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Funbites Review & Giveaway: I Luv It and You’ll Luv It Too!

Have a Picky Eater?

I sure do and no matter which way I cook the same types of food, if she doesn’t like it–she’s probably not going to eat it. That goes to say that my littlest is the same, after all, she’s a toddler right?

That’s their job.

But, if kids aren’t bored with their food–they EAT it.

So, I make their foods in all sorts of shapes and let me tell you, they get excited to eat it. That is why I love making bento lunches for Gabs, I try to make lunch fun and exciting because Lord knows that it’s so hard for her NOT to bring back her lunch.

Enter Funbites.

What are they?

Well, they sure aren’t your typical sandwich cutter, they are (dare I say)  NIFTY. The only way I can describe them is really neat and simple to use. They come in two different designs, you can Cube It or Luv It!

FunBites sent me a Luv It to try out and I was more than happy to try them in my daughter’s school bentos. She’s a girly girl so she loved the hearts! Our first trial run was with a simple whole wheat Peanut Butter sandwich for the girls to share.

It was in 3 steps and a pop and we were ready to go!

The best part of the FunBites is that food remains untouched, clean and free of cross-contamination. It’s also BPA-free and top-shelf dishwasher safe!



3 Easy Steps to Fun!


1. Prepare Your Sandwich!

Prepare your children’s favorite sandwich, you can make FunBites with just about anything, so don’t limit yourself to just sandwiches. Now, you align your FunBites on top of your sandwich!

2. Rock it baby!

Rock the FunBites cutter back and forth, make sure you put pressure on it! Believe me, it can take it and you need to make sure it’s cut all the way through to the other side.

3. Pop it!

Insert the top part of the FunBites cutter, lift and press down!

And you’re done!

The girls absolutely loved what would probably be just another boring sandwich to them. They gobbled it up in minutes to the point that we were kinda disturbingly shocked at how much they loved their food shaped in “fun bites”.

I loved it because they are eating HEALTHY food that is cut into fun shapes. Shapes that they are willing to eat and that are good for them! The best part is that the possibilities are endless,  really–they are. You can use them on anything.

From watermelon to homemade pizzas, burgers, tofu and much more!

It’s Bento Time!

My daughter takes after her mom and loves to have brunch or brinner, meaning she loves to eat breakfast at all times of the day. This also means that lunch time at school is no different and she often asks for breakfast foods in her bento. I decided to make her a heart themed brunch for school and it was a hit.

One of her entrees was organic pancakes and strawberries, both shaped in hearts. I used the FunBites for the pancakes and it made hearts and triangles.

Next on the list was organic cottage cheese topped with Colby Jack cheese shaped with the Luv It FunBites. A side of grapes and heart shaped eggs too!

You ready to create your own?

FunBites is giving away a cutter for one Whispered Inspirations reader! You can also purchase your very own FunBites from $12.99 and up at Tiny Wiggles. They are a Canadian company that ships WORLDWIDE. You can also visit FunBites and find out more about their story and what they have going on!

If you go on the FunBites site right now, you can get FREE SHIPPING by using the promo code MayFlowers!


Enter to WIN your own NOW! Open to CAN/US!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Entering!

Til next time, cheers m’deres!

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  1. Since I have boys and a girl I would need one of each! LOL! Baby girl would LOVE the hearts though!

  2. I would LOVEEEE to win this for my friend's daughter! What a great gift for her! She would love the little heart one because she is such a princess!

  3. I love this cutter so much – we have the cube one – wish we had the heart one too!

    How did you do those adorable eggs? Is it is easy to do?

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