8 Nice and Meaningful Ways to Pay Tribute to Parents

Beautiful little white flowers surround a candle. This article covers meaningful ways to pay tribute to parents.

8 Nice and Meaningful Ways to Pay Tribute to Parents

Losing a parent is definitely not easy. Death often leaves behind a certain void that you might struggle with accepting, regardless of whether you have said your goodbyes.

But your parent’s passing does not mean that they have to disappear from your life completely. Instead, you could do your utmost to keep their memory alive.

You can honor your parent in many ways. You can choose to honor them by creating a memorial, experiencing their favorite things, or making a donation to a cause they supported in their name.

Other than that, you could take care of their unfinished projects, keep something of theirs nearby, and celebrate their life with friends, family, and acquaintances.

In case you need inspiration, read on. Here, you will find a list of nice and meaningful ways to pay tribute to parents. 

Create a Memorial

Were you aware of the fact that the cemetery is not the only place in which you can create a memorial for your loved one?

While a headstone might be weighty and substantial, you can always come up with something different and creative. Something that people will be able to see without having to visit a cemetery.

For example, you could plant a memorial tree and put a memorial ornament on it. If you want to know what a memorial ornament looks like, you can check the best memorial ornaments for dad here.

Donate to a Cause They Supported

The next way to pay tribute to your parent is to make a donation to a cause they supported in their name.

By doing that, you can make sure that the things your parent cared about will continue to receive funding.

Additionally, you could donate money to an organization that focuses on battling the illnesses your parents faced as well.

Reading about how does dementia kill you can make you feel hopeless, but by supporting leading Alzheimer’s & dementia charities, you can make a change in the world.

If you are on a tight budget, do not despair!

Instead, consider donating your time by volunteering at an organization that your parent felt strongly about.

Experience Their Favorite Things

When it comes to paying tribute to parents, why not experience your parent’s favorite things? That way, you will be able to get a deeper sense of who your parent was.

This should help you feel closer to them.

So, think of what brought your parent joy. For instance, if they loved reading, you could grab a few of their favorite books and read each one of them.

You could also visit the places that they used to frequent, such as their favorite restaurants or their favorite hiking trails.

Take Care of Their Unfinished Projects

If your parent passed away before they could finish an important project or do something that they had planned, you could take care of their unfinished business and make sure that their plans are completed.

To give an example, if your parent wanted to plant several birch trees in your garden, you could do it for them.

The same applies to learning to play the piano, writing a book, taking an art class, or taking care of that little puppy your parent always wanted.

Keep Something of Theirs Close

In addition to taking care of your parent’s unfinished projects, you can keep something of theirs close.

For example, you could take the watch that they wore on a daily basis and place it on the shelf in the living room.

Alternatively, you could take one of their favorite items of clothing and turn it into something that you can keep using for years to come, such as a quilt.

Celebrate Their Life with Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

Another nice way to pay tribute to your parent is to celebrate their life with their friends, family, and acquaintances.

You can do this by organizing a party and inviting everyone who was close to your parent.

That way, you can show people how much your parent meant to you and share all the great memories that you have of them.

Light a Candle

If you want to do something small but meaningful, consider lighting a candle in your parent’s memory. All you have to do is light a candle and place it somewhere in the house where it will be visible to you.

Having placed it somewhere, you can just sit down for a bit, look at the candle, and reminisce about the happy times that you had together.

It might not seem like much, but it can really help you to accept and fill that void that your parent left behind.

Create a Memory Book

Have you ever thought about creating a memory book dedicated to your parent? In short, it is a book filled with people’s memories of the person that the book is dedicated to.

If you want to, you can create such a book together with your siblings and your parent’s closest friends.

All you need to do is sit down and start writing down the best memories that you have of your parent. It might not seem like it, but it is a great way to honor your parent’s legacy.

In Conclusion

Honoring your parent’s memory can be a difficult thing to do, particularly if you are still grieving their loss.

Still, it is guaranteed to help you move on. You can pay tribute to your parent in countless ways, ranging from planting a memorial tree and experiencing their favorite things to creating a memory book and writing a letter to them.

It is up to you.

While you might not have been able to say your goodbyes to your parent, by doing the things listed above, you can still ensure that they know that you love them and that you will never forget them.

Do you have any other meaningful ways to pay tribute to parents?

– Jennifer


Beautiful little white flowers surround a candle. This article covers meaningful ways to pay tribute to parents.

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