March Break at a Glance

March Break at A Glance

March Break at A Glance.

It was full of fun, laughs, jokes and so many great memories made. There was a Hawaiian Luau, a lot of baking and cupcake and frosting testing. A LOT of fondant shaping and rolling! We went out for treats! We played at the park and enjoyed the Spring weather.  We stayed in fancy hotels, lounged in hot tubs and watched TV and hockey.

And we ate A LOT of snacks!

Maybe too much. Ha!

Best of all, Mommy got to SLEEP IN!

And that always makes for a happy mama! We are getting back into the daily grind and I already miss having my Peanut home!

The BEST part of March Break was having Hubby home for the week too and spending so much quality time together. I value the time we spend together, the memories we make and most of all the laughter. I adore seeing my loved ones laugh and seeing them happy!

So, how was your March Break? Were you lucky and got away somewhere tropical or did you stay nearby like us? Either way, how are you handling transitioning out of March Break? I think I’m having a hard time and it’s already mid-week! LOL!

Let me know your tips!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. Our March break is next week. And I'm having surgery! So it will be an action packed break for sure. Maybe not quite as fun as yours…

    1. I hope everything goes well, please keep us posted on how it goes. I hope that you get to relax while you are off m'dere!

  2. We don't have a March Break out here. The kids get a week at Family Day in February, then 2wks whenever Easter is (end of Apr this year).

    Sounds like you had fun- back to the grind!

    1. We only have 3 days off during Easter. It was a lot of FUN and it was very HARD getting back into routine. Since my fatty likes to sleep in late and I have to get up to get the first chillun ready! It was very fun though! 😛

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