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Why Shopping at Food Basics Just Got Easier for Everyone

Why Shopping at Food Basics Just Got Easier for Everyone!

Tips to Plan Your Weekly Shopping Trip!

How many of you do a weekly shopping trip? I would say most of us do some sort of weekly shopping trip to the grocery store. If not weekly, then bi-weekly or monthly. 

Shopping at Food Basics, helps me save money. Especially when I scope out and find great deals and there are various ways I do this. I wanted to share a few tips for making your weekly shopping trip successful.

  • Know the place you’re shopping at – Don’t just shop at random stores each week. Get to know the store you’re shopping at. The more you know, the more you can save. When I shop at a store that I know nothing about, I feel like a fish out of water. Get to know your store and you will be much more successful with your weekly shopping.
  • Make a list of what you’re shopping for – A lot of times, you can go right to the website and look at the weekly deals or access their e-flyer. This helps plan your weekly shopping trip. I can find the best deals and even look for coupons. Some grocery stores are even coming up with apps to make this even easier! More on that below.
  • Shop at Food Basics – One of my favourite places to shop is at Food Basics. In fact, it’s where we do our weekly shopping. When I save money on grocery shopping, I truly feel like I can have it all. Read on to find out why Food Basics is my preferred store to shop at!

Raise your hand if you love shopping at Food Basics! It’s one of my go-to places to shop. I love it just the way it is, but the amazing people at Food Basics are making things even more awesome. FoodBasics.ca. is going through a fresh new design that’s going to knock your socks off.

Not only have they done a redesign, but they have also done something else that I think you’re going to love. Here is the down low on how Food Basics is changing and how it will make your life that much more awesome AND easier.

Why Shopping at Food Basics Just Got Easier for Everyone!
Why Shopping at Food Basics Just Got Easier for Everyone!
Why Shopping at Food Basics Just Got Easier for Everyone!
Why Shopping at Food Basics Just Got Easier for Everyone!
Check out the Food Basics Mobile App

This is one of my favourite ways that Food Basics is changing. An app makes everyone’s life easier. This app will be available on Android and the iPhone. There is a handy dandy store locater, so you can find a store near you a lot easier. You will also have access to grocery flyers and coupons to use in store.

Clipping coupons has never been so easy!

All you have to do is press the little scissor icon and it automatically adds it to a folder for your clipped coupons. Being able to browse the flyers by a touch of a button is so helpful too. Having the flyer accessible can help you formulate your shopping list or refine it. Flipping through the flyers is more like swiping across and if you see an item you like, you just click on it and you get all the deets. Like what it is, how many come with it and the price of course. Plus, you find out what is on sale!

Flipping through the flyers is more like swiping across and if you see an item you like, you just click on it and you get all the deets. Like what it is, how many come with it and the price of course. Plus, you find out what is on sale! Shopping this way, really ups your saving game!

Make sure to download the app to make your shopping trip so much easier. You can get it in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Website Redesign

Food Basics has also redesigned their website, which is great. I like the crisp and clean look of their new site. I love that you can subscribe to their e-flyer. You can do all sorts of stuff on their new website. You can have easy access via your phone, tablet, or computer. I can say that it is easy to navigate through everything.

Food Basics is on Facebook

How many of you are already on Facebook? I bet you like it when your favourite companies are also on Facebook, I know I do. Food Basics has joined Facebook and this is where they will post upcoming contests and so much more. I also love that you can get in touch with a rep if you need it. Make sure to “like” them for all of their latest updates, here.


Ready to WIN?

This contest is open to Ontario only, as Food Basics is only in Ontario. It starts on March 6 and ends on March 22. Happy Entering!

Now you can shop smart at Food Basics. I have always been able to find fresh food there, which is important to me. Another thing I love is their customer service is always on point. I never have to worry about things going wrong there because they always treat me right. Food Basics is a valuable place to shop and they’ll have my money for many years to come.

Now that they have gone even more digital, I’m hooked!

Do you go online before your shopping trip?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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  1. I love that this app has a store locator and that you no longer have to clip coupons just click a button! how awesome.

  2. I would use the money I save to buy some Christmas and birthday presents! A year goes by so fast, before you know it, it’s Christmas again!

  3. I like that I can check the flyer thru the app and clip the coupons, I use the money saved to buy special treats for the kids

  4. I really like the coupons being electronic! I think that will be so handy and easier to use since they would have to read each coupon to ensure that it is valid..

  5. I do shop at Food Basics every week because they always have great advertised specials and that way I can afford to stock up on the items we need, when they’re on sale. We’re seniors living on a fixed income and need to cut down on spending wherever possible.

  6. I love our local Food Basics. I feel that I save enough to go across the street with friends to the coffee shop there 🙂

  7. I will definitely be using the app and what I save will go towards our Return to Great Wolf Lodge A.S.A.P. fund!

  8. My phone was recently dropped and it became unusable. The extra money I would save will go to more groceries or perhaps a new phone.

  9. I do not have a smart phone so the app is not useful for me but it is a good idea. With the extra money that I save at Food Basics, I would buy replacement clothes for my family (size changes, old clothes that are worn out etc)

  10. Food Basics is where we do almost all our shopping! I’d stock up the freezer…meat and bread! Thankyou.

  11. Awesome! WIth the extra funds I would get some treats for my next girls’ night in (cheese, crackers, juice, popcorn, fruit, etc)!

  12. I would use the extra savings to stock up on freezer items when they’re on sale … like meatballs and chicken nuggets for school lunches!

  13. As a family of 6, we spend A LOT on groceries so this would really help us out! So would the coupon app because I am always leaving my coupons at home!

  14. Im excited for the coupons from the app. I already save at Food Basics and this will save me even more.

  15. I love the coupons. As a family of 8 I am always looking for coupons to save as much as I can

  16. This app looks amazing! I think the extra money saved would go towards MORE groceries! With 5 of us and a tight budget, it would be nice to splurge every once in a while!

  17. I’d invite my friends over and make them all dinner with the money I saved on our usual groceries 🙂

  18. I would use my extra money today to hire someone to shovel me out,wow it’s been a blizzard here since Thursday night and today it seems worst than ever.

  19. There are so many ways I could use an extra hundred bucks! Including toward a shopping trip toward new clothes as I have been losing weight and is soon time for a new wardrobe! Great reward idea!

  20. With the extra money I would save at Food Basic’s I would either go out for dinner at a restaurant or by even more groceries!

  21. I live down the street from Food Basics and I use the app all the time, this giveaway would be awesome ❤

  22. I love the opportunity to use digital coupons! Thanks for the giveaway and for your entertaining and informative posts!

  23. I really really love the coupon clipping. I already save a ton of money shopping at food basics but adding coupon clippings is amazing! I had no idea they had this!

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