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9 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Fuji FinePix XP 120 Camera

A beautiful water park at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. If you love photography and taking pics on-the-go, here are 9 reasons why you'll love the FinePix XP 120 Camera!

Why You’ll Love the FinePix XP 120 Camera

I love to take pictures, whether I am outdoors and climbing to the top of a mountain, kayaking in a lake, or traveling with my family.

The camera on my phone is really good, and my DSLR is dependable. The only problem is that it can be rather large to lug around and my phone can’t always follow me everywhere I go.

There are times when I want a camera that is a little more rugged, lighter and offers a lot of features.

The Fuji FinePix XP 120 Camera meets all those needs plus more, which is why I am excited to share it with you! Read on for the 9 reasons why you’ll love it!

A Fuji XP 120 lies on the ground on a bed of fallen leaves.
1. It’s Tough

I’m going to start with the tough factor, because, well many of us have children. Which has most of us looking for a camera that can withstand their curious little hands!

The FinePix XP 120 Camera is shockproof. You can drop in up to 5.8 feet and it won’t be affected in any way.

You’ll still feel your heart in your throat when it happens, but trust me, it will survive the fall!

An underwater view of fish in the Bahamian sea.
2. It’s Waterproof

It is also waterproof up to 65 feet and has been sealed to prevent the entry of dust and sand. So, feel free to take it to the beach like I did and have fun using it in both the water and the sand.

You may find that you can get some amazing pictures of your children and marine life underwater. Don’t forget those pics of those fantastic sandcastles that you all build together.

I know that I will be taking this to vacations from now on and leaving my phone in my hotel room.

A Fuji XP 120 camera with the top open.
3. It Can Take the Cold

If you are a hardcore photographer or just generally outdoorsy, you’re gonna love this. The FinePix XP 120 Camera will work in temperatures as low as 14°F -10°C.

Winter gets really cold here, and I notice that even my phone shuts off sometimes. Being able to use my camera while we are out in the snow is life-changing. If I drop it in the snow, I don’t have to worry!

Front facing view of the Fuji XP 120.
4. It’s Quick

As I used the FinePix XP 120 Camera to take pictures, I really loved how I could take multiple pictures in a row without missing a beat. That is one of my favourite features of this camera.

The continuous shooting mode allows me to take ten shots per second. That means that I will never miss that perfect shot or only have pictures of my children with their eyes closed.

Yes, that has happened too many times in the past to count!

A zoomed in shot of the Disney Dream in the Bahamas.
5. It Has a Great Zoom

The 16.4-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, and 10x intelligent digital zoom will allow you to get up close and personal with anything that you want a picture of.

Especially things you cannot really get that close to. I took advantage of that feature when we went to the zoo in D.C. and I wanted amazing pictures of Bei Bei, the panda, who was up in the tree at the time.

Of course, I also used it with tigers, lions, and orangutans. As cuddly as they all look, I didn’t think it was a good idea to get too close to any of them!

6. You Can Send Pictures to Print

While all the above features are fabulous, many of you will like this one the best. The FinePix XP 120 Camera has wireless features that let you send any image you capture to your phone or tablet and then to your Instax SHARE.

You can print your photos instantly or share them immediately with friends and family. In other words, the grandparents will never need to wait too long for a new picture of their grandchildren when you use this camera. 

7. It Has Cinegraph Mode

If you’ve ever seen those cool pictures that come to life and move and you’re like me, well, you’re blown away.

You record a video of up to 5 seconds and specify which elements of the image you would like to see move.

Then, you’ll have a still image with a moving element. It is really cool. I still have to perfect it, and believe me, I will!

Fuji XP 120 camera lies on a teal backdrop.
8. You Can Use it with a Remote

Another cool feature is that you can set up the camera on a tripod. Once you have your shot lined up, you can use the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app and hit the shutter through your phone or tablet.

You can adjust the zoom or switch from camera mode to video mode. It’s a cool feature to avoid shaky shots.

A Fuji XP 120 camera showing the back screen and available filters.
Back screen of a Fuji XP 120 showing the Advanced Filter.
A collage showing all the filter effects.
9. It Has Fun Filters

The camera has 11 filters that you can shoot with. 7 of those filters can be used with the video option as well.

