15 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love the Spa

A woman floats in a spa and a banner underneath reads, "15 Gift Ideas for A Mom Who Loves the Spa"

15 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love the Spa

Being a mom, I can tell you for certain that one of the best gifts we can get is something that promotes self-care. A gift that gives us a little “me time” within the chaos of life. Even if we steal away for a nice soak or a little at-home treatment, it goes such a long way.

While a trip to the spa would be amazing, it isn’t always in the cards for everyone. Here is a list of 15 gifts for a mom who loves the spa will absolutely enjoy and use. After all, aren’t those the best types of gifts? Practical ones that actually get used!

A bag of Tea Tree Oil mix for a therapeutic foot soak.

Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

This Epsom salt foot soak includes tea tree oil for a refreshing at home experience. Perfect for after a long day of adulting. Have Mom soak her feet and relax!


A marble floor holds a Conair Foot Masssager. It is purple and white.

Vibrating Heated Foot Spa

This is a wonderful way for any mom to relax and get her tootsies ready for sandal season! Plus, heat takes the aches away!


A woman sits at her desk while she inserts her feet in a massager.

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine 

This heated foot massager provides deep massaging for the feet. Relieve pain or relax with an incredible foot massage anytime.


Bath Bomb set of 24 pcs. gift set.

Bath Bombs

This 12 bomb set includes some amazing fragrances like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Kiwi Strawberry and more. These handmade bath bombs are highly rated and listed as an Amazon’s Choice in bat bombs.


A black mason jar with Dead Sea Mud Mask in it. From Majestic Pure Cosmceuticals.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

This gentle yet effective mud mask minimizes pores and detoxifies the skin for a spa quality facial at home.


Bliss Body Butter in Lemon & Sage.

Bliss Body Butter

Featuring the delicious fragrances of Sage and Lemon, this moisturizing cream is packed with antioxidant and moisturizing properties like shea butter, coconut oil and algae extracts for a luxurious body butter that leaves skin soft and moisturized.


A serene bathroom is pictured with a great view of the outdoors, a bamboo shower bench sits next to a standalone tub next to a floating sink.

Bamboo Shower Bench

A bamboo shower bench is a great way to relax in the shower. Mom will love the sturdy design as well as the handy bench underneath for storing her supplies.


Heated Luxury Spa Blankie 

Pop this blankie in the microwave to experience fragrant, moist heat relief for aches, pains or the ultimate way to relax with aromatherapy with the soothing fragrance of lavender.


3 Egyptian loofahs in a set of 3.

Egyptian Loofahs

All natural exfoliation is at your fingertips with these Egyptian Loofahs. This three pack will give mom glowing, healthy skin without breaking your bank.


Guava Passion Luxury Lotion for a Mother's Day gift.

Guava Passion Spa Luxury Lotion

As fragrant and luxurious as any lotion at the spa, this high-quality lotion brings a little pampering to any moms daily routine.


Head Bands for a spa day in 3 different colours.

Microfiber Spa Headband

This headband has a wide width and is super absorbent. As a bonus, it is also machine washable.


Nano Steamer for skin care.

Nano Facial Steamer

Spa quality facials are right around the corner with this nano steamer. With only distilled water, healthy radiant skin is only a few moments away.


Cream bath for dry hair with water lily from Hair Spa.

Spa Hair Creambath

No need to spend a fortune on healthy, moisturized hair. This cream bath is perfect for an at home treatment that will leave mom feeling like a million bucks!


Brazilian Body Wraps - spa mud home treatment kit.

Brazilian Body Wraps

Brazilian spa mud wraps are great for drawing out toxins and impurities to improve tone and make skin firmer, in the privacy of your own home.


True Blue Spa made with glycolic acid.

Cracked Heel Treatment

This easy treatment will do wonders for cracked, dry heels to help mom get her feet ready for sandal season.


A woman floats in a pool at a spa.

Celebrate Mom

The best thing that any mom can ask for is their family. But, a little time to herself can do wonders. Self-care is incredibly important and everyone should take part.

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This is a great list whether you’re a mom or just someone who loves the spa!

Which gift would you enjoy the most?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I love these ideas. I’d be happy if my family gave me any of these. I might have to get some for my mom!

  2. There are so many amazing ideas I would want to get for myself! The face steamer and the bamboo shower bench are my front-runners!

  3. I love a spa day and I want them all! I would love to have the face steamer. All of these ideas are great.

  4. I think these are going to be great ones for Mothers’ Day. A good mud mask and some nice bath products can make for a refreshing night!

  5. Oh, I need the head wrap, the bath bombs, and the foot spa, please!! Great list and I don’t know a mom who wouldn’t love to have any of those items.

  6. I love this idea. I’m actually taking a trip this Mother’s Day with our family — just to get away. A spa day would’ve been a great mini-vacation for me as well.

  7. Honestly, I’ve never tried a spa. I think this would be great for my mom though. She enjoys going to get massages and such.

  8. Lots of really fun ideas here! I will definitely be trying the foot soak! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  9. Such wonderful gift ideas for moms! I do love the spa maybe I should share this list with my hubby, tee hee. I still need to get my mom a gift.

  10. I remember how many times my sister asked me to buy her products for her feet. She can’t go to the spa salon because she’s pregnant. These are perfect for her!

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