Protect Your Children’s Eyes This Halloween & All-Year Round! #tips


Protect Your Children’s Eyes All-Year Round!

Since both Dara and I wear glasses and we’ve worn them for a very long time, eye safety is something that is important to us. We made it a point to take the girls to the optometrist when they were very young and to make sure that their eyes are healthy.

We continue to take them every single year to get their eyes examined. Gabby wears glasses while Mimi doesn’t need them yet. Finding a Doctor of Optometry who is great with kids is a bonus and it makes them comfortable to keep going back every year.

Mimi was a bit scared going for the first time but, the doctor made her laugh and had animal shapes for her to pick out. Soon enough, she was over her fear and having a good time picking out shapes and animals for the doctor.

Yearly eye exams not only detect the need for eyeglasses but, it can help detect any other eye disease that you may not be aware of. All in all, it’s important to get checked–kid or adult!


Halloween is Right Around the Corner!

That means that our kids will be dressing up as their favorite superheroes or characters. Whether the costumes are heroic or spooky, you can bet that they can be either simple or pretty elaborate. That’s the fun of it all, right?

We always make it a point to make sure that both of the girls’ costumes are “eye-safe” while still achieving the “cool” factor they are going after. We avoid masks that obstruct their path of vision and we most definitely avoid the use of decorative cosmetic contact lenses, unless they have been properly fit by a doctor of optometry. 



Get Dolled Up!

We are big on Halloween and the girls love that they are able to wear make-up when they dress-up! Whether we paint on wispy whiskers or Egyptian eyeliner–we make sure that it’s hypoallergenic. That way, it makes things easier; no one wants to deal with allergic reactions when there is fun to be had!

One of the most important things to remember is to practice the “Be Seen, be safe” rule on Halloween night. Your kids should don appropriate reflective clothing to ensure that they are visible to motorists and other people while out trick-o-treating.

So, protect your kids this Halloween and all-year round by getting their eyes checked by a Doctor of Optometry. I always say that it is better knowing since sometimes some diagnoses can be corrected!

As for Halloween, remember, be seen and be safe while you go out this year too!

Do you and your kids get your eyes tested regularly?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!







Note: This post has been brought to you by Doctors of Optometry, but the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit http://www.doctorsofoptometry.ca.

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  1. They get checked every year in school and since both of mine are in glasses, they get yearly visits on top of what they do in the school.

  2. We get our kid's eyes checked twice a year. Both my husband and I wear glasses so we're definitely concerned about their eyes.

    The halloween makeup looked super cute!

  3. It's so important to keep up with eye checkups for the kids. Their eyes can change so quickly, and you might not notice until their grades start dropping.

  4. My sister always takes her kids for regular eye checkups. My nephew needed glasses, but we didn't catch on until his teacher told us he was doing a lot of squinting in class.
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  5. Bad eyesight runs in my family, so we make sure to get my daughters eyes checked regularly. Luckily she seems to be taking after my husband and does not need glasses yet.

  6. I have terrible eyes so when I wear make up I always look for hypo-allegtic. I don't fool around when it comes to my eye. They are too important!

  7. Yes! My daughter and I both get our eyes tested every 6 months! It is so very important to take good care of your eyes!

  8. I love all those beautiful photos and costumes, they all look very adorable! I also check my daughter eyes regularly 🙂

  9. They look so adorable in their costumes, I love the make up too. I think it's important to have them checked, always. Especially now that we have too many gadgets around that could be the cause of their eye problems.

  10. The Ontario government covers children's eye exams every 2 years until they reach 18. But I like to get them checked sooner if needed. I don't let my children wear masks for Halloween either. Their costumes look great.

  11. My kids get checked from birth. My husband has horrible eyes, and 2 of our kiddos had surgery on their eyes and wear glasses. It's so important to check eyes often!

  12. Yep, we get them tested at least yearly, even though my husband and I don't wear glasses. I know that vision problems can seem like learning disorders and our insurance pays for an annual visit.

  13. You know, I have been thinking of taking my Little Miss to check her eyes. I feel like she is squinting sometimes.

  14. My daughter hasnt been to an eye doctor yet… I guess I was never sure when she needed to go. That's a good rule though for anything with your children.

  15. I never even thought about making sure costume makeup is eye safe- this is a great reminder! I have awful eyesight and I do whatever I can to help preserve it!

  16. I remember when my son showed decreased interest in school. I thought he was being bullied or something, only to find out that all he needed where prescription glasses. Thanks for these wise tips about taking care of our eyes and the be seen be safe tip for our kids.

  17. I've not taken the kids for eye exams as of yet. My oldest is probably due for one soon. I will wait for the 3 year old to get a little older.

  18. I take my kids to the eye doctor every year for their checkup. I go myself and so does my husband. We make it a family trip.
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  19. Such a great reminder to be on top of our kids health. I am so thankful so far my son doesn't need glasses like me.

  20. I get my eyes checked every year, this reminds me that I need to schedule my appointment though because I think it's time again!! I wear glasses most days because contacts bother me.
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  21. The little tiger is such a cutie. I like the Egyptian dress that the little girl wore too. The kids here haven't been to the doctor so this is a reminder to myself too.

  22. Thanks for sharing such great information about proper I care. I feel as though it is something that most people don’t think about and definitely don’t take serious enough. I had eye surgery and went two days without eyesight and it was the longest two days of my life!

  23. It indeed is so important to have the kids get eye exams as well as the adults yearly. I love all our the costumes they look adorable.

  24. These Halloween contacts always scare me. My teenager begged and begged last year, so we took her to her eye doctor to get good quality lenses.

  25. My eyes are terrible and both my parents wear glasses. So I know for sure that bad eyesight will get passed down the generations. Amd you never know. It happens so fast. I never need glasses until I was ten. Now I'm so blind without them Kat I http://www.beautifullytravelled.com
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  26. I have the worst eyes ever so I’m always having my daughters eyes checked! Hopefully she doesn’t have the same eyes as me lol

  27. Great post! I really need to get my eyes tested and have for a little while! Hopefully I can get this done before the end of the year!

  28. You have a beautiful family! My 3 year old hasn't had her eyes tested yet, but my son and I both get ours tested regularly. We also have to wear glasses because of poor vision.

  29. We test our eyes every year. Since my hubby and I work on the computer a lot, we have two different glasses. One for driving and one for the computer.

  30. I wear glasses – but mostly contacts. Glasses bother my eyes when I wear them too long, go figure. My kids get checked every year.

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