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Maplelea Girls: Meet Leonie, the Hockey & Music Loving Doll! Canadian Dolls for Canadian Girls + Giveaway!


Maplelea Girls.

Playing with dolls is something that I remember quite fondly. I was always an imaginative child and I could spend hours creating my own stories, worlds and adventures. Mimi is the same like me, I often find her playing pretend with anything she can find.When she received her first Maplelea doll, she was blown away.

Not to mention, she loves music and hockey which according to her, is pretty cool. Maplelea Girls makes 18″ dolls with journals that celebrate our country’s spirit and identity.


Meet Leonie:

Bonjour! My name is Léonie Belanger-Leblanc.

I live in Québec City, a place steeped in history that is now over 400 years old! I love all of the things there are to do in Québec, like dressing up in my Pioneer Québécoise costume when I visit the cabane à sucre in the spring, and walking through historic Old Québec city.

My favourite activities are music and hockey – I play at the Atom level at the local arena, and outdoor hockey whenever I can. I have a pet bird named Piccolo – he is a cockatiel.



They are pretty cute if I say so myself! What I love the most is that all the Maplelea Girls are from different parts of Canada. Including the Gulf Islands, the Rockies, the prairies, urban Ontario, Atlantic Canada, northern Canada, and Quebec. Not to mention, they all have their very own striking personalities and stories to tell. 

One of the things you will notice is that incredible attention to detail that the dolls are made with. Each outfit is precise, well-stitched and assembled. The boots are a replica of real boots! 

More About the Dolls:

All of the Maplelea Girls come with a starter outfit and a 64-page 6-ring expandable journal that includes the life story of the character as well as a set of pages to both expand their doll’s story, and to tell their own.

The Canadian-themed dolls and journal pages help girls learn about Canada’s culture, heritage and geography. They are written at a young girl’s level and often from the character’s perspective. Each doll comes with both a French and English version of the journal. Saila’s journal also includes a third version written in the Inuit language of Inuktitut.

For girls who wish to create their own unique Maplelea character, we offer the Maplelea Friends—a selection of 27 dolls with different hair, skin, and eye colours. Maplelea Friends come with a starter outfit, and a blank journal full of questions, prompts and blanks to inspire girls to create their own unique Maplelea character.


Time to Play!

Again, I was blown away by the detail of each outfit. You can purchase the hockey gear set separately and let me tell you, it is awesome. It comes with a gym bag, hockey skates, shoulder pads, elbow pads, neck guard, pants, socks, shin pads, hockey sweater, gloves and hockey stick. The details on the stick and skates are incredible too! 


Ready to Play!

Leonie loves the Montreal Canadiens, which is no surprise since she is from Montreal. With all the hockey gear, all you have to do is tie up her hair and put on your helmet and hit the ice! Mimi is just learning to skate and she was a bit apprehensive so, this is perfect to inspire her to learn!

Enter to Win This Giveaway


Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a Maplelea Girls Doll. Either Leonie or one of your choice! This contest opens on December 19th, 2015 and closes on January 3rd, 2016. Open to Canada only!

Visit www.maplelea.com and check out the dolls and you can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

Which doll would your child like?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!










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  1. My granddaughter would love Leonie I think in part because her dad name is Leon! That aside the doll is just adorable!

  2. My granddaughter would really like KMF11 Maplelea Friend with short curly black-brown hair, medium-dark skin, brown eyes

  3. My younger sister loves these dolls! Charlsea is on her Christmas wish list but I wasn't able to get her one! Fingers crossed for this!!!

  4. My middle daughter would like Taryn best because she loves the outdoors and she loves ice skating. My oldest daughter would love Leonie because she looks like her.

  5. My 2 girls would love Leonie or Alexi. Leonie because she's French and Alexi because she likes gymnastics like them.

  6. My daughter would love Taryn! She says that's the one for her because of the lake in the background means that she must like swimming as much as she does! They both love the colour blue too because of her outfit! Taryn also has her same eye colour! Her baby twinsy! Thanks for the chance for my daughter! She would absolutely flip!!

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