Tree Trimming: Sears Shopping Mission. #SearsRealCheers

Tree Trimming: Sears Shopping Mission. #SearsRealCheers

Sears Shopping Mission.

I’m a December baby.

Christmas is kind of a big deal around here.

I love everything that is Christmas, the music, the uplifting moods most people get this kind of year–the spirit, the time spent and definitely one of my favorites, decorating!

We normally start decorating after American Thanksgiving and it slowly trickles into early December. Though I must say, I start listening to the Christmas music as soon as November hits.

I am one of those crazies.


Our tradition is always to decorate the tree as a family, no matter how long it takes, everyone has a part and a role and we take breaks in between for snacks! Listen to Christmas carols or music that gets us pumped. Gabs, my eldest, is the one who tops the tree with the star once we have finished adorning the tree.

Well, I had the chance to completely splurge on purchasing decorations for our yearly tree trimming at Sears. Thank-you #CBias for this wonderful #SearsRealCheers opportunity!

Let me tell you, ‘Sears Christmas Shop’ did not disappoint. There was plenty to choose from and I was on a mission!

A mission to find my perfect theme this year.

I brought my BFF, my sister, to do some Christmas retail shopping and for a second valued opinion on the things that I’d be choosing. We do practically everything together so, she was the perfect person to shop with. Well, I prepared a small list and hopped online for a little inspiration. You can find yours too, here. Or add your own pictures to the mosaic and inspire others!

Tree Trimming: Sears Shopping Mission. #SearsRealCheers

Make a List!

I made my way through Sears and searched for the Seasonal section and when I got there, I was even more excited to get started. It was a Christmas utopia right before my eyes.

Aisles and aisles of decorations, trees, wreaths, lights and so much more!

One thing on my list was to seek out and check out Ty Pennington’s collection that Sears offers and I planned on going for an electric blue and silver theme but, Ty’s Style Collection is so popular that they didn’t have this color in particular. I could see why there were all gone, you can get 6 Ornaments for $12.99.

So, my sister and I slowly combed through the aisles of all the Christmas spirit inducing goodness and I searched for what will be my new theme for my tree this year.

Tree Trimming: Sears Shopping Mission. #SearsRealCheers

Tree Trimming: Sears Shopping Mission. #SearsRealCheers

So Many Choices!

It was kind of difficult to choose because they had such a large selection, the prices were amazing too. I snagged quite a few things and I am happy to report that I did get most of Ty Pennington’s Collection and chose a color that I am so happy with! I am happy to say that I will get many, many years of use from these.

A great observation, ALL OVER Sears and including their Christmas Shop, there were red ticket SALE signs everywhere you looked! Which can be a good thing for me but, a bad thing for Hubby! J/K!

But, there were lots of things that were definitely tempting.

What Did I Buy?

Tree Trimming: Sears Shopping Mission. #SearsRealCheers

Tree Trimming: Sears Shopping Mission. #SearsRealCheers

Lots of goodies! 

Overall, Sears has great deals to offer and definitely, great quality Christmas decoration to suit anyone’s tree trimming needs. There are all types of decorations that can suit any budget as well.  So, it’s very well rounded. I am even going back this weekend to purchase a party dress for my Birthday dinner since they have great sales on pretty much EVERYTHING in the store. During my visit, my sister and I kind of splurged on buying clothes too. They have so many designer collections at great prices too.

So, if you didn’t consider Sears before, it’s definitely a place you want to revisit!

Well, do you guys want to see what they have to offer?

Visit me over at Google+ and check out my entire shopping trip in pictures! Visit ‘Nancy’s Sears Shopping Trip’ and let me know what you think!

In the meantime, STAY TUNED!  I will be posting my results when I put up the tree and we adorn it with all my Sears purchases!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own and have not in any way been influenced. #CBias

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  1. I love going through the Christmas section of different stores and seeing all the decorations there are to choose from. I wish I had a bunch of money just on Christmas decorations!

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