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1.5 Million Reasons to Clean These 10 Household Trouble Spots

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1.5 Million Reasons to Clean These 10 Household Trouble Spots

It’s an infinite universe and we’re smaller than we think in comparison. But get ready to tackle some large problems including over one million bed bugs in your room every night.

Your bed is meant to be a haven for rest, relaxation, comfort and peace. We spend 8 hours a day in them (or try to) so you think we’d know what else shares that space around and beneath us. It’s truth-telling time so put on a protective suit, have a seat and read on!

You Are Not Alone

As stated there are an average of 1.5 million dust mites in your bed every night. The good news is a little extra effort could possibly cut down on the infestation. Before making your bed in the morning (which you should do every morning to increase productivity in your life), toss your bedding back similar to how you’d shake a rug outside. The air blowing through it will reduce moisture and possibly the number of mites likely to extend their nasty stay.

The Support of Slippers

The Germans call them “Haus schuh,” or “house shoe” for those who spreche kein Deutsch. Sausages and slippers, man…they know what they’re doing! The truth is that your carpet has more bacteria than your toilet. To the tune of FOUR THOUSAND TIMES MORE. I would not walk 100 miles on that rug and drag that dirt into my bed.

Vacuum at least once a week. You may check what the details are for the top vacuum cleaners in choosing your partner in this household chore. Leave your work or running shoes at the door and wear slippers around the house that you take off before getting into bed. It is much cleaner this way!

Talk Dirty to Me

Just when you thought things were debugged and off the rug, you hear that “Your phone is also dirtier than your toilet.”  Your phone can get pretty nasty, especially if it is a smartphone phone with a touch screen. You should make it a habit to clean it often. Make sure to wipe it off with a disinfecting alcohol wipe. Always keep some around if you can. You can’t clean everything you touch, but you can keep your phone germ free with a little planning.

Pillow Problems

Deadpool, The Dead Kennedy’s, and dead skin? Not a fun trifecta, for sure. Your pillows collect things, and not just dust mites and dust. Have you noticed your pillows getting heavier over the years? If so, it’s because they absorb and trap dead skin up to double the amount of their initial weight. Double gross! Toss your pillows, wash them (read washing instructions of course) and shake them out in the fresh air occasionally. I replace them often too!

Bugging for a Drink

Back to the bed bugs we go. Steam clean that mattress and flip it twice a year. Also use the upholstery tool attachment from your vacuum cleaner to suck up the little critters who’ve laid claim to you soft, fluffy land. Vacuum the surface and the box spring and floor around your bed.

Spritz a light amount of cheap vodka and water on the mattress and let fully dry before replacing the sheets and bedding. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire a cleaning company like Diamond Cleaning to do it for you. Done and done.

PJ & Bacteria

Change your pajamas every night if possible. If your wardrobe and wash-time do not allow for that, make sure to at least switch out your jammies every 3 nights to avoid nasty buildups. We sweat in our sleep and if left unwashed our sleepwear collects and breeds harmful bacteria. Even worse, your bed-bug-buddies might just come aboard your clothing for a new adventure.

Sweat Snoozing

As stated, we sweat at night. We sweat out up-to 26 GALLONS of that stuff every year and it goes right into our clothing, pillows, mattresses, sheets and more. Use vodka on your mattress but also occasionally spray Lysol or an essential-oil-based solution to kill the odors and germs. A very light sprinkling of baking soda vacuumed up after sitting for 10-15 minutes also helps.

Corral Your Corrupted Cosmetics

The same sweat and grease on your face go right onto your makeup accessories and general cosmetics. Over time and due to contact, many cosmetics products start to go bad with bacteria. Toss them if expired and don’t take chances. Replace your application tools frequently as well. Wash them regularly and replace when you need to.

Handle Your Handles 

Did you know that some germs tend to linger long after contact? That means surfaces and anything you touch is covered in them. Viruses love these places: doorknobs, handles, your refrigerator, the bathroom faucets, the toilet-flushing handle, etc.

Your kids always bring something home from school because you know someone there always has a cold. All those viruses and germs live happily for 48 hours on the most-touched items in your house. Sterilize them all as frequently as once a day to ensure a healthier atmosphere for your home. I use disinfectant wipes daily and on any surface after use.

Man’s Best Friend but Maybe Not at Night 

Yep. This one is a toughie because I know you love to cuddle with your fur babies. I do! Honestly, if you can bear it, consider leaving them outside the bedroom. If you think about it, they do use a  “litter box” and “outdoors” to do their business.

This one is a bit tough but, if you can’t bear the thought of not sleeping with your buddies, consider having a blanket for them at the foot of your bed. You can do what I do, and have them sleep next to your bed in their own warm cuddly bed. That way, they’re close enough for both of you to feel comforted. As always, do what feels natural to you.

After you’ve cleaned all the things, you’ll feel much better. I know I do! After all, we all want a clean room, right?

Do you do any of these to clean your home?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. oh my gosh. i have never steam cleaning my mattress. totally feel gross now! hubby has a new job on his hunny to do list LOL

  2. Great tips! It’s easy to keep hard surfaces clean but the soft surfaces are so much more complicated. The one tip I’m gonna completely ignore is about keeping the dog off the bed. She spends more time in there than I do!

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