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Road Trip Games!

Anyone who has been on a long trip in a car will tell you how repetitive it can be. That’s why I’ve come up with a couple of road trip games you can try to help pass the time. Here’s a list of 20 games that will help you pass the time and avoid boredom!

1: I Spy

Everyone’s familiar with I Spy, it’s a classic car trip game that lets you and your friends take it in turn spotting items you see outside the window.

2: Battleship

You can normally pick up a travel set of battlefield for cheap in any service station and it will make the time just melt away on long trips.

3: Chess

Similar to Battleship, you can pick a relatively cheap portable chess set up pretty much anywhere.

4: Card Games

There’s an almost unlimited number of game types you can play with cards, from Blackjack to Gin Rummy or even something as simple as Snap! Show off your skills with a couple of card games

5: Counting Cows

This fun game involves counting types of cows you see by the roadside and the winner is the first to get to a specific number.

6: Scavenger Hunt

Players are given a list of items they see out the window like cars or animals and the winner is the first to complete their list.

7: Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game involves spotting licence plates of cars on the road that starts or ends with a specific letter.

8: 20 Questions

This game lets players take it in turn trying to figure out the identity of one player with a limit of 20 questions.

9: Tunnel Lung

This simple game involves players holding their breath going through a tunnel and the loser is the first one to take a breath.

10: ‘In My Trunk’

Similar to the classic ‘In My Suitcase’, this memory game involves players listing off items in a fictional trunk that they then add to.

11: Car Counter

This game is similar to the counting cows game, only it involves counting cars and to add an extra challenge you could limit it to specific types or colors of car.

12: Mystery Writing

Players take turns writing on other players hands with their fingers and the person being written on has to guess what the other player is writing.

13: Car Bingo

Give each player a bingo card and instead of using balls to play bingo you can use colours or types of cars and the winner will be the first player to complete a line on their card.

14: Guess the Travel Time

Players take turns guessing the travel time to a destination and the winner is the one that manages to get the closest to the actual number when you arrive.

15: Handheld Console Tournament

If you have some handheld consoles you could have a little tournament with a special prize going to the winner.

16: Gambling Games

With this option you just need a phone with an internet connection and a few gambling apps that let you play casino or bingo games. Enjoy casino or no deposit bingo games on your mobile.

17: Hot Seat

Similar to 20 questions, players take it in turn asking five questions to players in the ‘Hot Seat’.

18: Who Are They?

Pick cars you see on the road around you and come up with a back story for the driver. The player with the funniest story wins.

19: Licence Plate Decoder

Look at the licence plates in vehicles around you and try to figure out if they have an anagram in them.

20: Rock, Paper, Scissors

This option is great if you’re completely unprepared for your trip as all you need is a pair of hands!


Get On the Road!

So, if you’re looking to kill some time on your trip, try out a couple of these games to make those hours melt away. This makes travel by car much easier and I guarantee you will be entertained for hours. you won’t even have to say, “Are we there yet?” because by the time you realize, you will be at your destination.

What games do you like playing in the car?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Wow! I have never heard of a lot of these! Thanks for sharing! I plan to try some out on our next road trip.

  2. Thanks for sharing these,we are doing a road trip in July across Newfoundland and there is some great fun posted here.

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