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Our Special Day: This One or That One?

So Close but So Far

As many of you know, Hubby and I are renewing our commitment and love to one another!

You can read all about that big surprise he sprung on me on my Birthday last year, here! Anyway, we’ve decided on a intimate destination ceremony and have just started to scratch the surface on details.

I am super excited for the planning and if you know me, I’m not big on details and I am very easy to please when it comes to these types of things. But, I promised Hubby this time that I will be much more detailed.

First thing on my list—my bouquet! 

Now, I’m pretty much I’m set on color and my Hubs being the lovely man he is has accepted it thus far.

Yes, that means boutonnieres, flower girls, Maid of Honor, best man and the whole thing.

One of my favorite colors–a vibrant hot pink! 


You didn’t know that was one of my favorite colors?

Wouldn’t be able to tell around here huh?

I’m set on these two types of flowers and I’m in love with one of them but, I’d love your opinions because you guys rock! I know that some of you have lots of experience.

These are both my favorite type of flowers, my favorite being Tiger Lilies but, don’t know if they’ll be in season in the middle of winter.

Calla Lilies symbolize new life and future growth while roses can symbolize romance and eternal love.

I love the vibrancy of both.

So, which do you like most?

Let me know PRETTY PLEASE!

Til then, cheers m’deres!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.





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  1. I think photo #2. But I am biased against roses in general – I think they are too cliche. Plus, with your recent issues, I think new life is a perfect sentiment. <3 you and so excited for you!!!

    1. Thanks babe, you rock! I do love the roses but, I do love the lilies. It's exactly why we decided to do this, to appreciate all the years we've been blessed with and to look forward to more hopefully. 😀 Life is too short to take for granted.

  2. So happy for you!! 🙂

    Both bouquets are very beautiful, but quite different. I think it depends on your dress and the style in general. # 1 is more traditional and romantic while # 2 is a little more "dramatic"

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