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The Tuckaire Indoor Toddler Travel Bed from The Shrunks

The Shrunks logo, which is a dog covering one eye with his ear.

The Tuckaire Indoor Toddler Travel Bed

If you’ve never heard of The Shrunks, well, you’ve been missing out!

They believe that bedtime should be fun and above all, SAFE.

They are a Canadian company hailing from Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Why “The Shrunks”?

To help kids gain confidence. Someone in the group brought up the role of a “shrink”, as in psychiatrist, a person you might likely see if you’re dealing with issues of fear. In the process of scribbling the word on the white board, the “i” was changed to a “u”, changing the word to “shrunk”. The word “shrunk” had a whole set of connotations on its own: to reduce (fear), make small (kids), etc. At The Shrunks, we believe that kids are cool. Creating stuff that makes bedtime fun and safe for them is what we love to do.

Darasak holds the indoor Toddler Travel Bed box from The Shrunks. He is setting it up on the carpet.

The Original Toddler Travel Bed

We were super stoked to try out the Tuckaire Indoor Toddler Travel Bed for our little Mimi. She is in the middle of transitioning from a crib to a big girl bed.

We travel often, and she is getting a bit big for the hotel cribs, and she long outgrew her playpen, which we donated.

What we needed was something that would help her gain her independence. As well as giving us the peace of mind that she would be safe during the transition and while we travel.

The great thing about the Toddler Travel Bed is that it’s not JUST for traveling. It’s versatile enough to be used for sleepovers at the grandparents, camping–pretty much anywhere you go!

See It in Action

It retails between $49.95 – $69.99 which is a great price considering how much use you can get out of it.

What I loved the most was that it comes with a sheet tuck feature which easily allows you to use any crib size sheet and tuck it in the sides of the mattress.

This of course, makes it even more safe by knowing that the sheets stay in place while your little one sleeps.

It is safe from phthalates, BPA and lead. It comes in a light weight carrying bag which is super convenient for on-the-go!

Darasak holds up the portable pump that comes with the toddler bed.

Want to know what is THE best?

It blows up in 30 seconds.

Yes indeedy.

If that’s not as easy as it gets, I don’t what is. The  powerful Jetaire Electric Pump is included and it also comes with a repair kit, just in case!

On top of the ease of setting it up, you best believe that it is nice and soft and comfortable.

Mimi wanted to jump in as soon as she saw it. When she went in, she was silly and played around and before you knew it—she was fast asleep.

The mattress (which is brown)  is super soft and the mattress is very light and durable. 

Mimi sleeping with Mickey plush in her indoor toddler travel bed.

Comfy and Safe

As you can see, Michaela loved it. She watched her favorite TV shows at her grandparents while she laid in the Tuckaire Toddler Bed and slowly started falling asleep.

Even when she’s not sleeping, she brings her toys or books to her little bed and watches movies. It’s become her little day bed and it’s been very useful when she sleeps over at her grand parents.

That’s what has me head over heels over The Shrunks. Their kids mattress is multi-purpose and I’m excited to know how much use this is going to get.

One of the best features is the patented side rails that the mattress has, so even if Mimi rolls around, she will be protected from falling off.

The air mattress is being held up and shown with the travel bag it comes with.

Time to Travel

As many of you know, we will be having our Disney Weddings vow renewal at the end of the year and we are going out of the country for it!

We are also going out of the country again next year and out of the million baby/toddler travel things that I could be taking, the Tuckaire Indoor Travel Toddler Bed is coming with me.

Darasak holds up the Tuckaire Indoor Toddler Travel bed.

It’s that awesome.

What makes it so great for traveling is the travel bag it comes in. The air pump is strong and pumps up the mattress so quickly.

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That big toddler sized bed fits into that small bag pictured above. That’s going in my checked luggage and it’s going to be ready for two-weeks of consecutive usage.

In the meantime, it’ll be in use full force at the Abuelitos and weekender trips that are coming! To keep up with our day-to-day activities, follow us on Instagram.

Do you use an indoor toddler travel bag when you travel with toddlers?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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