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4 Ways to Repurpose Old Holiday Decor. #tips

Repurpose Old Holiday Decor

4 Ways to Repurpose Old Holiday Decor!

You don’t have to put away your Christmas decorations just because the holidays have passed. There are plenty of ways you can repurpose old holiday décor to make your home look great throughout the year. Start with these four ideas and see where your imagination takes you.

Fill a Bowl With Ornaments

Go through your collection of Christmas tree ornaments and pull out the ones that don’t feature Christmas-specific imagery. You will probably find a lot of decorative globes and other designs that you can use anywhere in your house.

Display the ornaments by placing them in a large bowl. While you can use bowls made of wood or ceramic, glass usually works best because it will give you a clearer view of the ornaments. Depending on the ornament colors, you may want to put the bowl on your dining room table, a bookshelf, or an out-of-the-way spot in your bathroom.

Reshape Your Christmas Wreaths

If you have Christmas wreaths that you have used for several years, you can add new life to them simply by changing their shapes. You can, for instance, reshape a circular wreath into a heart for Valentine’s Day. This is an especially good idea if the wreath has red ribbon in it.

You can also pull the wreath into a straight line to decorate your mantel, front door, or kitchen counters. With a little creativity, you can refashion an old wreath for any time of the year.

Add Christmas Lights to Your Shelves

Don’t let your old Christmas lights get tangled in storage. Keep using them all year by attaching them to shelves in your home. A single strand of white Christmas lights can make a boring shelf more attractive. If you like the effect, you can purchase multiple strands from Christmas Lights Etc. without spending much money.

Of course, you don’t have to use white lights. Colorful strands can work well in children’s rooms. You not only add decoration to their shelves, but create a nightlight that will ease nighttime anxiety.

Make a Calendar for All Seasons

An aging advent calendar doesn’t have to stay in storage all year. Get more use out of it by turning it into a year-round calendar that will help you keep track of events. All you have to do is paint over the existing dates and images with chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard paint is a surprisingly easy way to transform any piece of wood, including your old advent calendar. Start by cleaning the surface and sanding it with 120 to 200 grit sandpaper. If the calendar has bright colors on it, apply a primer to cover them. Otherwise, you can just add the chalkboard paint. Once it dries, you can change the month and special events by writing on the calendar with chalk.

A slight change to your Christmas decorations could make them appropriate for any season. You may want to keep them up all year to make your home more festive, or you can bring them out on special occasions to put everyone in a celebratory mood.

How do you re-purpose holiday decor?

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  1. Thanks for all the neat ideas i have been going through holiday boxes all week,it`s really time to repurpose some of it!

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