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Learning the Rules of Private Jet Etiquette

A group of colleagues ride in a private jet.

Learning the Rules of Private Jet Etiquette

Experienced fliers might know the ins and outs of commercial flying, but stepping foot onto a private jet plane for the first time means learning a new set of rules and propriety.

Whether you’re flying as an honoured guest for a business trip or just enjoying the luxury of elite travel for a fun getaway, here are some ideas to master when you’re flying aboard private jets.

Understanding How Much to Pack

Though you’re probably used to bringing only one carry-on bag onto a commercial flight, you may have always relied on baggage claim. So you are used to extra luggage.

However, this is often not possible for smaller private jets. There are weight restrictions to account for the number of people on board and how much fuel the plane will need for the journey.

Therefore, it’s important that you pack strategically. Minimize as much as possible and only bring essentials with you on board. You might be experiencing a more luxurious ride, but that doesn’t mean bringing your entire wardrobe with you is an acceptable option.

Deciding On What to Wear

There aren’t necessarily any rules about the proper way to dress on a jet plane. There are some standards to live by that should always be applied. These should ultimately be determined by what kind of trip you’re on. Whether it be business or personal, and who your travel companions are.

If you’re traveling with your boss or coworkers, resorting to your usual office wardrobe is your best bet. You don’t have to wear starchy suits and sky-high heels. Though it’s still considered more proper to stick with options like business slacks, a nice blouse and cardigan. Finished with comfortable yet professional footwear.

Meanwhile, if you’re on a leisure flight but you’re still an honoured guest, it’s best to always maintain a sense of decorum with nicer, more sophisticated pieces.

There are plenty of outfits that can be both casual and dignified for long-haul flights. But opting for jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie or flip-flops are not exactly putting your best manners on display. It’s always best to keep in mind, do you, boo. If that’s your jam, go for it!

Avoiding the Seating Arrangement Faux-Pas

Getting assigned a seat on a commercial flight is the status quo, but private jets allow for their guests to sit wherever they choose.

However, there is one universal, unspoken rule of etiquette to always follow in these situations. Steer clear of the front rows and let your host have his/her first choice of the best seat.

If someone else paid for the flight, it’s just considered courteous to either board after your host. Simply move to the back of the jet plane out of respect.

However, if you chartered the flight yourself, you’re certainly free to sit anywhere you please.

The inside of a private jet with champagne being served.

Being Responsible With Your Food, Beverages and Behavior

Indulging in the fine dining selection is generally a major perk of flying on private planes. However, keep in mind that enjoying the luxury of gourmet food and spirits doesn’t mean overindulging on meals or acting foolish after too much alcohol.

Keep your decorum intact. Be wary of everything you’re consuming so you don’t go overboard on the treats.

If you have dietary restrictions or are hoping to enjoy a certain kind of wine or alcohol while on board, alert your host or the crew beforehand so they can make adjustments that suit your needs.

As for staying on your best behavior, there are other basic rules – like not leaving a mess in the bathroom. Not taking toiletries or other items that aren’t yours, and not being loud and boisterous after overindulging.

Remembering to Show Everyone Respect, Including the Crew

This is a rule of etiquette that should apply to any situation. It should certainly be common sense, but showing the others around you respect is mandatory at all times.

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This needs to be addressed because you could potentially be showing disrespect. Maybe, even in ways you may not even know. For example, making constant requests for things from the crew. It’s not a good look and comes across as ill-mannered.

Being afforded the gift of flying on a private plane should be considered just that — a gift. Being polite and well-mannered should simply be standard. Even if you chartered the flight yourself, the same rule applies. You learned it in Kindergarten, just be nice.

Did I miss any tips?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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You may be an experienced flier, but stepping onto a private jet plane for the first time means learning & sticking to the rules of private jet etiquette. #tips #traveltips

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