boost of Oxiclean to fight stains. My son’s clothes always have stains!

  60. If you are missing clothes you know you have put in the washer check behind the rubber gasket on the tub. Many small things get caught in there.

  61. I sort my laundry before laundry day, we use different laundry hampers for different items, sheets/towels in one,, dark clothes & stuff to be washed in cold/warm in another & stuff that needs extra scrubbing that gets washed hot & heavy!

  62. My hack is to add a cup of vinegar to the wash water to rid stinky gym clothing of deep set smells

  63. I make sure that when I see a stain on a piece of clothing that I treat it immediately. I sort clothes as they arrive in the laundry room, and do loads as that colour group become full

  64. The only laundry hack I use is using a mesh bag to keep socks together. We’ve lost many many socks over the year and the mesh bag works so well especially with itty bitty baby socks.

  65. When my kids were teens they would try on 2 or 3 outfits every day before finding what they wanted to wear and the others would get tossed in the clothes hamper which resulted in so much extra work. I then got the kids doing the laundry and when they saw how long it took they discovered it was a lot faster to hang the clean clothes they decided not to wear rather than toss them.

  66. I haven’t tried Arm and Hammer laundry products yet. They sound like they would work really well.

  67. I have trained everyone to pretreat stains as they happen so I don’t find them AFTER I have washed the item.

  68. If I have a heavily soiled load of laundry, I stop the washing machine part way through to let the items soak. Then I continue the load as usual. It helps get the dirt out.

  69. If a piece of clothing gets stained make sure to treat the stain right away and your chances are way better that you will get it out.

  70. Take the clothes out of the dryer and fold them as soon as it stops to try and avoid getting too many wrinkles. I refuse to iron so this is a very important hack to me!

  71. most importantly have your supplies on hand.
    how many times you don’t have sheets and your laundry is all staticky.

  72. sorting the laundry helps for sure, as I also take advantage of this amazing weather to hang clothes outside to dry

  73. I think this detergent sounds great, love that it sounds like it works well and has a lower price point than a lot of the brands out there.

  74. Adding 1/2 cup baking soda to the wash really helps keep your laundry whites whiter! And it helps eliminate odors, too. Arm & Hammer is the best!

  75. My best laundry hack is that I taught my children to do their own laundry (husband already knew how), so I only have to do the household items and my own..

  76. One of the drugstore chains had Arm & Hammer on special this past week so I bought some to try after reading this post. It has a nice scent and was very reasonably priced. I am anxious to try it next time I do laundry.

  77. I have two laundry baskets to sort the whites from the darks
    and when a basket is full I do that load, to stay on top of the

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