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Creative Play with Super Fun Crayola Holiday Gift & Stocking Ideas + $60 Giveaway!

Crayola Holiday Gifts

Creative Play with Crayola!

You know that smell when you open a brand new box of Crayola crayons? That intoxicating smell? Yeah, it happens to be one of my favorite smells. It always reminds me of the fun I had using crayons and creating worlds, characters and bringing whatever I imagined onto a piece of paper.

With the holidays around the corner, Crayola has amazing gift ideas for every artiste in your family!

Both of my daughters are artistic and we can spend hours making crafts, coloring or drawing. Since crayons is one of their favorite tools to use, they were both stoked to hear about all of the cool things that Crayola continuously releases. Things that are so much fun, like the Crayola Crayon Carver. It’s a 2015 Award Winner and it’s no surprise!


Explore Engraving Through Tracing.

The girls have loved carving on their crayons. They loved how it worked, especially how the mechanical bit etched the word they wanted on their crayons. There were a lot of LOL’s on tons of crayons, I can’t say that I mind! It comes with A to Z and special characters to embellish your words. You can choose between a peace sign, heart, star, spiral, smiley face, or musical note–or use combinations of multiple icons. 

More About:

This Crayon Carver provides an easy and fun way for kids to explore engraving. First, use the crayon wrapper ripper tool to cleanly remove the label and any excess glue from your crayon. Next, lock and load the crayon into the engraving chamber and choose up to nine tiles to start carving your custom messages and designs. Then, trace the tiles with the engraving stylus, and a mechanical bit will etch your message into the crayon. You control the entire creative process, deciding what to engrave and when to stop-you can even carve all the way around the crayon! When done, simply dust off the excess crayon shavings with the special brush.



Easy Animation Studio.

Bring characters to life! Have you ever wanted to create your animations? You can choose from one of 10 characters to bring to life, including a pirate, zombie, fairy, and athlete. Colour in the characters using the included Twistables coloured pencils or any other Crayola colouring tools. The app imports the character just like it was coloured!

It is seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen and I had fun with the girls making my own. I made a zombie because, well, it’s a zombie and it’s so cool. 


To create a smooth animated clip, traditional stop-motion animation requires the animator to take thousands of photos after every character motion. The Easy Animation Studio creates animation quickly with Smooth Action Technology, so kids can animate with less frustration. Execute full, seamless animated scenes with just a few mannequin poses – Smooth Action Technology fills in the rest of the animation. Kids can also choose from premade animations in the app.

What’s Included:
Mannequin, Mannequin Stand, 30-Page Design Booklet, 12 Twistables® Coloured Pencils and Device Stand.


Easy Animation Studio & Mess-Free Colouring!

While I don’t mind cleaning up messes while the girls take on creative play, sometimes it’s nice to not have to clean up at all. For those times, they have Mess Free Colouring. What is really cool is that the ink is invisible and can only be seen when used on special paper. Mimi loved that it the stamp lit up with whatever color she chose. So whenever you dip it into orange, it will light up orange. It has storage nooks for easy storage and to keep everything neat.


Magical, Mess Free Stamping! Color Wonder inks are clear but the Mess Free Light-Up Stamper magically knows what colour you’re using! Press onto the purple ink pad and the handle lights up purple! Watch it change colours when using the green and orange pads too.

What’s Included: Light-Up Stamper Unit, 12-Page Drawing Pad, 3 Markers, 10 Ocean Themed Stamps. 3 “AA” Batteries
Required-Not Included.


Wrap It!

Make something old, into something new. This cool toy will help you up cycle your favorite gadgets and accessories. The motorized threading machine spins thread around your favourite art supplies, fashion accessories, and more. You’ll see how it will give them a bold new colourful wrap. Create custom colour thread and further embellish your threaded creations using the included fabric marker. Gabby wants to embellish her headphones, hair brushes and sunglasses too! 


You can use the included fabric marker to decorate your thread wrap creations. Design bracelets, anklets, and necklaces by wrapping thread around elastic cords. Then, add designs and patterns, or write a special note on your customized accessory with the included fabric marker. A special attachment on the Thread Wrapper even lets you use any Crayola fine-line fabric marker (sold separately) to add vibrant, custom hues to light-coloured thread.

What’s Included:
Threading Unit, Re-threading attachment, Six spools of thread, Two empty bobbins, One Fabric marker. 3”AA” Batteries needed – not included.


Stocking Stuffers.

That’s right, Crayola makes great options for stocking stuffers. They have Colour Alive licensed books – Barbie and Skylander. Colouring pages that bring your colouring to life! As well our 96ct crayons, 16 count Broad Line PipSqueaks Markers, a Minions Colour & Sticker book, the My First Mix & Match Book and the My First Marker & Paper Set.  

You know how we fell in love with the Colour Alive books already, they are seriously one of the coolest things we have ever done when it comes to art. I know that any child will love any of these items in their stockings!


Enter to Win This Giveaway



Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a $60 Crayola Prize Pack! Contest begins on November 16th, 2015 and ends on December 1st, 2015. Open to Canada!

Which product do you think that you or the artist in your life would love the most?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. The mess Free colouring set is what I'd like them most to try. My DD would love to try the Crayola window cling creator though.

  2. My son would love to try the mess free coloring light up stamper or the my first marker and paper mess free kit. He just turned 2 years old and loves to color and do art stuff. It would be a great gift to give him for Christmas!

  3. My best guess has to be the Easy Animation Studio. It’s a great chance at drawing some of their favourite characters and making them come alive!

  4. Gotta be honest, I think I'd be the one using the Threadwrapper – I remember wrapping pens as Christmas gifts so it's very nostalgic!

  5. My youngest would love the light up stamper. All three of my girls enjoy the colour Alive books. I got some for them to use at a wedding this past spring. I think my 2 oldest daughters would really have a lot of fun with the cling creator.

  6. We would like to try the Easy Animation Studio. It looks so cool and making the characters come alive. Awesome!

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