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Make Car Shopping a Breeze with Carmigo and Buy A Car On Your Own Terms.


Make Car Shopping a Breeze with Carmigo.

Car shopping can definitely be stressful. We recently bought two cars and it was a long process and a tad nerve-wracking, actually it can be really nerve-wracking. I guess you can say that the most challenging part was finding the right dealership. While some are eager to sell to you, others are quite the opposite and frankly, don’t want to offer help. 

We had Betsey, an older van that was still working just fine and a car that had seen better days. It was time to upgrade and even though I was reluctant about getting into monthly payments, I was ready to find our next vehicles. We started our search online first and perused the weekly flyers to see if there were any deals.

After that, we took our search to some of the nearby dealerships to no avail. Eventually, we were able to find cars that worked for us and we got a great deal with lots of extras but, that wasn’t without hours and hours spent looking AND negotiating with no guidance. Next time we are looking to purchase a vehicle, I am enlisting Carmigo’s help.

Carmigo home pageCarmigo.com.

A service that can help you make car shopping much less stressful. Perhaps, maybe even an enjoyable experience. I know I had lots of fears like–am I paying too much? Can I trust my car dealer? How do I negotiate a good deal?

Did you know that 1 out of 7  Canadian car buyers find the process of purchasing a vehicle stressful, time-consuming and intimidating? I totally get it and like I mentioned before, I’ve been there and done that!

Step 1 - How it worksStep 1: Build Your Car.

It’s simple, all you have to do is build the car you would like to buy along with any “must have” options. That way, it’s personalized to YOU.

Carmigo is an innovative new website designed to improve the car shopping experience. It connects buyers with multiple salespeople online in real-time.

Not only are you in control but, you can rock your PJ’s and shop from the comfort of your own home or the hockey rink, ballet studio, at your desk or on the phone for the car you want. What’s even better is that you can do all this with no fee.

Step 2 - Select Dealership

Step 2: Select Dealerships.

Take a look at what dealerships are closest to you or ones that you’ve heard have good deals! You can add multiple dealers at a time which gives you lots of options! I know that I looked for ones close to home but, ones that were further but came recommended by word of mouth too.

Step 3 - Communicate

Step 3: Communicate.

Now it’s time to engage with those dealers! Salespeople from selected dealerships will get back to you with offers and questions. Best of all you will be able to communicate through carmigo.com without sharing your phone or email until you choose to take the next step! That, for me, is golden because often times, you feel incredibly pressured to take that next step and that can often lead to buyer’s remorse.

carmigo fb 2

Get Started!

If you are on the market to buy a new or new to you vehicle, let Carmigo help. I think another perk of using this service is that you know that the dealers you are communicating want to give you the best deal because they know you are shopping around. If they want your business, they’ll make it worth your while! 

Don’t Be a Statistic:
  • 62% of buyers worry they might not be able to negotiate the best deal. (69% women versus 54% men)
  • 59% of buyers find the most stressful part of the process is negotiating with salespeople to get the best price.
  • 50% of buyers found the pressure to buy additional services stressful.
  • 47% of buyers worried that they would be pressured to buy the car on the spot and having to visit multiple dealers.

Canadians can register for free at Carmigo.com or download the app. The Carmigo app will be available in the App store (iOS) by the end of April and the Android app will be available in the Google Play store in approximately 2 months.

I know I will be using them next time and I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. It can’t get simpler than this! For more information you can always visit their website or send @CarmigoCom a tweet and get the latest updates!

Would you use Carmigo the next time you need to buy a vehicle?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I would love to use something like this! It would make car shopping so much easier and more of a pleasure.

  2. This is a great service. If there's one thing I hate, it's hopping around from dealership to dealership looking for a good deal. Thanks!

  3. Wow, what a fab idea. My little brother is shopping for a car right now, so this is perfect timing.

  4. I have never heard of Carmigo, but it sounds like it is an easy platform to use to make your car shopping experience easier.
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  5. We are getting ready to become a mini van family…. I am definitely going to check this out.

  6. I never knew about this Carmigo.com – will definitely check it out in helping me pick out our next car. I do not enjoy car shopping, so anything to make the process easier will help! Thanks

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