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Manage Your Child’s Behaviour With The Help Of a BCBA

Manage Your Child's Behaviour With The Help Of a BCBA.

Manage Your Child’s Behaviour With The Help Of a BCBA.

When managing your child’s challenging behaviours, feeling overwhelmed is not uncommon, as it can be very difficult to manage challenging behaviours without a strategic plan. A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst is an extremely helpful asset when dealing with inappropriate or otherwise challenging behaviours of children, teens, or adults. They can help you clearly define the learning needs and strengths of your child. 

Behaviour analysis is the systemic method of shaping socially vital behaviour, and its practitioners (referred to as BCBAs usually) can provide wonderful health resources for your kids in various multidisciplinary ways. Common responsibilities of a BCBA may include conducting behavioural assessments, analyzing data, writing and revising treatment plans, overseeing the implementation of treatment plans, and training others to implement treatment plans. Treatment plans can be tailored to address issues such as communication deficits, inappropriate play or social behavior, and inability to pay attention. 


The services of a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst are very beneficial because they involve all aspects of the child’s life. A BCBA and team of Behaviour Therapists can form a multidisciplinary team with a child’s tutor, school professionals, medical and allied health professionals, parents, and family to ensure implementation of the correct treatment plan. This is especially important because, without coordinated support, your child’s learning may be hindered further. This multidisciplinary approach is best for a child’s health. Behaviour analysis is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, and it typically requires expertise from multiple different specializations. 

How Does a Behaviour Analysis Program Work?

First, a behaviour analyst will observe your child’s behaviour in different environments. Forgoing vague terms like “angry” or “temper tantrum”, which only serve to complicate the real driving factors behind challenging behaviours, BCBAs instead record with as much specificity as possible the problematic actions of a child, and their possible triggers. After determining your child’s needs and the most effective ways for your child to learn, different procedures are selected to address his or her behaviour goals. These procedures include reinforcement activities and systematic instruction. Experiments are also designed to determine the effectiveness of the procedures on your child’s behaviours.

The behaviour analyst then trains family members and works with other professionals in the child’s life so your child is given opportunities to use his or her new skills. As a result, your child will learn skills that positively alter his or her behaviours. Some of the skills your child can learn are:

  • Play and social skills – reading social cues and body language
  • Expressive language
  • Toileting skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Attention skills
  • Self-help skills

If you are in the Ajax area and you believe you and your child need assistance to manage challenging behaviours, it would be very beneficial to get in contact with a BCBA. Attempting to manage problematic behaviours on your own may exacerbate them, causing – rather than reducing – further problems. A BCBA is especially important if you have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, can help your child make “substantial, sustained gains in IQ, language… and academic performance”. Don’t feel as though you have to go it alone – contact a BCBA today.

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