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Polar A360: New Wrist-Based Heart-Rate Monitor That Is Helping Me Work Towards Health. #PolarA360 #AccurateSimplicity


Polar A360.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely adore gadgets and anything tech. So, whenever I hear about a new piece of technology that has hit the market, I immediately long for it and I want to get my hands on it. When I learned that Polar was taking its fitness trackers to the next level by introducing the colorful Polar A360 with wrist-based heart rate monitoring–I was stoked.



Colorful. Waterproof. Touchscreen.

Once upon a time back when I was a kid, I only would dream of being able to have a watch that I could touch and that would be able to do as I command. Perhaps I have Inspector Gadget to blame for that. Wearable tech is now a reality and since wearable tech is here to stay, I am embracing it wholeheartedly.

The Polar A360 features industry-leading heart rate measurement-based training guidance, in addition to 24/7 activity tracking. Plus, all this information is displayed on a high-resolution color touchscreen. The screen is pretty epic and very responsive. It is waterproof and tracks daily activity, steps, calories, workouts, and sleep.


Ready When You Are.

It is reliable, when it is fully charged, the Polar A360 will track for two weeks with 24/7 activity tracking, including one hour of training per day. It also works with Polar’s H7 heart rate monitor in case users prefer to train with a chest strap.

Since I tend to work most of my day in my office at my desk, I love how Polar A360 will remind me to move. Now I try to get up more often so that I don’t get any warnings but, it’s a great reminder to get more active. I have weak lungs and I am slowly but surely getting back to fitness. I walk the dogs, go on the treadmill and move, move, move!



I am a pretty simple gal and I tend to stick to black and white. But, I am known to like pink A LOT. The Polar A360 is not only stylish, but also comfortable with small, medium, and large sizes available for the perfect fit.

It can suit any of your styles or moods (even outfits) with their personal style with interchangeable and vibrantly colored, soft silicone wristbands. They will be available in Powder White, Charcoal Black, Neon Green, Sorbet Pink and Navy Blue for individual purchase. I like the feel on my wrist, it is more comfortable than most watches!


Helping Me In My Journey.

My health has come full 360, in fact, I’ve taken back my health by eating better, getting more active and slowly working back to where I used to be. Ultimately, the goal is to be healthier and less about the aesthetics. With that said, we all need a little support and Polar offers unique Smart Coaching features such as Activity Guide and Activity Benefit, which provide practical daily activity target suggestions and explain how activities will affect your fitness. You can sync Polar Flow with your Polar A360 and you’ll be able to track your progress right online. 


Getting Active. Staying Connected.

Since I work in the online realm, the fact that the Polar A360 is a smart watch is the icing on the cake. It not only notifies you about texts or calls as they happen, it send you notifications about your activity on your social networks and emails. That way, even when I am taking a little time for me by getting active, I am connected to important emails or notifications when I need them. So, I never miss a tweet, update, instagram, pin or email. How awesome is that?


Get Yours!

What I love about this fitness tracker is that it has the user in mind. It’s stylish, functional and effective. You can purchase it at Sportcheck and the Running Room. It retails for $274.99 and if you ask me, that is a great price if you are an avid athlete or someone like me who is getting back into the game. It has all of the support you need, the connectivity any online maven craves and the tracking that you need to, well, stay on track.

What do you look for in wearable tech?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



Note: This post is sponsored by Polar Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I have been wanting one of these things for a while now. I am hoping Santa gets me one this year for Christmas.

  2. I've never heard of the Polar 360 but it certainly seems different than all the other activity trackers. I also like how stylish and non flashy it is, and that color display screen!

  3. I will have to tell my daughter about this gadget,i just know she will want one.Thanks for the awesome review

  4. This sounds like a great Polar watch!! I love how much technology is helping us to work our bodies better. Helps so much to loss weight when you can effectively work out.

  5. This looks like a great tech gift idea!
    My brother is difficult to shop for, but this gadget looks to be a winner for him!!

  6. Wow this looks great! I haven't ever considered having a heart monitor before, but for work outs it would be great to have!

  7. Oooh, this sounds wonderful. My brother asked for something like this for the holidays and this one sounds perfect. It is super-helpful to have something like this to keep on track. I wish you luck with your goals.

  8. That would sure make a great Christmas gift… hint hint… wonder if I type louder and copy and paste if my husband would see it and buy me one? Awesome tech gadget.

  9. This sounds like such a cool activity tracker. It really is quite stylish and I like that you can be notified of text and calls without having to take your phone into the gym with you.

  10. I have been looking at the different fitness trackers. I like the design of this one. I will have to go check it out.

  11. Is it sad that the colors on the Polar screen immediately drew me in? Now I have to have one! I think it's great that it tracks your HR, too. My current fitness tracker doesn't have that option and I wish it did.
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  12. This is really cool. Sometimes I need a good reminder to get up and get moving, especially since I sit in front of my computer most of the day.

  13. I love gadgets that can help out in my weight loss journey! They're making information easier than ever to acquire and analyze!

  14. That is awesome. I love anything that inspires us to be healthy, provides guidance and supports our health! What a great product!

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