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Overhaul the Outside of Your Home : 4 Simple Ways

Beautiful wood door is open and the front porch is seen. This article covers 4 simple ways to overhaul the outside of your home.

Overhaul the Outside of Your Home

There are a million reasons to take care of the outside of your property. One of the main reasons is that it will ensure maximum value when you come to put it on the market.

Of course, actually getting motivated to complete the work that needs doing to ensure your home’s outside looks its best is a different matter entirely.

However, there is no need to panic because by addressing each one of the 5 issues below, in turn, you can overhaul your home simply and effectively. Read on to find out what they are. 

Start With Your Front Door 

A great place to begin when overhauling your home is your front door. In fact, it is often the focal point of the outside of your home, so you must get it right.

This means you will need to begin by stripping off any old and peeling paint. Then sand your door down to create a smooth surface. 

Once this is done you can repaint your door. Be sure to choose the right color here, as it can make a big difference to the first impression your home makes.

For example, a black door can look smart, somber, and sophisticated. While a brightly hued door in yellow or red tones tends to denote a sense of whimsy and fun.

It can also help to look around and see what colors your neighbors are using as well. Then you can decide whether you want to blend in or stand out. 

After you have repainted your door, you have a great opportunity to replace your house numbers. If you are displaying them on the door, be sure to choose the same finish as the rest of the accessories you have.

For example, if you have a cast-iron handle or door knocker, numbers in the same finish will look best. 

However, if you would rather display your house numbers on the wall to the side of the door you can get a little more creative.

There are printed glass options, handmade signs on wood, and even light-up numbers. These signs can look sleek and serve the practical purpose of always being visible no matter what the weather or the time of day. 

Give Your Mailbox a Makeover 

Once you have completed the work you need to do on your door you can turn your attention to your mailbox.

You mustn’t forget this, as any good work you have done by making over the door can be undone very fast if your mailbox is in a shabby state. 

The cheapest way to makeover your mailbox is to give it a coat of weatherproof paint. Although you are looking for a more sophisticated and cohesive look, it’s best to stick to neutral colors like black, white, or grey. 

Alternatively, you may wish to replace your mailbox altogether, something that can be a little more expensive.

However, some boxes, such as ones that bold to the wall, rather than stand freely, will cost less, so they shouldn’t strain your budget too hard.

Smarten Up Your Frontage

Once you have attended to any issues with your mailbox, it’s time to pay attention to the frontage of your home.

For those not in the know, your home’s frontage is the outside walls and anything attached to them. That includes gutters, roofs, and your deck. 

Begin with a good powerwash of the frontage you already have. This will not only brighten things up but will allow you to make a full assessment of any issues or damage that need addressing. 

After a good wash, work through any problems methodically. In particular, look out for issues such as things that stand out on the front of your home and disrupt the look. Like electrical boxes, and paint them to ensure they blend in with their surroundings. 

Of course, while you are painting your electrical box, you may decide to paint the entire house. It can instantly refresh its appearance. Be aware, though, that this can be a big job, and you will need to set aside a reasonable amount of time to complete it. 

Alternatively, you may wish to replace your siding instead. This can also transform the look of the outside of your home.

If you use a professional residential siding company, it can be even easier than choosing to repaint your property yourself. Something that makes it highly appealing to many homeowners. 

Show Some Love to Your Lawn

Very few homes do not have a lawn around the outside of their home, even if it is a small one. This means that the state of your grass and any adjoining flowerbeds will make a difference to the appearance of your property. 

With that in mind, showing your lawn some love is essential.

The good news is there are several ways you can do this. First of all, inspecting your grass for any problem areas is the best approach. Look for issues such as bald patches and crabgrass and treat accordingly.

Next, be sure that the borders of your lawn are neat and well defined. This may mean really going round with sheers and trimming any stragglers.

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Although, you can also use wooden, wicker, or plastic edging to create a clean finish. 

Also, make sure you give your entire lawn the best chance of staying green and healthy all year round. In places with hot climates, this may mean installing a sprinkler system so it gets the water it needs to stay green.

Regular top-ups with grass seed can be helpful as well, as this will ensure a lush green lawn at all times.

Some people even chose to remove their natural grass and replace it with a high-end simulation version. Many of which not only need far less care but are as soft to the touch as the real thing. 

Finally, be sure to show some love to your flower beds and blooms as well.  Some basic weeding, and adding a protective layer to your beds.

Plant new flowers and shrubs, they can work wonders and ensure the outside of your property gets the overhaul it needs! 

Do you have any tips on how to overhaul the outside of your home?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Beautiful wood door is open and the front porch is seen. This article covers 4 simple ways to overhaul the outside of your home.

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