The filters you can choose from are Sketch, Pop Color, Toy Camera, Miniature, Soft Focus, Partial Color (one of my faves), Cross Screen, High-Key, Low-Key, Dynamic Tone, and Fisheye.

The Fuji XP 120 focuses on a Deadpool figurine.
The viewfinder of the camera focuses on Deadpool action figure.
Why I Love It:

Apart from the many reasons above, one of the best parts of the camera is the large 3-inch 920K-dot LCD monitor. Even with the nice screen, it’s still thin and compact and has an anti-reflective coating.

When it’s bright and sunny out, you can still see it clearly. The cinegraph mode is amazing, and I can’t wait to start sharing those moving images on my Instagram.

Since I have my Instax printer, I love that I can send the images I want to print to my phone and right to my printer.

It’s a matter of clicking a few buttons and in seconds, I have a picture in my hand. This helps to bring pictures back to print and away from digital.

I can’t tell you the thousands of images that I have on my phone, computer and in storage. It’s nice to able to print them out. 

The time-lapse feature is pretty neat too. I know that it isn’t a new feature but, it’s a great way to step up your photography game up a notch. 

A woman sits in the water in the Bahamas, reflecting over the horizon.
A couple link hands, showing their matching tattoos with the Bahamian sea in the background.
Great for Vacations

We recently went away for #DisneySMMC and I just knew I had to bring my Fuji XP 120. It was perfect to take with us to the beach and shoot in the water and beyond.

It helped me to capture the stunning pictures above. 

For a point and shoot, it has many options that DSLR’s have and many that they don’t. The panoramic option helps you capture so much more.

There are various features like portrait, landscape, sunset, macro and so much more to help you capture exactly what you want. 

Camera is open revealing camera battery and memory card slot.
Get Yours

For more information, visit fujifilm.ca and get social with Fuji on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s a great camera to take on-the-go when you don’t want to bring your phone or DSLR!

What do you look for in a camera?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. My husband is a big sports fan so I think he would really love the Cinegraph feature. I would really appreciate it too for taking candid moments/photos and bringing them “back to life”!

  2. I love the waterproof feature. That is something that sets this camera apart from the ones we already own. Thanks!

  3. My favourite photography tip is to take my camera with me everywhere I go so I always can take that candid shot of a friend or a beautiful picture of nature.

  4. I like that it can take the cold. I love a good zoom on a camera. Mostly I use my phone for pictures, but my life isn’t that interesting

  5. I’m an avid ‘phone ‘photographer but I agree sometimes you want more, I love the waterproof feature and so many other cool things about this camera!

  6. I would love the Fuji FinePix XP 120 Camera. So many great features one of my fave is the anti-reflective coating LCD monitor.

  7. Lots of great feature of this camera. I like that it is waterproof and also can take the cold weather. This would be perfect for taking on my winter walks.

  8. My photography tip is to keep both eyes open when looking through the rangefinder.Keeping both eyes open lets you monitor what’s out of the frame so you can predict when your subject will enter the frame.

  9. Since I have my Instax printer, I love that I can send the images I want to print to my phone and right to my printer…I think this is one selling feature right there…

  10. I love that it’s waterproof. This would be great to take to the beach and not having to worry about it getting a little wet or about getting sand on it.

  11. I love the the large LCD screen, perfect for getting that perfect shot, I want to win this for my son who is beginning his passion which is taking photos

  12. I learned that this camera can be used with a remote – super useful when trying to get everyone in the shot! Love this feature.

  13. I like the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app so I can set the camera up on the tripod and not worry about shaking!

  14. Awesome photos ! I love this is so easy to take to play at the beach and in the water , this is a vacation must have camera ,so fun to let the kids share and get some great shots with no worries about getting phones out !

  15. My favorite photography tip is to watch where the sun is when you are taking pictures. If the sun is in front of you, then you will not be happy with the pictures. It was cloudy on the day we got married and our photographer was thrilled. The pictures were amazing! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  16. I feature I like is that you can use it with a remote. No more setting timers and running back to get in the picture.

