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ShesConnected: I’m a Toshiba Brand Ambassador!

The front of the Best Buy in Windsor.

Toshiba Holiday Hero!

This past week, I made a trip to my local Best Buy and was on a mission.

I was selected to be a Toshiba Holiday Hero along with 43 other lovely ladies, now living up to the name–well, I had to do my best! I am super excited to be a Toshiba Brand Ambassador and a big shout-out to the lovely team of ShesConnected for the opportunity!

Well, it was a gloomy day for shopping but, that didn’t put a damper on a chance to check out the newest gadgets that Toshiba has to offer! So armed with my Toshiba Camileo that Toshiba and ShesConnected so graciously sent me, my sister and I were ready to experience the Toshiba Tablet and the Toshiba Passive 3D TL515 Series.

The Toshiba Tablet:

The Toshiba tablet with ShesConnected page loaded on it.

I’m a bit familiar with the Toshiba Tablet and have one at home but, I was very eager to hear from the pros what makes it so AWESOME. The selling points for me are that it runs the Android OS and being an Apple kinda gal, that’s the reason why I took to the tablet. The OS and the customization that other operating systems just don’t allow.

Not to mention that when you browse, it’s like seeing your desktop version, widgets and all.

Because who wants to browse and not be able to see widgets that require flash and just see white space?

That’s just not cool.

The price tag of the Toshiba tablet.

What’s cool about the Thrive is that they have 6 different back plates in colors that can suit anyone’s fancy. I especially like the Fushia back plate. At this particular Best Buy, the tablet is on sale for $319.99, which to me is a steal for a Tablet of this caliber.

You get a 10.1-inch screen, 3 ports, Android and a Flash operating system. It makes for a great Christmas gift for anyone since you can browse, do work, listen to music, watch HD vids and play games! The dual cameras make are really neat too!

So, this tablet can work for anybody.

I myself, love it and like I said–I own both types of tablets, so I’m unbiased.


Another shot of the Toshiba tablet.

A collage showing a Toshiba television.

The Toshiba Passive 3D TL515 Series:

I’m definitely in the market for a 3D TV and I know that my Hubby would be more than elated if I tried to squeeze this baby next to our Christmas tree. What I’m looking for in a 3D TV is size, I want a bigger screen but, I want 3D capability. The TL515 Series offers this. With a 55-inch screen and the ability to watch TV and movies in 3D is major. I love the fact that you don’t need those big, clunky and might I add–expensive 3D glasses. You can get the passive glasses which are quite affordable and are similar to the ones you use at the movie theatres.

That’s a huge bonus.

One feature that I find pretty amazing is the Toshiba‘s conversion technology that will convert all your boring, regular movies into 3D! That is so awesome. They did have the Toshiba TL515 Series on display, unfortunately–they didn’t have it up and running for 3D display. The picture is amazing and the thinness of the actual TV is appealing. It wouldn’t hurt to be thinner but, it by no means is clunky in any way.

The price makes for an excellent gift though, I would definitely consider Toshiba–though fairly new to 3D–for my next TV purchase.

Do you guys own or have you considering owning products from Toshiba? What do you think of the Thrive and the TL515 Series 3D TV?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




Note: I am participating in the Toshiba Brand Ambassador program by www.ShesConnected.com. I received a Toshiba Camileo in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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  1. Wow you are lucky! Thanks for the recommendation. I have been comparing tablets trying to figure out which one I should buy and actually the Toshiba sounds good. I had not even heard about it till now, it is a great price too!

    1. I think they are one of the most affordable ones out there and it's a Toshiba. That's a great brand for a great price.

  2. Wow this is probably the most in-depth review I've ever read without being bored to death. 🙂 I love my Toshiba but if I didn't, this would definitely convince me to get one. 😀

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