Meet the Winners: Dairy Farmers of Canada Has Awarded 30 grants of $5,000 w/ the Champions Fund!

Meet the Winners: Dairy Farmers of Canada Has Awarded 30 grants of $5,000 w/ the Champions Fund!

Canada’s Dairy Farmers Have Awarded 30 Grants of $5K with the Champions Fund!

They say that we ourselves are our only limit when it comes to fulfilling our goals. That means that we can achieve whatever we set out to do and push ourselves towards. In some ways, what we can accomplish is limitless.

That is why I am a big fan of Canada’s Dairy Farmers, Champions Fund. They too believe in the immense benefits that physical activity has for our young girls.

One of the most rewarding and beneficial things about sports is that not only does it keep your body and mind healthy but, it helps you to challenge yourself. If you’ve been following along, you know that I am passionate about spreading the word about girls in sports. I believe that sometimes, they are overlooked and girls don’t end up staying in sports the older they get. 

The Champions Fund set out to help 30 girls or teams in sports, to help them achieve their goals and continue their relationship with sports. In case you are unfamiliar, I will give you a little refresher.

What is the Champions Fund?

It is a grant that is in its second year and a part of the national Fuelling Women Champions (FWC) multi-year initiative spearheaded by Canada’s Dairy Farmers. They are committed to the advancement of women in sport. It will benefit girls who love sports no matter how old they are or what their ability is. Applications were sent, judges picked, and now 30 grants of $5,000 have been awarded!

What is the End Goal?

Since the FWC and Canada’s Dairy Farmers are champions for healthy living and nutrition, their collective goal is to ensure that no hurdle exists that might hinder the passion for the game. So, ultimately, they want girls in sports to be more watched, more appreciated and more financially stable.

Now that you know a little more about the Champions Fund, let’s get to know a couple of this year’s winners!

Let's Get Started!

Meet the Winners: Dairy Farmers of Canada Has Awarded 30 grants of $5,000 w/ the Champions Fund!

Meet Nikita Holder

She is from Pickering, Ontario and a 100m hurdler in track and field. Nikita is a single mother and a 2 time Olympian.The grant will be helping her reach her goal of making her 3rd Olympic team. It will give her some financial relief as she reaches her full potential. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any outside sponsors. 

As a single mother, Nikita has to juggle splitting her finances between her sport for training, nutrition, and competition. This is coupled with her her responsibilities as a parent. The grant can provide financial stability and a piece of mind while she trains.

When it comes to boundaries that Nikita would love to see women overcome, she has a great one. She would love to see women overcome the stereotypes and double standards in sports. Sports are important to her because they are empowering. It teaches love, confidence, and so much more. Especially in a world of social media, confidence and self-esteem are everything to a young girl/woman. Playing sports is a great way to breed the right mixture of a healthy self-image.

Good luck Nikita, we hope to see you at the Olympics again!

Meet the Winners: Dairy Farmers of Canada Has Awarded 30 grants of $5,000 w/ the Champions Fund!

Meet the Canadian Women’s Field Hockey Team

The ladies rock the field and the Champions Fund grant will help them achieve success and improve their world ranking. To do this, they need to continue to gain game experience as a collective. However, traveling to compete is expensive. The Champions Fund grant would go towards travel costs which would allow their team to continue to play away games at the highest level.

Unfortunately, the team recently lost $300,000 in funding. As a result, they’ve taken on the daunting task of replacing this capital through sponsorship and fundraising. In order to maintain the Canadian Women’s National Program, athletes are currently paying to play through levies, which is not sustainable.

The Canadian Women’s Field Hockey team sees a major barrier for women in sport being athlete retention. Due to financial struggles or career pursuit, their team has experienced the negative effects of early retirement. They believe those female athletes should continue to participate and perform without outside hurdles stopping them.

It is evident that sport and all the positives that it brings is important to the team. They believe that sport brings athletes together in the pursuit of excellence and to achieve a common goal. 

We hope they can continue playing and pursuing their passion without feeling an extra burden. Good luck, ladies!

Meet the 2017 Grant Recipients!

While I’ve only shared 2 grant recipients, you simply have to discover the other 28. They are all so deserving in so many different ways! Make sure that you head over to the Champions Fund site to see the winners and their profiles. Such an exciting time for girls in sports!

Don’t forget to connect with them on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates and follow along on the hashtags #ChampionHer and #ChampionsFund

Do you have a female athlete in the family?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Note: This post is sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Canada. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. What an amazing gift that the Canadian Dairy Farmers have given through this fund. Promoting health and well-being in our kids and supporting our girls is so important!

  2. I wasn’t aware of the Canada Dairy Farmers; Champions Fund.What a great cause! Thank you Canada Dairy Farmers.

  3. I actually have all boys in the house except me. When I was a kid I did softball and track and I loved it. I am hoping that my kiddos will love doing sports also.

  4. I don’t have any female athletes in my family, but I love that this grant is there for those amazing recipients. Loved hearing a few of their stories.

  5. We need to help our girls and women succeed and reach their dreams. This does just that to empower them.

  6. Congrats to all the recipients. It is amazing that Canadian Dairy Farmers is helping support such a great thing.

  7. It’s so great that they provided these grants to help women and girls in sports. Canada Dairy Farmers is doing good work.

  8. I think it is awesome that the dairy farmers helped to bless many teams. I love dairy and support all the farming efforts.

  9. Oh my heck! What a fabulous program. It seems to me that there aren’t many opportunities for women in sports anymore so this is encouraging. Cheers and more cheers for Dairy Farmers of Canada. This reminds me of the film ‘A League of Their Own’!

  10. These girls are awesome! Such an inspiration to young girls around the world. These are the kind of girls I want my kids to look up to.

  11. It is good to know that some people make efforts to empower women of all ages. It is important for women feel competent in every aspect of life. In addition, we, ourselves must be physically fit to adapt to our bodies changing capabilities due to ageing.

  12. People learn through these activities that men and women have different abilities and must be treated equally when it comes to opportunities not only in sports but also in our daily lives.

  13. What an awesome initiative and a great way to empower female athletes! I look forward to learning more about the numerous recipients. Nikita seems deserving for sure.

  14. What an awesome way to show support for female athletes! It is sad that some athletes would stop training due to financial constraints. But not anymore! Thanks to the Champions Fund.

  15. With all the money spent on male athletics it is nice to see a company helping out the ladies develop their talents when it comes to sports. As a dad of a daughter who is very athletic want to see her and any woman have the chance to follow their dreams and aspiration when it comes to sports.

  16. I was just having a conversation last night with one of my clients about how girls sports are ignored and under reported. This is a great opportunity to help young lady’s reach for their dreams and goals.

  17. Love the support that they’re giving to all those girl sports teams. I truly believe they all deserve it. Congratulations to all the grant recipients!

  18. This sounds like such an awesome grant program. Women are slighted in a lot of fields, but especially in sports. It’s great to see an organization that acknowledges that and is doing something about it.

  19. What a fantastic program! I continued to play sports through my high school years until an injury forced me to quit. I have great memories of team and individual sports. I love that this program is focused on girls in sports as there is most definitely a decline in participation as girls move into their teen years.

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