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Making Their Lists with Sears Toy Shop Catalogue: Share Your List With the Sears Wishes of Joy Contest and Enter to Win! Up to $10,000 in Prizes To Be Won! #SearsMom


The Sears Toy Shop Catalogue!

There’s something truly magical about the feeling that resonates throughout your home when the holidays approach.

The girls asked to put up the tree extra early this year and though usually we tend to wait until December, we put it up in the last week of November. My husband and I were going away for a week and we’d be gone the day we normally put our tree up.

With that early excitement about putting up the tree, decorating it and listening to Christmas carols–the even bigger excitement of getting and giving gifts was definitely in the air.



Looking at the Sears Toy Shop Catalogue, I’m taken back to my own childhood. I couldn’t wait to look through the pages and take a pen and draw a small star next to everything that I wished I could have.  Simply the sound of the turning pages caused such a sense of excitement and magic of the holiday season.

Gabby, in particular, was very excited to look through the book. She made a list of about 10 things she really wanted this year. Not all of them were material things, which makes me happy, but–a few she was very excited to look through the Sears Toy Shop Catalogue.



One of the most rewarding things about Christmas in our house is the mere look on my children’s faces when they open their gifts and receive something that they wished for. Like I mentioned, I used to go through the catalogue with a pen and make a star next to the item that I wished I would find under the tree.

I wanted the girls to have the same experience during the holidays and I asked them to do the same thing. Though with the understanding that because they put a star next to the item, they shouldn’t expect every single thing on their wish list. Knowing that, they were a bit more selective.

We sat down and went through the entire catalogue together, they were ecstatic over the selection and of course eyes wide with glee.

In the last few years, we have lessened the amount of toys the girls get because I feel that it’s getting to the point where they lose the value of a gift. Growing up, I had a select few toys and I adored them.

So, every year, we make sure to fulfill wishes but, to be mindful to instill not only the joy in receiving but the gift of giving, too.  We are hoping to donate toys new and used this year to kids who will enjoy them and to spread a little joy!


Make a Wish.

The girls chose a few things from the Sears Toy Shop Catalogue and they also went through the book to see if they would find gifts for the special ones in our lives. They really want a Barbie Dreamhouse and a Raquelle doll since they love the show and they find her especially funny.

Gabby also asked for a Maverick Pogo Stick and Mimi asked for Lego Friends set, though she may not get the one with little pieces, I know Lego makes sets for the little ones so that they don’t have to worry about any hazards. You can check out their wish list and other cool Sears goodies on my Pinterest board, here.



Sears is also hosting an amazing contest on right now called the Sears Wishes of Joy Contest on now until December 15 where entrants can SHARE their wish lists–TO WIN!

PLUS many more opportunities to win up to $10,000 in prizes. It’s lots of fun! Here’s the website for you to check it out – www.searswishesofjoy.com

How do you handle wish lists every year–what are your traditions?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Note: I am part of the Sears Mom Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. I remember doing that as well! Everytime the catalog came I'd be on the floor with a pen, flipping through the pages and marking everything I wanted. How fun to be able to watch your children do the same!

  2. Since my 6-year old has a wish list that is never ending we always tell her to write everything down that she wants. She knows she wont' get it all but she will get 1 or 2 large gifts and a few smaller ones. She also knows that before Christmas morning we have to donate her old toys and clean out her room to make room for new toys and clothes.

  3. Oh so many fun things at Sears!!!

    We usually have the kids write up a wishlist. Sometimes I let them look at toy magazines; but not often. Because then they just go "i want everything" and I really want to know what they Really REALLY want that they have been wanting for a long time.

    I have them write a variety of toys, and then some practical things like if they need/want new shoes/clothes or stuffed toys, blankets, books, etc. So I have a good variety of things to pick and choose from based on what fits in our budget. We try to get them at least ONE thing from their wish list if possible.

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the contest! I haven't shopped the Sears catalogue in forever, but I used to love to do it as a kid! It's amazing how much a tradition it seems to have been for many families.

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