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A Day of Dining at @BlueMtnResort: Enjoy Delicious Food All in One Place! #biggerblue

Dining At Blue Mountain Resort

Dining at Blue Mountain Resort.

As you may have read about our winter adventure at Blue Mountain, there’s no shortage of fun things to do. We went snowshoeing and snowboarding and we stayed at the gorgeous Westin Trillium House. But, one of the many things that make Blue Mountain Resort a great place to vacation is, well, the delicious food.

After all, you need the fuel to get out there and get moving! We were the guests of Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill for breakfast, The Pottery for lunch and the Firehall Pizza Co. for dinner. The service was great and the food was superb. I am a self-proclaimed gastronome and foodie, so I truly appreciate trying new dishes and favorite flavors that tantalize my palate.


Start the Day Right.

We were very anxious to get started and we headed to breakfast around 7:30AM. Oliver & Bonacini was already buzzing when we arrived and you can smell the aroma of fresh oatmeal, crisp bacon and fresh fruit in the air. We were greeted promptly and seated quickly and offered water and coffee and given the menu.

While the menu boasted absolutely mouth-watering fare, we decided to take the waitress up on their daily buffet. They served fresh bread, bagels, croissants and sweet bread. You could pair them with scrambled eggs, bacon, eggs Benedict, breakfast potatoes or sausage. If you prefer a lighter breakfast there was cereals, warm oatmeal and fresh fruit.

I decided on some scrambled eggs, a croissant, bacon and a side of fresh fruit. The coffee was divine and was Oliver & Bonacini’s own blend. After breakfast, we were ready to get our day started and we headed to Activity Central in the Village. This is where we had a rendezvous and then got picked up to go snowshoeing in the Kolapore Uplands.




The Pottery Restaurant.

It hit the spot. While all the food at Blue Mountain was delicious, there’s something about The Pottery that satisfied me in so many ways. I loved the freshness of the wrap and the warmth of the fresh cut fries. The fireplace burning and the cozy atmosphere made it for a perfect lunch.

About the Restaurant:

Located in the original Blue Mountain Inn, the Pottery has lots to offer including a casual atmosphere, exceptional service and creative dining experiences. Menu features seafood, AAA steaks and amazing daily selections. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Children’s menu available.

I ordered the Chicken Bacon Feta wrap with herbed grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, bacon, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, garlic-parsley mayo and hand cut fries. The fries were amazing, there’s something extra special about hand-cut fries, it is really like no other. The wrap itself was fresh and tasty and packed with flavor. The creaminess of the feta cheese went perfectly with the crisp of the bacon and the perfectly seasoned chicken.

The portion was very generous and I took half of it home to the Westin.  The girls enjoyed a chicken finger meal with hand cut fries and took more than half home too. You can see their lunch menu, here.

My mom ordered the Clubhouse with smoked turkey breast, peameal bacon, herbed grilled chicken, baby spinach, tomato, havarti cheese, garlic-parsley mayo, herbed flatbread and opted for a Caesar salad instead of fries. She loved it and said it was what she was craving and had hoped they would have on the menu.

Dara ordered the Hobbs burger which is a 6 oz. AAA Canadian beef burger, double-smoked bacon, herbed havarti, sautéed mushrooms, crispy onion straws, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, fresh kaiser roll and hand cut fries. He said the burger was juicy and packed with flavor. After lunch, we hit the slopes and Mimi went to Burton’s Riglet Park.





Your Favorites at Firehall Pizza Co.

After a long day of snow boarding and enjoying Blue Mountain to the fullest, we went back to the Westin to freshen up and then headed to Firehall Pizza and Co. to have dinner. The ambiance is fun and it was lively when we got there. The waitress came to us promptly for drink orders and menus and we were delighted with the choices. The menu is well-rounded and there’s something for everyone.

We started with appetizers and decided on Arancini which is a favorite. It is risotto stuffed with cheese and topped with parmesan and pomodoro sauce. It was above par and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We also ordered the bruschetta and they were thoroughly enjoyed.

Dara and I had the Chicken and Veal Parmigiana, it was lightly coated in parmesan & herbs, topped with mozzarella and fresh pomodoro sauce. It was fresh and authentic and perfectly garlicky. My mom had the New York, New York which is a 8oz. AAA premium cut, grilled to order and brushed with their signature Firehall steak sauce.

The girls had pasta dishes, needless to say, they ate almost their whole portions because they enjoyed it that much. Mimi had stuffed cheese ravioli and Gabby had the spaghetti. We all shared 2 slices of their out of this world cheesecake, the marshmallows made this a home run.


Stay, Play and Dine.

Everything truly is bigger and better at Blue Mountain. We want to thank the all of these amazing restaurants for hosting us as their guests and for tantalizing our taste buds.

Dining at Blue Mountain was easy, a lot of the restaurants and eateries are within walking distance and you can always use Blue Mountain’s shuttle system to get around.

With 28 choices of eateries and entertainment at Blue Mountain, there is definitely something you will enjoy. I wasn’t disappointed by any of my meals at all and that is rare to have such consistency in a resort. Blue Mountain has nailed down the quality and service that you’d expect. There’s Italian, Greek, American and much more flavors to enjoy.

What type of food do you like to eat when you travel?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Oh my goodness, the Blue Mountain resort looks fantastic for dinning! I would love to have a full day there trying everything they offer. uhm….make that a week! lol.

  2. I so want to go to Blue Mountain. DH has time off next week maybe we can rent a car and check it out.
    When it comes to food…I'm not picky. I love trying new things.
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  3. Oh YUM! All of this looks so delicious! I've been thinking of Blue Mountain for our family, as I've heard and seen so many great things about it. So happy to see the food looks just as good too!! Will have to check it out!

  4. I love to eat at the local restaurants when I travel. We are trying to get away from the big chains – esp on vacation! With all these food options, Blue Mountain looks like a place I need to visit!

  5. Wow all the food looks amazing!!! Talk about one big wrap sandwich!!!! Yummy!!!
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  6. YUMMM.. this looks like a wonderful place… would love to relax there and try some of the amazing dishes… Thanks for sharing, will add this to my bucket list

  7. Wow, it all looks so delicious. The wrap would have probably been my favorite. I'd love to go and visit some time!
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  8. Gosh on a drool overload right now! Everything looks so good!!
    I can eat anything and everything as long as it's cooked by someone else!

  9. We always go to Oliver and Bonacini when we go to Blue Mountain. We have never tried the buffet though! A must-do for next time, gauging by your review!!

    1. It was really good. You know how most buffets tend to be but, they were really above par. 🙂

  10. That would've been a real thrill! The food looks delicious, and i know for a fact the skiing is great there too! I know where i'm going on a honeymoon trip!

  11. Wow, this sounds like the place to go if you need to put on a few kilos, I on the other hand better steer clear! Food sounds fabulous.

  12. This sounds wonderful – 28 places to choose to eat – all those photos look soo good! I love snowshoeing it would be a fun vacation here – need to check into this!!!!

  13. Oh that must be partly owned by Chef Michael Bonacini who is featured on Marilyn Dennis show (and previously Cityline). Everything looks perfect!

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