Create More Mental Clarity In Your Life

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Create More Mental Clarity In Your Life

Most of us could do with being a little clearer of mind. What with the way that our culture tends to bombard us with pointless information at every step, it can be hard to try and keep your mind clear throughout the day. You might even feel that this is not something you want, Perhaps, you believe that being able to think many thoughts a second is the pinnacle of the human mind.

The thing is, there is plenty of peace in being able to remain calm and centred. You can only really do that if you have a lot of mental clarity. The truth is that mental clarity improves the nature and quality of your thinking. How do you go about creating more mental clarity?


If you look around you in the space you are in now, what do you see? If you are at home or at your desk, and there is a lot of clutter, it’s likely that this is causing you more trouble psychologically than you might even realize.

The evidence is growing to suggest that having lots of mess and clutter all around you is actually pretty bad for your mental health. It is hard to think straight and keep your mind clear. Especially if you are surrounded by lots of stimuli that your brain is constantly trying to latch on to.

As such, you will find that giving your apartment or your office desk a good Kondo-style decluttering is actually one of the best things you can do for your mind. If you don’t actually want to get rid of that stuff that you are throwing out, consider using some storage facilities.

We decluttered over the holidays last winter and it was so freeing.


No longer is meditation the kind of thing that people think of as being unusual or strange. The truth is that plenty of people use meditation every day, and the benefits are both strong in the anecdotal sense and in the scientific community.

Of all the benefits you can expect from meditation, the one that we are concerned with here is, of course, the mental clarity that comes from it.

It’s just a fact that if you meditate just ten minutes a day, you are going to have a clearer mind than if you never meditate at all.

Meditation allows you to see thoughts come and go as they are without judgement. It is that judgement which often creates so much noise, so you can probably see the benefit here.


If you are a healthy individual with no history of eating disorders, who is not pregnant, breastfeeding, or otherwise unable to undergo rapid bodily changes, you should consider fasting.

The simple act of forgoing anything with calories for anywhere between 12-24 hours is hugely beneficial in many ways. You will experience a fantastic dose of mental clarity.

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Though something to keep in mind, before that clarity you will experience intense hunger and lack of energy. When it passes, the clarity comes. It is worth it!

How do you find mental clarity in your life?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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