Things Every Girl Should Bring to Residence

A woman attending college sits in a residence area with her laptop. Things Every Girl Should Bring to Residence! I’ve rounded up a list of everything I wish I had packed for my first dorm room. #tips

Note: This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

Things Every Girl Should Bring to Residence

Move-in day is quickly approaching for many university and college students and their parents. Now that your daughter is on her own, it’s important she has what she needs to for the academic year. I’ve rounded up a list of everything I wish I had packed for my first dorm room.

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1. Mattress Pad

Seriously, your daughter will thank you for this later! Dorm beds can be thin, lumpy and uncomfortable. This will help her get a good night’s rest after spending late nights at the library.

Hectic class schedules and late-night study sessions can impact the quality of food your daughter is eating. A multivitamin can help her get the nutrients she may be missing from her diet. One A Day Women’s Gummies are an option, formulated specifically for women to include calcium and vitamin D. Plus, they taste great.

2. Shower Caddy

A caddy is perfect to hold your bathroom supplies. It is easy to carry around and store in your room. Make sure to include essentials like shampoo, conditioner, face wash and soap. Residences are not the cleanest of places. This is especially true for shared bathrooms so make sure to also throw in a pair of flip-flops.

3. First-Aid Kit

Accidents can happen, so a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand is essential. Pack the kit with bandages, disinfectant, tweezers, and instant ice packs.

4. Feminine Hygiene Products

Having period products on hand when busy is key – no one likes running around last minute looking for what you need. I recommend buying items in bulk and storing them, that way your daughter will always be prepared. Don’t forget stress can make period symptoms worse. Be sure to have Menstrual Midol Complete on-hand for relief from multiple symptoms experienced during periods such as cramps, headaches, backaches and bloating.

5. Make It Feel Like Home

This may be the first time your daughter is away from home, packing her a few homey touches can make all the difference. Try packing some framed photos, a favourite stuffed animal, fun throw pillows, posters and plants. Her dorm should feel cozy in no time.

6. Extension Cord

Depending on the age of your new residence, it may not be equipped to the age of technology. By having an extension cord handy, you’ll have extra slots to charge your devices. Remember, these are usually temporary solutions!

7. Fan

Again, if your new home is an older residence, odds are you won’t have AC. Bring a fan or even a mini AC unit. You’re going to want to stay cool! I know I am always hot, all 4 seasons.

8. Electric Kettle or Pot

Odds are if you already aren’t addicted to the bean, you will be. Long study nights and cramming will call for a cup of joe. Having a kettle or pot at hand will give you that boost you need.

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Move-in day is a proud moment for every parent. It can be stressful and hectic for everyone, but with these helpful items, your daughter will be soaring through her studies and back for winter break to restock in no time.

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Did I miss any essentials?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




Note: This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

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  1. You covered several essentials that most girls would forget about. I’m glad you included a first aid kit. Adding a few homey touches is also a great idea.

  2. This is one area I never experienced in my life. For all those moving in to the dorms or are already there this is a great list to follow.

  3. My daughter hasn’t lived in the dorm for over ten years, but even then an extension cord was a must. The first aid kit was essential, too. You have nailed this list.

  4. I remember these days! And yes, I do believe I had most of this stuff. A mattress pad is a must since you have no idea where the mattress has been.

  5. I think you definitely covered all the basics. I’m trying to remember when I was back in college what I needed. I think my kettle was used constantly. The shower caddy was invaluable and you are right I wish I had a mattress pad I can.

  6. This post really hits home because a year from now my daughter will be in college. These ideas are great and i will keep them in mind for our moving day.

  7. I agree that those are all good things to bring to the dorm room. I’d add a couple of rolls of quarters to use in the laundry room too. Those came in handy with my kids.

  8. This looks like a list of things that would be really helpful but maybe overlooked. The tea kettle makes me think of ramen noodles and how easy it would be to heat water and pour it into a cup over the noodles! Likely popular with college students!

  9. This is a wonderful list and if My daughter does go on to College I will make sure and share her suggestions with her. Although I might just purchase the items as a Gift for her so I know she is prepared.

  10. Those are some great essentials. I’ve had a hard time powering through my time of the month lately, and those are useful to have.

  11. I agree with all of these but especially with personal mementos to make it feel like home! I loved bringing my favorite blanket and photos with me to give my dorm room a homey feel!

  12. Definitely first aid kit should be always there. Medicine essentials with labels as well so that in times of sickness, there is an instant medicine to take.

  13. I used to take One a Day Women supplements. I should buy another bottle and start again. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. I did have exactly the same list of things when i first move out for College. I was nervous but there a sense of responsibility and excitement at the same time. Feminine product is a must you never know what surprise you can get each month.

  15. We weren’t allowed to bring any type of heating impliments which was a bummer. I would definitely second the mattress pad though!

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