Rise of Mobile Gaming Infographic. Are You Part of The Movement? #gaming

Rise of Mobile Gaming Infographic

Mobile Gaming is On The Rise Infographic!

No matter who you ask they will tell you Mobile Games are on the rise! Whether you play solitaire or roulette you will have noticed the advances in gaming quality and this looks set to soar, soar and soar.

There’s just no letting up and thanks to Smartphone technology, which just seems to get better and better with every Apple and Samsung release, these figures speak gospel. This info graphic created by JackpotCity shows this rise. The future of mobile gaming looks exciting to say the least.

I have to say, I am guilty of playing Iron Man 2, The Sims and even the classic, Final Fantasy. Not to mention a small plethora of other smartphone games that I really get into. The games just get better and better, it’s no wonder why it continues to rise.

What is your favorite game?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I don't play phone games but I do play on some videogame systems. there are some games than I play that my husband will download onto my phone but I don't use them. either I am home and can play on a much bigger tv screen or I am out with the kids and have to pay attention to them instead of a phone screen. but anyway he keeps downloading these games and apps on my phone taking up valuable memory that could be used to store pictures of my kids lol.

  2. Definitely not part of the movement but my partner is. I still use my smartphone like a regular phone — basic functions!

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