  17. I know both my son and myself would love to shoot under water! Being waterproof up to 65 feet is amazing & would be a blast to take pics of the mysteries of the water!

  18. I love to capture precious memories and silly moments with my family. This looks like a great camera to do that with!

  19. I like that this camera is also waterproof up to 65 feet and has been sealed to prevent the entry of dust and sand

  20. This is awesome, we would keep this for our family, I would give it to the kids – I absolutely love that it’s tough and won’t break when I give it to the kids. And what a great feature – that it’s waterproof too – can’t wait to test that out in the water!

  21. First of all , I love that it is small and tough and easy to carry around. Secondly, I love the filters. these look like so much fun to play with. This looks like a great little camera — thanks for the chance to win!

  22. My mom is looking for a new camera and this looks perfect for her. It looks easy to use and the large 3-inch 920K-dot LCD monitor is great.

  23. I would take this on vacations and camping. Even on our park trips! This would be great for capturing our family memories.

  24. I like that you can take multiple pictures in a row without missing a beat. The continuous shooting mode allows you to take ten shots per second.

  25. The 16.4-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, and 10x intelligent digital zoom will allow you to get up close and personal with anything that you want a picture of. I always have problems getting cameras zoomed in.

  26. I like that it has a really good zoom. Filters are fun too. It sounds like it’s a great camera for kids to learn on!

  27. I love that this camera is built to be tough because sometimes it can be fun to see the world from my 6 year old daughters perspective. Thanks!

  28. I really love that this camera is shockproof. The FinePix XP 120 Camera is shockproof. You can drop it up to 5.8 feet and it won’t be affected in any way.

  29. My favourite feature is the amazing zoom. Sometimes it’s hard to get close to your photo subjects (ie. animals) and with this camera I can still get a nice close up shot without actually being close up

  30. I love that its waterproof! The filters look really fun for getting creative-but a camera to take on the beach would be amazing!!

  31. I am a photoholic if there’s.such a word. I love taking pics of anything whatever I am what ever my eye caught that instant perfect moments to shoot and.bring them to life but my only problem is I am using my phone and tablet that is now full and no memories left. So that cinegraph mode, filters, waterproof, shockproof we’re the best feature that will surely made this what I needed. Love t get this camera for the coming big family reunion and will give to my parents who will surely enjoyntonhave this to capture the moments with their grandkids. Thank you for the chance.

  32. So much to love about this camera. I love the size of the view screen and the zoom. The fun filters are a great bonus!

  33. My favorite feature is the 16.4-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, and 10x intelligent digital zoom to bring the subject up close. I love taking pictures and it would be awesome to bring things up closer to see all the details. This camera has a lot of wonderful features that I admire and love that it has wireless features that let you send any image to my phone or tablet and instax printer.That is really SA-WEEET!

  34. Shockproof, I do like that. I have cringed a few times when a camera has been dropped, nice to know that this one has some protection!

  35. My favourite photography tip is to not stage all your photos take random ones, those are often the ones where you find a great one.

  36. I love that you can use this camera with a remote! No more begging random tourists to take pictures of your family!

  37. I love photography and like getting prints done and having them framed! I have a photo gallery for family on an antique dresser and personal family prints in our sitting room! Tons of my dogs…lol. This large screen is awesome on this camera!

  38. The cinegraph mode feature sounds pretty cool. I’ve always loved using Cameras and any new features are exciting for me.

  39. I love how quick it is to take pictures. especially if something is moving and you want to get it before it disappears. This would be great.

  40. I would love to take a nice panoramic photograph of a beach at sunset. I find it peaceful to look at pictures like that. Thanks!

  41. I love that this camera is waterproof. We live at the beach in the summer, so how fantastic would this camera be.

  42. Today I have a tip. I bring my camera with me pretty well everywhere we go. You never know when you will see someone you haven’t seen in a long while, or some nice scenery, or just about anything that you don’t have to say I wish I had my camera with me.

  43. I tend to take more pics outdoors for the natural light seems to make for better prints…Thankyou for this chance on winning this camera!!! Happy Easter too…

  44. Our family does some winter camping so I’d like the feature that this can withstand cold temperatures!

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