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Get the Perfect Pout: No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner Giveaway! (CAN)

Want gorgeous, fuller and complete control over your lips?

Then No Bleeding Lips Secret Liner is for you!

In the next few days I will be reviewing this product but, I wanted to give you guys a head start on winning one of these for yourself! The amazing people of Loose Button is providing this giveaway so be sure to send them a little love!

This must-have product has not been released in Canada yet–it hasn’t even launched and you may get the chance to try it first!

This giveaway is open to my CANADIAN friends this time and is running until October 5th, so get those entries in! Plus the more you enter and the more you share this giveaway, there’s a chance I could probably hand out more than 1!

So share away!


Why YOU want IT!


I am super excited to try this because when I wear lipstick, is when I’m feeling like having a bolder kind of day and having the No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner as my secret weapon, I don’t have to worry about not having a perfect pout! You can visit them on their site, here.

Be sure to watch out for my review on the No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner very soon. Remember, the more you vote and share this giveaway, I may just be able to give out more than one No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liners, but, it’s not up to ME— it’s in you gorgeous people’s hands!

But, now onto the good stuff!




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Happy Entering and Happy Sharing!

Til next time, cheers m’deres!

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  1. I'd like to try this product because when my lip color bleeds in makes me look older. I like that it's available at Shoppers too.

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