5 Playful Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback


5 Playful Fashion Trends.

It seems that there is quite a stigma that comes with the fashion industry. A lot of people only see the serious faces on models in magazine ads and walking the runways at fashion week. And while those in the fashion industry like to take their jobs seriously, that doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have fun too.

One of the best parts about fashion is being able to express yourself through the clothing you choose to wear. For instance, you don’t have to stick to one specific style, but you can if you want! Fashion is actually meant to be fun, and I think it’s important to remember that, especially when in need of inspiration.

Remember not to take yourself so seriously and instead celebrate some of the craziest, coolest fashions out there. I compiled some really fun pieces that I found while surfing the web. Enjoy!

hippy pants

These Hippy Pants

The ‘70s are definitely having their moment in fashion, and it’s just now becoming accepted to seriously wear crazy bell-bottomed pants without being looked at like you’re in the wrong century. These bright hippy pants speak to that carefree vibe, and they look extremely comfy, so that’s always a plus.



These Ballerina Shoes

There’s just something about the daintiness of a lace-up, ballerina-style shoe. It’s almost like a costume piece, but just “everyday” enough to be worn whenever you want. The playful, patent leather Jimmy Choo ballerina shoes from Lyst.ca’s collection would be great for daytime outings, especially when paired with a cute sundress!

bucket hat

This Throwback Hat

According to StyleCaster.com, the bucket hats we thought would stay in the ‘90s have risen from the fashion graveyard. The best part about the trend resurrection is that they still look pretty goofy, but now they’re high fashion. Throwbacks always bring upon a nostalgia that make dressing up just a little more fun, especially when you’re reminded of the good ol’ days.

fur coat

This Very Fluffy Coat

Yes, fur usually indicates luxury. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to sport something a little bit over the top. I love that this fur coat looks un-apologetically cozy. Also, in unexpected mustard and pink stripes, how can you not smile while wearing it?


These Playful Pins

Like this Today.com article mentions, pins are a really great way to show off your personality and keep a lighthearted outlook on style. Definitely a different way to play into the graphic text trend, you can opt for any combination of pins you want, and I think that’s such a cool idea for making an outfit truly your own.

What do you all think of these quirky fashion statements? Which ones would you wear and which ones are just a little too crazy? Either way, I think it’s cool that fashion is ever-evolving, and designers aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. It’s all a friendly reminder to have fun every now and then!

Tell me which ones you like the most!



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