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The Best Baby Essentials from the Best Buy Baby Sale

Darasak sits with Mimi on his lap on the new white recliner from Best Buy. They are reading a book together.

Don’t Miss the Best Buy Baby Sale

Raise your hand if your kids are growing right before your eyes and you can hardly stand it. The fact that I remember my children being babies and now one is taller than me is hard.

But, the one thing that never changes is that you want your kids to have the very best you can provide.

Let’s be honest, when they’re babies, you want to ensure that they’re safe but, you want products that make your life easier too.

Since our kids are getting older, I feel as though there is one store we can all agree to shop in and that’s Best Buy!

Wait, what?

I know you’re thinking that it may not be a store where you can shop as a family but, you totally can. In fact, you’ll find that you can buy their baby crib, car seat, baby monitor and when they get older, their phones, laptops, cameras and more.

Our Best Buy was revamped recently and it’s incredible in there. I recently purchased a gaming laptop and we all literally spent hours in there.

Not only can you get everything you’ll need for baby, but you can also get everything for the home and entertainment too.

White recliner against a herring bone painted wall. A white dresser is shown along with some geometrical decor on dresser.

Darasak and Mimi are shown on the recliner with the legs extended.

Mimi and Darasak laugh while they read a book on the recliner from Best Buy.

Close up of white recliner with Darasak and Mimi reading.
A white recliner from Best Buy, next to a white dresser with a TV, against a herring bone wall.

Swivel, Baby

There is one product my whole family loves and it’s the Kidiway Condo Swivel Chair. Mimi is 7 years old and still loves to be read to. She plops down in this chair every night and reads us a story! I love that she’s at an age in which she’s reading to us, it warms my heart.

One reason I’d totally recommend this chair for parents and parents-to-be is that it grows with your family. You can easily rock your newborn in this chair and relax during nighttime feedings.

As they grow, you can share nightly reading adventures and they get to sit in your lap. Eventually, they outgrow your lap and want the chair all to themselves.

Gabby, in particular, loves to kick back, lounge, listen to music and do her homework on it. She just grabs her laptop desk and just chills. Hey, if it helps her to be productive, I’m game.

This chair, from Best Buy, is awesome in so many ways! I love how it swivels 360 degrees. Trust me, the whole family loves this feature.

The bonded leather seat also makes it a super comfortable area to relax. 

It’s big enough to sit in, but not so big that it takes up a whole room. You and your family will find themselves sitting here often because it sits back to recline all the way!

I’ve even enjoyed reading a book and relaxing in it.

Side view of white recliner against herringbone wall, dresser, and TV. All bought in the Best Buy Baby Sale.

I don’t want to twist your arm to buy the Kidiway Condo Swivel Chair but, it is on sale right now at Best Buy.


I think it’s an awesome staple item for any family to have since it will get years of love. Go and snatch one of these up. That way, you can enjoy endless nights of cuddling, rocking, and reading to your little ones!

For those of you who think Best Buy is only for electronics, I have some exciting news for you. The Best Buy Baby Sale is happening right now until 9/28 and I don’t want you to miss out on it.

They literally have everything a family would need for a baby. Read on to find out what you can snag for a great price right now at the Best Buy Baby Sale!

Let's Get Started!

Baby Gear

Yes, you can stock up on your baby gear right at Best Buy. Everything from cribs, mattresses, baby furniture, strollers, high chairs, booster seats, baby gates, and more can be found right at Best Buy during the Baby Sale and any time after the sale. You can even get baby monitors, toys, and play yards.

Clothing Galore

You probably didn’t know that Best Buy also has maternity and baby clothing in stock. Whenever you’re prepping for baby, maternity clothing and baby clothing is a must-have.

Nursing and Feeding

Babies need to eat and there is no better place to stock up than at Best Buy. They have everything you’d need to keep your baby’s tummy happy and full. You can also find carriers and slings to carry those little ones.

Prep the Nursery

While you’re out prepping for baby, grab everything you need to decorate the nursery from Best Buy. They also have popular items like baby baths and diaper bags to help you get everything you need for that beautiful bundle of joy.

Keep them safe

One of the most important things you will buy for baby is a car seat and you can buy that at Best Buy too. You can also keep your memories safe by stocking up on various memories and keepsakes at Best Buy.

So, whether you’re rocking your baby or your 7-year-old is reading to you, there is so much you can stock up on at Best Buy.

Keep in mind that Best Buy still has your favourite electronics, but they also have an extensive line of baby items.

Don’t miss out on Canada’s Best Buy Baby Sale, happening now!

What baby items are a must for someone getting ready for a baby?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. For a new baby, I would tell someone to get a good baby carrier that’s good for your back and good for the baby. You don’t know how many hours you’ll need to carry the baby for!

  2. For me, a swing is a must have for baby. All my babies have loved hanging out in the swing and it frees me up for a few minutes to get some things done. Love your colour scheme by the way!

  3. I just love the Stork Craft Tuscany 4-In-1 Convertible Crib as not only does it look good but you can convert it as your child grows!

  4. I’d use the gift card to get a couple of playtime dress up outfits from Rubie’s or Melissa & Doug! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I think a great car seat is a must have item for baby! I got the best price on my Graco seat at Best Buy…really happy with it!

  6. That chair is AWESOME and doesn’t ‘look’ like your regular baby glider. Love it. A baby monitor is a must, and I would love to get a video monitor to watch baby sleep without risking waking a sleeping baby!

  7. The most useful think was the swaddle wraps I had. It saved many hours of crying and I’m surprised it worked.

  8. I think a baby swing is a must have items when getting ready for baby. I like the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle n’ Swing – Tan.

