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How to Prepare Your Legs for Summer & the Outfits to Show Them Off


A woman's legs on a beach.

Prepare Your Legs for Summer

Summer is synonymous with sunshine, longer days and carefree fun. It’s also the time to put your best foot (in this case, legs) forward and shine. Yes ladies, your stems have been craving some sun and now is the chance to #LoveYourLegs.

Read on for ways to prepare your legs and get some outfit inspiration to look and feel your best this summer!

Life is busy as a mom and that means that in some ways, I need to become a master of prioritizing. While most days are casual for me, Darasak and I make sure to have a date night every week, so I get the chance to dress up.

Of course, nicer weather means trips to the beach.

So, I need to make sure that, not only are the kids all ready for the summer but, that I am too. The older that I’ve become the more I take care of my skin.

It’s an absolute must and something that I never really thought much of when I was much younger. Even though I’ve established that I need a routine, I’ve made it simple to follow and I have a few trusty items that make it much easier.

Flat lay of Aveeno, Schick Inutuition razors and replacements. These help prepare your legs for summer.

1. Cleanse

Cleansing your skin is important. It helps you to achieve smoother skin and scrubs away dead skin. Having a great body wash that moisturizes and cleanses is what I look for.

NEW AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Vanilla & Oats Yogurt Body Wash is formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Oatmeal and nutrient-rich yogurt.

It has a unique formula that helps revitalize your dry skin and leaves it feeling moisturized for an enriching experience that is good for your skin and your senses.

The AVEENO® body wash is available in two delicious fragrances, Vanilla and Oat and Apricot. The creamy body wash is formulated with ingredients to gently cleanse without over stripping or damaging the skin.

TIP: Before applying shave prep, cleanse skin using a moisture-rich body wash and buff away dead skin particles with a loofa to help prevent ingrown hairs.

2. Lather and Shave

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I am a HUGE fan of the Schick Intuition razor. It is one of the ways that I’m able to be hair-free on a regular basis.

The NEW Schick® Intuition® Island Berry™  smells amazing too.

If you’re in a pinch for time, you can simplify your routine with the Schick® Intuition® razor as I do – it has the shaving cream right on the razor so you can lather and shave in one easy step!

TIP: Make sure you’re in a warm shower or bath to soften hair prior to shaving.

The Schick® Intuition® Island Berry razor is formulated with Açai Berry extract.

Its pivoting head and four blades are surrounded by a Skin Conditioning Solid to moisturize skin during shaving leaving skin smooth.

3. Moisturize

Moisturizing is the key to having skin that is summer-ready. Plus, after all we put our skin through during this busy season, it needs that extra love.

Applying a hydrating lotion for beautiful, healthy-looking skin is the key to summer-ready legs too!

AVEENO® Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion goes on feather-light and hydrates for 24 hours, giving you velvety soft skin all day long.

Plus, its ultra-sheer and it absorbs in seconds, for a fresh, powder-like feel you’ll want to use year-round.

TIP: Your skin is most sensitive immediately after shaving. If you have time, let the skin rest at least 30 minutes before applying body lotion.

Implementing these three easy steps into your daily routine is doable, right?

Especially when you have products that work and that you can depend on. Plus, ones that help you prepare your legs for summer.

Now all that is left is finding those outfits that make you feel confident and after a long winter, it’s time to glow up!


After you’ve achieved soft and supple skin and smooth legs, it’s time to show them off! Like I mentioned before, there are 3 looks that I wear constantly during the summer.

It’s a casual look, dressy look and a beach or pool look.

I’ve compiled a few outfit inspirations to get you ready to show off your smooth and sexy legs! I’m a big fan of pink (as you can tell) but, these outfits will work with any colour of your choosing.

The Everyday Casual Look:

A nice tank-top with tassels will keep you cool during the hot days of summer. Paired with wrap-over jersey shorts and a pair of flats–you’re ready to take on the world.

Throw in a pair of retro, round-circle steampunk sunnies and a Korean-style backpack to complete the look. Don’t forget to touch-up with a Schick® Intuition® Island Berryrazor.

Date Night Chic:

I’m a firm believer that to maintain a happy relationship with your significant other, you have to make time for one another. That means making time to go on a date at least once a week.

To be honest, it’s the one guaranteed day that I can dress up!

The outfit I chose is a gorgeous peplum dress, a comfortable wedge shoe, a gold and black toned bangle, clutch bag, black and gold statement necklace and black and gold tear-drop earrings.

I make sure to always use AVEENO® body bash and moisturizer so that my skin will be soft to the touch! It is date-night after all!

Old Hollywood Beach Babe:

If you’re going to be catching some rays, you’re going to want a fabulous swimsuit. I chose a ruched one-piece, a sheer cover-up, a floppy beach hat with a “Do Not Disturb” message on top and a striped beach bag to go along with a striped beach towel.

I’ve added a peep-toe wedge, though you can use a flip-flop if it is more your style and to protect your eyes an oversized cat-eye pair of sunnies do the job.

You May Also Like:

If you’re feeling fancy, you can wear a pair of retro pair of anchor earrings.

They’re so cute!

After you’ve spent the day in the sun, you can take a nice shower with AVEENO® body wash and moisturizer to keep your skin feeling great!

Now You know how to prepare your legs for summer

You have the products that will get you that awesome skin and smooth legs that you crave this summer.

You can pick up the Schick® Intuition® razor and AVEENO® Body Wash and Moisturizer at your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart or Pharmaprix.

All you have to do now is implement this easy routine and get out there and enjoy the sun.

How do you love your legs and get summer-ready?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.





Note: As a spokesperson and #SchickAmbassador, I have been compensated for this post. This post is in partnership with Schick® and AVEENO®. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.




A woman wears denim shorts, boots, and only her legs are shown. She sits on a fence, below are razors. A banner reads, "How to Prepare your Legs for Summer."

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