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10 Outdoor Winter Activities to Do With Your Kids! #tips


Outdoor Winter Activities to Do with Kids!
Get out there!

If you’re like almost every parent out there and you’re asked how you’re doing or how you’ve been, your answer is almost always pretty good but, really BUSY. Right? Sometimes it feels like we may wear ourselves really thin and try to do it all when there simply isn’t enough hours in the day. 

But, this year, we have a leap year! Why not take advantage of that extra day and get out there! Try something you’ve never done before as a family and enjoy your time together by embracing the great Canadian Winter with these exciting activities. It’s cold out there but, it is one of the many reasons we love our great country!


1. Snow Graffiti. 

Head to the dollar store and purchase some spray bottles. Pick up some food coloring if you don’t have it at home! Fill with water, add food color of choice and shake it up! Get bundled up and head outside to some fresh snow and do some snow art! This is the kind of graffiti you can get away with so, go all out!

2. Snowshoeing.

If you’re close to a national park or scenic trail, you can head out to get some great exercise and a whole lotta fun by snowshoeing. Don’t worry, they have come a long way from the tennis racket-esque kind that you remember. If you don’t own any, they are often available to rent at the parks. You’ll love the scenery and serenity (while it lasts) and the kids will love stomping on top of the snow!

3. Sledding.

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve a snowy hill and a sled. The pure joy I felt running up that hill and the exhilaration and adrenaline on the way down. Why not share that same thrill with your kids now? Every town has their hill, you know yours right?

4. Build a Snow Cave or Fort.

We love to use our recycling boxes as a mold for our forts. You can pack them in and build strong bricks. Whichever method you use, it’s tons of fun. The whole family can help to shovel the snow and make epic forts which leads us straight into our next activity. 

5. Snowball Fight!

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned snow fight? If you’ve built forts, you have some cover! Spend some time creating your ammo by rolling up the snowballs. Take cover, aim, throw and repeat!

6. Take a Nature Walk. 

We have many parks where we live, a lot of them have paths that even in the winter, are highly frequented. That means that you can traverse them with just your winter boots. We do this often, it’s fun and we love finding animal tracks in the snow to see if we can spot any. Plus, nature walks can be so peaceful since the kids stay nice and quiet to not scare the wild life away.

7. Make Snow Angels.

I know it is so simple but, it can be so much fun to just drop to the ground and make snow angels. While you’re there, check out the sky and see if you can spot any animals in the clouds! That’s if it is sunny and blue skies, if it’s grey– maybe next time!

8. Go Ice-Skating!

Check out your nearby arena for their schedule. Sometimes they offer free skate nights or for a small fee! If you are lucky to have a nearby skating pond, even better! Lace up your skates, bundle up and hit the ice. When you’re done, head back home for some hot chocolate to warm up.

9. Build a Snowman or Igloo.

After a fresh snowfall, there isn’t anything better than building a snow man. The kids love it and there’s nothing more traditional than that. If you have the right type of packable snow on the ground, you can always make an igloo. Wait a few hours to harden and finish it off with some water to harden it up further. Hollow it out and carve benches if there’s room and chill out, grab some hot chocolate and relax!

10. Go Skiing or Snowboarding.

You can always make a weekend of it and head to your nearest ski lodge and resort. We often head up to Blue Mountain and go snow boarding. Even littles from 3 years-old can get in on the action. Ski resorts often have other amenities and activities to do. You can cross off most of the list off there too!

The Achy-Breaky Truth!

After all is said and done, keeping up with the kids is definitely not easy! The next day I find is when those aches and pains set in. Topical pain relievers like RUB·A535™ Extra Strength Heating Cream have you covered. It starts to work on contact and provides fast acting pain relief of muscle and joint pain. If you’ve taken some falls or all that shoveling has you sore, this can definitely help!

Despite that, trying something brand new will not only be different and exciting, it will also break up the monotonous schedules we adhere to when juggling work and family. Getting outside is also great for your health! So, enjoy winter and that extra day this month!

What are your favorite winter activities?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



Note: This post has been brought to you in part of the Church & Dwight ambassadorship program.

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  1. All perfect ideas for the season,Saturday morning we got hit with 25 ins of white stuff…the kids are lovin it !

  2. I took my kids tubing on FAMILY day – it was so much fun! Sometimes we just like to go for walks together. 🙂

  3. I admit, I have never, ever been ice skating! I am actually really scared to do it, but my husband was a former hockey player so he gets it.

  4. I love this! Snow is my FAVORITE – so going out with my nephews would be so much fun with this list! I can get into a nature walk in the snow, for sure!

  5. We've had such a mild winter in Alaska this year that snow is at a minimum near our house. But, if we get a new batch I'll be sure to try snow graffiti with the boys.

  6. Not too many weeks left before we will be planning our winter activities,Our evening are already closing in on us.

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