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5 Tips to Prepare Your New Home Before Moving In

A beautiful plant sits on a console table and a mirror sits behind it. This article covers 5 tips to prepare your new home before moving in.

5 Tips to Prepare Your New Home Before Moving In

Many of us have a checklist for moving house. You’ve probably already crossed off packing as well as organizing a method of transport for your belongings.

However, one thing you may forget is to focus on the new home itself. There are quite a few things that you can do in advance to ensure that everything goes to plan on moving day.

In this article, we are going to talk about five tips to prepare your home so that you can get settled in immediately.

Sound interesting? Then let’s get started.

Hire a Cleaning Company

If you’ve purchased a home that had existing owners, it’s extremely wise to invest in move in cleaning. The right professionals can come and scrub everything thoroughly so that the property is in its best possible condition.

This will mean that your furniture can go onto fresh carpet, and you won’t have to worry about dusting any cupboards. It really is worth it, especially as you never quite know how dirty it was previously.

It’s always great to have the pros do it, so hire movers for an easy moving experience. Visit Three Movers website for more information.

Connect Your Utilities

It might sound standard to connect all of your utilities in advance, but you would be surprised at how many people leave it too late. You want your electricity, water, gas, and internet to work as soon as you walk through the front door.

This is especially important if you want to opt for eco-friendly energy sources such as natural gas and solar power. This is because, unlike traditional energy sources, eco-friendly sources require more time for installation as is the case for solar panels.

Most places recommend giving one week’s notice, but a little more doesn’t hurt. Just remember that they’ll need to know the exact date to switch over. Otherwise, you may be charged even when you weren’t there.

Make Necessary Home Improvements

Are there any small holes in the walls or perhaps a leaky tap? It’s much easier to fix any problems and make home improvements before you have moved in.

Not only will you be able to go straight into a beautiful and functioning home or apartments near Montgomery, but it will reduce the need for more extensive repairs later on.

It’s always better to get on top of things quickly.

Secure the Yard

If you have pets coming with you, one of the first things you want to do is secure the backyard. Without doing this, they may get lost or escape while you are trying to unpack everything.

Walk the perimeter and check for any holes that may be present. If you notice any weak spots, reinforce them or place something in the way until you make the necessary changes. You can find some more tips to pet-proof your garden here.

Update Your Contact Information

Finally, the last thing you should remember is to update your contact information. This way, your mail, packages, and other relevant documents will make it to the correct address.

Alongside informing the postal office, you’ll also need to notify the IRS, Social Security Administration, your employer, insurance provider, and other financial agencies.

In addition to updating your address, it’s essential to keep track of financial documents and valuables you might be expecting via mail, such as money orders. Staying informed about the status of your incoming money orders can ensure that your finances are in order as you settle into your new home.

This is particularly crucial during a time when you’re dealing with numerous changes, and ensuring everything is accounted for can provide peace of mind.

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Ready to Move In?

By following the advice above, you’ll be able to ensure that you can move into your home as smoothly as possible. It may seem like a lot of preparation, but it really is worth planning ahead of time.

Good luck!

Do you have any additional tips to prepare your new home before moving in?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A beautiful plant sits on a console table and a mirror sits behind it. This article covers 5 tips to prepare your new home before moving in.

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