  9. I think that every parent should invest in a decent baby carrier, I like that Best Buy carries Ergo & Beco carriers.

  10. I’d get the UniLink Ultra Slim Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for All Ipads, Ipad Pro, Smartphone, Tablets and Pc with Bluetooth

  11. my niece is preggie with her first and she needs everything, so a crib, change table, monitors, car seat, stroller, breast pump, the list goes on.

  12. for those moms breastfeeding nipple cream is a must!
    I have several friends expecting and I can’t wait to explore best buy for some neat ideas.

  13. For new parents, other than a car seat, I think parents need to have a stroller. It is always great to get out of the house and walking. If I had a wild card – I would use it towards the purchase of an ipad for my daughter. Maybe then i could have mine back!

  14. I would buy the Evenflo SureRide DLX Convertible 2-in-1 Car Seat,because every mom needs a good quality car set for her baby. Its a great price also!

  15. A baby monitor so you can hear when you baby is crying or even peak in on them without disturbing them. Great for parent’s peace of mind.

  16. my niece who is like a daughter is expecting her first baby, so I would put it towards the Evenflo Victory Travel System Jogging Stroller with Embrace Infant Car Seat – Grey/Black/Green

  17. I would pick a travelling playpen for my niece so I can baby sit her often now that she is trying to walk and grabbing on things.

  18. I would put it towards the purchase of a Nest Cam Wi-Fi Outdoor 1080p IP Camera. Lots of crime in our neighborhood last 2 months. We live in a good area so we thought. lol

  19. I would get an amazing monitor like the Motorola 3.5″ WiFi Video Baby Monitor with Zoom/Pan/Tilt & Two-way Communication!

  20. I think a baby monitor is a must for the parents to be more relaxed, knowing they can hear what is going on with the new born

  21. I guess its been awhile since I have been into a BestBuy…..I would never have thought baby stuff!! a baby monitor is a must…..love that now you can view what is going on not just hear what is going on.

  22. I love the NorthStates Superyard Colorplay for baby, so there’s a nice safe area that can be increased or decreased in size. They come in so handy for indoors & out!

  23. The thing that we’ve used the most, and are still using even though our little one is already three, is a baby monitor! Definitely need one to keep on eye on them when they’re sleeping!

  24. With a new niece /nephew coming in a few months I will definitely be checking out Best Buy, who knew they had such a good selection of baby items!

  25. For me, it is a baby swing. It was the one thing all 5 of my boys used, and something that helped me out tremendously.

  26. I think the one item that is a must besides the basics is a good baby swing. The Ingenuity Orson ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Bouncer would keep your baby happy when you need to do things around the house while keeping them happy.

  27. A good baby monitor is also important to have for new baby, definitely gives you peace of mind when they are in their crib.

  28. A rocking chair or glider is a must for a nursery. Babies love the soothing action, and it’s a stress-releaser for mom, as well.

  29. You don’t need the fanciest or the most expensive equipment. Do your research and look for the best reviewed ones and the ones with the highest safety profile. Also, look for recall info.

  30. A mom to be needs a crib, rocking chair, baby monitor and hopefully a good babysitter so the parents can have a break once in a while.

  31. I wish I had a little less when I had our boy. I felt bad that I didn’t use all the clothes we got- but bottles, diapers, a monitor were all so helpful!

  32. I remember having about a dozen pair of sleepers for my first and I thought I had way too many. I soon learned newborns go through a lot of them. I had all those and still had to do laundry every other day. So you really do need a lot of clothes for a baby.

  33. I would get a signal booster for my cell phone….we live in the country and there are good days and bad days with our service….would love to be able to ditch the land line!

  34. A monitor like the Summer Infant Baby Glow 2.8″ Digital Video Monitor is a must especially if you have a multilevel home. It will save you a lot of steps checking on your baby plus every time you check on them you may disturb the baby and wake them up so they do not sleep as well as they should.

  35. A KidiComfort SLEEPYNIGHT Dual-Side Crib Mattress is a must have for a new baby. Even if it is a second, third, ninth… baby, they should have a new mattress.

  36. A car seat is a definite must-have because you need it right from day 1 when you come home from the hospital (assuming the use of a vehicle of course). I agonized over every detail of the car seat, from safety to ease of use and so on. It was such a big decision!

  37. For me, a portable bouncer chair is a “must” – it’s great to have a safe, comfortable spot to put the baby when making dinner, having a shower etc. Love having the baby there with me, but not having to hold the baby when I need to get something done. At first I thought I would do all those things when she slept, but in reality, sleep time doesn’t always match up to the timing of when you need to do those things, not to mention that sometimes you need to sleep when they sleep!

  38. A good diaper pail was a must for us as well. Our garbage is 2 floors down from the baby’s room, so running a diaper down 2 flights of stairs each time is not practical. We keep a diaper pail on the top floor where we change her, and then only have to take the diapers down once it fills. Love not having the smell of stinky diapers in our house!

  39. My youngest grandson slept in sleep sacs. After hearing about all the advantages of them I would recommend them for all babies. They are so much safer than blankets.

  40. Over the past couple years I’ve been really impressed with the direction Best Buy is going in. Because of their vast selection now, I was able to buy a large majority of my family’s Christmas gifts there… subwoofer for dad, toys for my son, & iPod Touch for my daughter! They have everything!

  41. At least one package of newborn diapers is a good idea to have on hand, as well as a couple of newborn sleepers – I had pretty big babies, 8lbs6oz and 10lbs2oz and wasn’t planning on having any newborn sized items since I figured they would just be too small. However, a friend who was experienced with babies bought us a few newborn things (diapers and a couple of sleepers) and I was so thankful because I really did need them in the first few weeks – all the 0-3 months clothes and size 1 diapers were actually way too big!

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