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The NEW YP App is Here: Discover Local Businesses, Their Hours of Operation, CHEAP Gas and DEALS Galore! #NewYP


The NEW YP App is Here!

That means, you have the power of discovery in your hands!

Well, get ready to discover great deals and new businesses in your city! Yellow Pages just launched the new version of the YP app to make your shopping experience even better! You can download the YP app on Android and Apple Store and in no time you’ll be checking out trendy events and find great local businesses that offer deals, products and services close to you, wherever you are.

No More Wondering.

One of the reasons why my phone is like another appendage for me is because of its accessibility. Not to mention, access to the NEW YP app where I can look up restaurants, specialty stores and so much more.

One of the biggest things that I look out for are the hours of operation, location, payment methods, what other people are saying about them and more. I love seeing other people’s reviews, it helps me to make smarter shopping decisions or makes me excited to try a new place out because of that!


Easy, Simple and AWESOME.

I’m an over sharer and I’m okay with that! I was craving greek food and decided to look up what I could find around me. Greek Boy, a Windsor restaurant came up and it gave me all the information I needed to get there, what hours they were open and even the CHEAPEST gas that I could get en route! All this information at the palm of my hand!



Try Something NEW.

Looking up whatever you need is super simple. I absolutely LOVED the restaurant I found on Greek Boy and had a great experience there. I tried their Chicken Greek Salad and it was out of bounds. Seriously, so good! I totally recommend them if you are coming to Windsor. I was stoked to have the option to share my new foodie discovery to my friends on my social networks, text messages and email!



Who Wants CHEAP Gas?

The question is, who doesn’t? Gas prices have been hiked up so much these days, it’s always a good thing when you’re able to SAVE money on gas. The Yellow Pages app allows you to save money on gas! Save big every week with the map-integrated feature that shows you where to find the cheapest gas close to you. This feature has been made even easier to use with improvements particularly in the search from the map.That means, you can save money every week when you refuel!

I also love that they had DEALS just waiting for me, I opened up the app and there they were. They also have deals offered directly to you according to your researches, how easy is that?


You Ready to SAVE and DISCOVER?

Luckily, this app is available in iTunes and for Android on Google Play! At a touch of a button, you are connected to the best deals that are all around you, waiting to be tapped into! For more information, you can head over to YP’s Facebook or you can send @YellowPages_ca a tweet to see what’s new!

Do you look up establishments or deals before you head out?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I just downloaded this and can't wait to try it when I'm out this weekend! I always love looking up new restaurants to try when I'm out so this is great!

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