Benefits of Using Make-Up with Non-Toxic Ingredients! #beauty

Benefits of Using Make-Up with Non-Toxic Ingredients! #beauty

Make-Up with Non-Toxic Ingredients!

Commercial cosmetics are required by law to use ingredients that don’t cause undue harm to the user. That should indicate that all cosmetics are safe, right?

Not exactly.

Skin types vary across the board. What won’t irritate one person can cause a break out in another. There is simply no guarantee that a commercial cosmetic is safe for everyone to use. You might find that a common ingredient that’s tolerated by many just isn’t tolerated by you. Following are some of the benefits of using makeup with non-toxic ingredients and why you should use these products.

Little to No Risk of Skin Irritation

Fragrances, lanolin, and parabens are some of the more common ingredients known to cause skin irritation. Some of the ingredients designed to extend the life of cosmetics, such as preservatives and formaldehyde releasers, also cause irritations.

Mica, a fine metallic powder used in cosmetics, can be abrasive to sensitive skin and leave behind marks that look a lot like cuts. Using products that have alternative and safe ingredients greatly reduces the potential for adverse reactions on the skin. Amway is one company that sells quality makeup with a low risk of skin reaction.

Decreased Potential for Long-Term Damage

It seems like just about every product on the market has a cancer risk attached to it. But what’s not revealed is that the risk of cancer is so small that the chances of it happening to you are minuscule. Keep in mind that there is still a risk of some kind and you might wind up with a blemish or a scar that won’t go away. Or you could have a serious breakout that causes scarring as the sores heal. It’s better to use a makeup that stays away from the use of chemicals with a known risk factor.

Better for the Environment

Many of the ingredients found in commercial makeup are known to cause harm to the environment, fish, and wildlife. The concept of the small amounts of makeup you use causing environmental damage might seem strange, but remember you’re not the only one who’s using makeup. A large number of people using makeup in the world puts more of these toxins into the environment.

For example: Perhaps you used a makeup removing cloth to take off your makeup at the end of the night and disposed of it in the toilet. Water getting into the cloth draws out the makeup and dilutes it into the water.

When you flush, you put that cloth into the septic tank or the reclamation plant. Water gets out into the environment from the reclamation plant and septic tank in many ways. What seemed like a minuscule amount of makeup to you now becomes a big problem for creatures that rely on that free-flowing water for their lives. It takes only a small amount of chemicals to cause damage to fish, small mammals, and birds.

Recyclable Packaging

Many natural makeup lines use recyclable packaging; such as glass or biodegradable materials that won’t wind up in a landfill. And they’re made from materials that won’t damage wildlife when and if they leach into the groundwater. Look for products that use plastics made from polyethylene, terephthalate, and high-density polyethylene.

Most or all of these are accepted by recycling programs, keeping them out of the landfill and in the recycling stream. Check with your municipal recycling service to find out what plastics are accepted and which ones aren’t. It’s worth taking the time to check the bottom of the packaging for marks that denote the type of material used and if it’s easily recycled with your current service.

You might be asking yourself, “Is any makeup safe for me to use?” The answer is yes! There are makeup products out there that are safe for you to use. Check ingredients, look up reviews online to see what the general consensus of a given product is, and use your best judgment. Products with natural ingredients are far less likely to cause a skin reaction while letting you put your best face forward.

Do you check the ingredients?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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